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Avatar m tn I did recently break out in a rash on by back, both flanks which is vrey rare for me to break out, almost looked like chicken pox/shingles but span's about 8-10 inches on either side with dispersed pustules. This may be a far cry from just typical Generalized Anxiety but its worth looking into. I was considering going gluten- free for a week and seeing if i would notice a difference although I'm unsure when the symptoms would decrease after that change. thank you again for your assistance!!
Avatar n tn I took two tablets and on the third day decided that I would live with the anxiety rather than take the medicine. I felt as if my insides were cooking. I literally felt like I was on fire. So, I quit taking everything for a week. Felt a little better, but the anxiety/diarrhea/nausea still lingered. After a week I started taking the Buspar again and this is when I vomited for 2 weeks straight. I went back yesterday and was given Lexapro.
Avatar n tn My wife is a psychologist and she said it sounded like Generalized Anxiety Disorder. That sounded odd to me because these symptoms were occurring with and without any anxiety (and I would normally feel anxious anyway since I didn't know what the hell was wrong with me). Since then I have had more depression and anxiety (with no real cause, in cirumstances where I wouldn't normally be anxious), and when I do my ears feel full and I don't know which is causing which.
Avatar f tn I have a prescription for Zoloft in my medicine cabinet, to help with my generalized anxiety and possible OCD. I am wondering who else has had success with Zoloft for their anxiety. I took it over 10 years ago and have been trying to manage my anxiety without meds for the past 10 years. It has gotten really difficult to manage: now I am nauseous and sick all of the time and need to start feeling better. My anxiety is keeping me from taking the meds to see if they will work.
Avatar m tn I didn't remember some things from the second night, and when I woke up the next day, I popped some headache medicine and a caffeine pill. A few hours later, I remember feeling like I had to urinate moreso that usual, but I didn't really go that much. Also, it felt like something was leaking from my penis, but it really wasn't. So, I started freaking out and started googling stuff. I began to think that I had herpes.
Avatar n tn I'm so sorry you have all this anxiety. I have Generalized anxiety and thought my case was bad. If you want to take me up on this, I would be more than happy to pray with you over the phone as I'm sure we do not live by one another. Let me know and take care in the mean time. May God bless you..
449946 tn?1205493932 I was told my two doctors that I am suffering from Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and I would like to know what the symptoms are.
Avatar f tn I wish I could give a glimmer of hope. I have almost all the symptoms. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. I have had it since I was 19. I have been on many different meds, psycho therapy ect, I am now 33 and still have the anxiety. The only thing that works is getting drunk and poof the anxiety magically goes away. I traded one problem for for another. I know being a drunkard is terrible but omg its so much better then feeling like im dying every day.
Avatar f tn I do try strategies like breathing, affirmation and exposure. But I have mostly generalized anxiety which is harder to get a handle on than scenario specific anxiety I think. It does seem to be improving with the sertraline and therapy, but I still have really, really low or anxious days. Working on it.
Avatar f tn I don't advocate a medicine-only approach to psychiatry, but in the case of GAD, or any acute anxiety disorder I do try to impress by any means the necessity of getting treatment as quickly as possible. Untreated anxiety can lead to syndromes related to post-traumatic stress disorder. In my experience, acute anxiety does not get better on its own. You will have some good days and some very bad days; you may try to figure out why your good days were good and the bad days were bad.
Avatar n tn 2) If this is anxiety, are there any good books about anxiety and health that you know of or would reccommend? I have one about generalized anxiety/panic, but it does not help much, because my worries are not about symptoms experienced during a panic attack. I know that the increased heart rate and dizziness associated w/anxiety is normal, and am not concerned about that. Distraction techniques do not work. I am not anxious about anything but my health. Thankyou for any help.
10743983 tn?1440213810 Yes! I am usually on medicine for my anxiety but I can't take it anymore now that I am pregnant. . I am they same way it's hard to control emotions pregnancy hormones seem a thousand times worse too. . My fiancé puts up with a lot with me but I know he loves me . . Surround yourself with postive ppl. . And definitely talk to your doctor it helps to vent. .
4341997 tn?1514592288 Hey Tooth! I'm So sorry about the anxiety! You've been given some great advice. About the only thing I can add is maybe try some soothing hot tea! Decaff of course, and not Sleepy Time, but maybe something that is calming. Plus, I agree about the deep breaths, for me, that really helps! Take care, you are doing awesome!!
398624 tn?1266273049 GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) lasts lifetime if not treated. klonopin is better than xanax. but dont get addicted to benzos.
Avatar n tn He believes it's my anxiety cuz there is no other proof. He gave me anti-inflammation medicine which i haven't taken yet. I want to find teh root of prob, not masking the pains. I am very frustrated now cuz I just got married and planning to have kid, but i can't. I am almost certain some virus got into me from that exposure which is contagious, But my doctor can't find the problem. Doctor, please please help me. up til now, this ache is still spreading (my chest, face now).
