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Avatar f tn I have a question. I was diagnosed years ago with Generalized Anxiety Disorder with Anxiety Attacks and Agoraphobia. I had a discussion tonight with a friend who keeps saying I do it to myself. I have had this along with a diagnosis of ADD as well as Bipolar 2 and then Clinical Depression. I was wondering if Anxiety is really something that can be controlled by the mind or if it really does need to be treated with medication?
Avatar m tn I have a generalized anxiety disorder and a phobia of HIV and rabies. I went to get my blood work down and the nurse used a vacutainer to draw blood. However, the vacutainer holder was reused ( the nurse confirmed it is only the needle which is changed and not the holder as it does not come into contact with the patient) and now I think I will get HIV and I keep thinking about HIV until I get tested again at 3 months after the window period. luckily I have medicines however I hate this.
Avatar n tn Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is defined as chronic, excessive worry and fear that seems to have no real cause. Children or adolescents with generalized anxiety disorder often worry a lot about things such as future events, past behaviors, social acceptance, family matters, their personal abilities, and/or school performance. All children and adolescents experience some anxiety. It is a normal part of growing up.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder when I was 18. I believe very strongly that I have it. But there are days when I almost feel normal. What is it like for you?
Avatar m tn Benzodiazepines have robust efficacy in the short-term management of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), but were not shown to be effective in producing long-term improvement overall. Although benzodiazepines are much safer in overdose than their predecessors, the barbiturates, they can still cause problems in overdose.
Avatar m tn You can have generalized, and consistent symtoms of anxiety, called generalized anxiety disorder GAD, without having just panic attacks, or panic disorder. Your symtpoms sound a bit more on the severe or distressing side of anxiety disorders. My questions and suggestions would be, if this is the first time you are experiencing this, yes it could be anxiety, but go to the doctor urgently to be sure it's not serious.
Avatar f tn Approximately 30%-40% of people with ADHD have an anxiety disorder such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)/excessive worry, agoraphobia, panic disorder or other anxiety issues." (From the first link below) - you may be correct in your thinking. Let me first give you a few very good links on adults, ADHD, and anxiety. This is a great piece on ADHD and Anxiety. You might even want to print it out and give it you your psyc.
Avatar n tn I took it for Generalized Anxiety disorder, my mom still takes it for full blown panic attack disorder and both of us know it may help you fall asleep but it won't necessarily help you get quality sleep. Have you tried any alternatives? I understand by the way, I have depression, anxiety, PTSD, all kinds of fun stuff!
Avatar m tn My doctor says I have GAD (Generalized Eating Disorder). But Im experienceing other symptoms that Im afraid may have something more to it. Migranes, Dry heaving, nausea, Sharp pains in my chest and upper abdomen, loss of appetite. Help Please!
Avatar m tn This tracker will be especially useful for those with anxiety or panic attacks, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), agoraphobia, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or phobias. You will be able to track the occurrence and intensity of attacks, related symptoms, any treatments you may be taking, and you will be able to write journal entries to record additional details. Follow this link to start tracking today:
Avatar n tn It sounds as if your son does have an anxiety disorder "of some kind". But that is not the end of the world. Anxiety in children is very common and is highly treatable. Our child was diagnosed with severe social phobia at six years of age and today is able to function normally and manage her fears and anxieties. The treatment of anxiety usually involves intervention, therapy and possibly medication. Please contact your family doctor for advice re this issue.
Avatar n tn I suspect what you are seeing is "generalized anxiety". When these irrational fears interfere with one's life, it is called GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). I might suggest you google the phrase "GAD and children" or "generalized anxiety disorder" or similar words/phrases to better understand this issue. Perhaps there may be some information on some of these site which might be of help. I wish you the best ....
Avatar n tn I have the same problem. i was on xanax 6mg a day for a long time and almost went to rehab for them. I have bottles and bottles of them in my room and looking at them and remembering how they made me feel like a zombie, gives me the strength not to take them and say I don't need xanax to run my life. however to completely contradict what i just said, i switched to klonopin 4mg a day and i feel much more stable, even mood swings.
1319752 tn?1274426091 [92] Because this condition can mimic organic mental disorders, such as panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, or even schizophrenia, a number of medical professionals believe caffeine-intoxicated people are routinely misdiagnosed and unnecessarily medicated when the treatment for caffeine-induced psychosis would simply be to stop further caffeine intake.
Avatar m tn (if I found a way to get the meds and one that would work) The way the doc talked, i am a walking time bomb, and that just played my generalized anxiety disorder to the hilt. I am afraid I am dying every day. I have quit smoking, cut out fat, cut out sugar, and caffeine. I am exercising daily. I am only slightly overweight. 6 feet 1 inch and 200 pounds. From the way he spoke, my triglyceride level of 800 (not fasting when tested) can not be taken care of without the meds.
Avatar f tn Wellbutrin made me horribly agitated all the time. OMG! I hated it! Paxil worked, but I hated the sexual side effects, like most SSRI's. Buspar is a drug approved for anxiety, without the sexual side effects.
Avatar f tn in the States, has unlabeled uses for GAD and SAD, (Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder) it is primarily prescribed here for fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain associated with peripheral neuropathy. Nowhere can I find that it is beneficial for sleep problems, although one of it's side effects IS "fatigue," I don't think that is the desired effect for a sleep aid.
Avatar f tn Hi my name is Chris I'm 20 years old with bad health anxiety about my heart although I've had multiple normal ekgs and blood testevery time is went the er even had my primary doc listen to my heart and he said it sounds beautiful.. I'm pretty fit I do workout I weight train and walk for my cardio because I'm terrified to run because im afriad of my heart like there might be something wrong.. I even had to full Physical check up and all lab work came back normal.
Avatar m tn Hi! I was wondering if anxiety can cause chest pains? And I don't mean specifically during panic attacks because I'm aware of that. But I have generalized anxiety disorder and my biggest anxious fear is of heart related issues. Is my constant worry about my heart causing my persistent chest pain? Is that possible for normal generalized anxiety to do? I'm a 19 yr old male. Iv had 3 ekgs, 1 holter monitor and 1 echocardiogram. Everything normal.
Avatar n tn Whether you have generalized anxiety or social anxiety or garden variety anxiety can only be diagnosed by a doctor.........and at the young age of 13, (even tho it's obvious you are mature for your age) your hormones are kicking into high gear and that can sometimes bring on anxiety. I would urge you to talk to your parents about these feelings and I believe a talk with your doctor is in order. You do not have to feel this way.
Avatar f tn I actually have generalized anxiety disorder, so I tend to dwell on that sort of thing as well. =) If all your bloodwork is fine and there's not pain, you probably have nothing to worry about. If you start getting pain or blurred vision, go back to the doctor. Hope you feel better!
Avatar m tn This is sort of a long story, so I will try to start at the top. I am 26 years old. I have been working for a private aviation company since I was 20. My job entails shiftwork and is extremely stressful at times. About 4 years ago, I was at work, having a moderate to busy day and got a feeling like my chest was being crushed. Became dizzy, cold sweats, nausea, felt like I was going to pass out. I had to leave work and went to my doctor.
987982 tn?1269886010 We are happy to announce that an Anxiety Tracker is available for you to use. This tracker will be especially useful for those with anxiety or panic attacks, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), agoraphobia, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or phobias. You will be able to track the occurrence and intensity of attacks, related symptoms, any treatments you may be taking, and you will be able to write journal entries to record additional details.