Avatar n tn He believes it's my anxiety cuz there is no other proof. He gave me anti-inflammation medicine which i haven't taken yet. I want to find teh root of prob, not masking the pains. I am very frustrated now cuz I just got married and planning to have kid, but i can't. I am almost certain some virus got into me from that exposure which is contagious, But my doctor can't find the problem. Doctor, please please help me. up til now, this ache is still spreading (my chest, face now).
Avatar f tn Buspirone (BuSpar) is a medicine that helps people with generalized anxiety and doesn't seem to have serious adverse effects for most people. It is slow to work, and it is often difficult for people to connect the improved anxiety to the medication. So this is the classic medication that is associated with improved outcomes but which patients don't think is working. "I feel better but I don't think it is the medication." 4.
Avatar m tn Just wondering.... I have had a sudden onset of generalized anxiety disorder. Probably due to a few strange illnesses over the past few years (Vertigo, not pleasant, bacterial infections and Bells Paulsey). I am a 40 yo male. Recently the most routine things have brought on un-nautural anxiety and a few full blown panic attacks (also not pleasant). Things like going to work, grocery shopping or cutting the grass.
Avatar f tn And not all anxiety diseases are panic attacks -- there's a condition called GAD, or Generalized Anxiety Disorder, that is pretty much ever-present anxiety. Lots of fish in the anxiety sea. Make sure if you do see a psychologist they specialize in treating anxiety -- most don't. Good luck.
358304 tn?1409713092 I have this Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I want to tell you how I got this. When I was young, I've never worried about anything at all. I lived like any other normal children. One day, when I was on 5th grade, I went on a vacation to London. I never had a phobia before (of heights), but when I was on that airplane, I started to feel very anxious. I couldn't sleep for 20 hours when I was on that plane. I felt like I was going to die. I was young so I didn't know what GAD or a phobia was.
Avatar f tn It does sound like classic anxiety and panic attacks. What's funny about anxiety is that you really have no idea when it will strike and it is usually when you feel everything is fine. It sounds like you have had everything checked out thoroughly so have you thought about asking to speak to a therapist? I know it stinks being on meds, but if you need them now, it doesn't mean you will need them forever. My anxiety started after the birth of my 2nd daughter.
Avatar n tn I also think the prozac created some suicidal thoughts and obsessive problems which are very low level. My doc's feel like I probably have always had generalized anxiety but a series of female medical problems reared the ugly monsters head. I am now thinking about going on Sinequan because it seems to be one of the TCA's that doesn't list anxiety as a side effect. Is this a good choice? But i would suggest to the person w/ the breathing problem to seek help before it turns into more...
Avatar m tn I over-analyze everything such as my pulse, funny feelings in my arms, my eyesight blurring, etc. I went to a few doctors and they told me I have generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder. They prescribed me pills to take but I quit them all because they all cause horrible sexual side effects that just create more problems.
Avatar n tn Allergic Rhinitus, Generalized Anxiety, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and severe Deppression. When I informed my personal Physician of these additional benefits, he explained why this could not possibly be true, especially with regard to Rhinitus. He reasoned that hundreds of thousands of other people would have reported similar results. Realizing that I do not have a comparable education, I still disagree with his assertion. We are all unique human beings.
Avatar n tn graves disease which has been leveled thru the use of medication but i am convinced i have generalized anxiety. im planning on seeing a doctor about this but just would like to see how the two were linked.
619354 tn?1222580238 Keep in mind the following statistic. Patients with generalized anxiety disorder experience worry or anxiety and a number of physical and psychologic symptoms. The disorder is frequently difficult to diagnose because of the variety of presentations and the common occurrence of comorbid medical or psychiatric conditions. The lifetime prevalence is approximately 4 to 6 percent in the general population and is more common in women than in men. So my point is you are not alone.
Avatar f tn I have generalized anxiety disorder. Badly. But I don't take medicine. Best suggestion is trying breathing exercises and talking really helps.
Avatar f tn phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder (National Mental Health Association. 1993). Both the acupuncture and psychiatric communities have noticed the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment for patients with stress and anxiety. Traditional Chinese medicine does not separate emotional and physical function (Leviton, 1989).
1559289 tn?1294753213 hello i am 34 years old and suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. My problem started in 2005 with really bad panic attacks and got help for those *effexor xr and xanax* it started getting better and havent had a panic attack since 2005 but suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. it is getting progressively worse to the point that it is affecting my everyday life and my performance at my job.
Avatar n tn Again it turned out to be anxiety and since that time ( 8 months) I have been having episodes that vary in generalized anxiety throughout the day. During these episodes I have the tingling arms, floating sensation in my head, dizziness, un real feeling, etc. When I feel this way, I am not worried about dying, but I am severely worried about passing out. I have passed out before in my life from low blood pressure, and that is what I am most worried about..losing conciousness.