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2003325 tn?1327580228 i feel horrible vertigo and light headness, body weakness, i take many brain test like cat scan, EEg, but all test are good, doctor ask you have muscular weakness a take neuro met injections but still problem i have, and i physicatrict doctor ask you are suffering in generalized anxiety and he gives me some anxiety medicines after medicines i feel some pressure in my nose and little cheek and some pressure forhead and near my left eye.
Avatar f tn I have a question. I was diagnosed years ago with Generalized Anxiety Disorder with Anxiety Attacks and Agoraphobia. I had a discussion tonight with a friend who keeps saying I do it to myself. I have had this along with a diagnosis of ADD as well as Bipolar 2 and then Clinical Depression. I was wondering if Anxiety is really something that can be controlled by the mind or if it really does need to be treated with medication?
1132574 tn?1271672466 Hi Everyone, I am new to the anxiety forum. Had a a few weeks of anxiety hit me in January when I was having medical testing done. I am 36 and have high blood pressure every time I see a doctor as I just get so nervous when I go to the doctor. They ran tests which freaked me out even more and wham, I was then anxiouss all the time. The tests eventually all came back normal. With that reassurance my anxiety vanished.& I was even able ot take my BP at home with no anxiety.
Avatar m tn I have a generalized anxiety disorder and a phobia of HIV and rabies. I went to get my blood work down and the nurse used a vacutainer to draw blood. However, the vacutainer holder was reused ( the nurse confirmed it is only the needle which is changed and not the holder as it does not come into contact with the patient) and now I think I will get HIV and I keep thinking about HIV until I get tested again at 3 months after the window period. luckily I have medicines however I hate this.
Avatar m tn I am not diagnosing GAD, but I am just suspecting it.
Avatar m tn They could find nothing wrong with me and I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and BFS. After some psychological visits and treatments with Zoloft I started to get better and mostly stopped believing that I had a neurological disease although I still had random twitching around my body sometimes. Recently while I was training for a triathlon I noticed I had an occasional extra heart beat.
Avatar n tn Once you are cleared for medical conditions that might be causing your tinnitus you can look at coping strategies and/or a tinnitus masker. These can be provider through your hearing care provider. There is also something known as Auditory Hallucinations which is a more advanced form of tinnitus and is less common. These patients will report they often hear music or people talking. This is often caused by medications, interactions with medications or changes in dosage of medications.
Avatar f tn Yes, yes, and yes!! This is called GAD, generalized anxiety lingering in the background between attacks, very common!
1166456 tn?1417305537 The most common symptom of IIH is headache, which occurs in almost all (92–94%) cases. It is characteristically worse in the morning, generalized in character and throbbing in nature. It may be associated with nausea and vomiting. The headache can be made worse by any activity that further increases the intracranial pressure, such as coughing and sneezing. The pain may also be experienced in the neck and shoulders.
Avatar n tn Hi all.. wondering if anyone else experiences Tinnitus as part of their anxiety symptoms? My doc says anxiety doesn't cause Tinnitus but can aggravate it and make it more apparent. Seems like my Tinnitus is worse when my anxiety symptoms (lightheadedness, tingling arms/legs, general sense of nervousness) are heightened.
1249939 tn?1313316943 dizzy/electrical in head, dizzy, fatigue, tinnitus, eye discomfort</a>.
391834 tn?1229342874 ve just started taking meds for my thyroid so hopefully my symptoms (fatigue and generalized felling of anxiety/nervousness) will be no more!
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with GAD 16 months ago but I have experienced anxiety symtoms since I was 18 now I am 51. Therapy has done wonders for me to understand the way my mind processes anxiety symptoms and has taught me how to deal with them. Also the frequency of my panic attacks have decreased since going through therapy and coming to this forum has helped . My concern for you is your need for a Dr. you can trust. Maybe you should consider going to a Dr. that has a good reputation.
Avatar f tn I also have generalized anxiety, if that madams anything (but I’m never really stressed when it happens) I’m still dizzy and lightheaded and it’s been about 30 minutes, does anyone know anything about what’s going on with me? If so, please offer any information you have because this has started to get in the way of my life. Thank you and please help!!!
Avatar f tn So I went to my doctors office, told them what I thought, and that was that. They diagnosed me with generalized anxiety disorder without any further questions or testing. Since then my symptoms have gotten worse and more wide spread. I've tried bringing them up in appointments with my family doctor, but get shrugged off and told bandaid fixes like "drink more water". I've taken all the vague advice they've given me with no relief from my symptoms.
1390847 tn?1344657468 I was just curious about generalized anxiety vs. anxiety over a specific thing. For me, I dont have generalized anxiety, I have a specific anxiety of throwing up (emetophobia). I wonder which is more "popular"...generalized or specialized?
Avatar m tn Benzodiazepines have robust efficacy in the short-term management of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), but were not shown to be effective in producing long-term improvement overall. Although benzodiazepines are much safer in overdose than their predecessors, the barbiturates, they can still cause problems in overdose.
Avatar n tn I was dignosed with panic attacks and anxiety disorder. They started me on effexor xr and i did real well then i lost my insurance and couldnt buy it any longer about 4 months i did good, now its back again so i started the effexor again and i cant take it because of the side effects it seems to make the dizziness worse. the only relief ive had in 2 years is when i went to mrytle beach in july. i was fine for a couple months now its back like a bad dream .
Avatar f tn m responding to your post about ringing in the ears and anxiety. The term is tinnitus and it is a sound sensation of ringing that is only perceived by the person with tinnitus. I've had it for years myself and it's difficult to deal with on many days but it is also manageable. I find it comes on more when I feel anxiety coming on and am stressed or tired. It is also associated with hearing loss (mild or more) which is typically an inner ear damage issue.
Avatar m tn Yes medication like heavy doses of asprin can cause tinnitus, diet should not, coffee can increase tinnitus in those who have it but I don't think will cause tinnitus on its own.
Avatar m tn s about 8-10 inches on either side with dispersed pustules. This may be a far cry from just typical Generalized Anxiety but its worth looking into. I was considering going gluten- free for a week and seeing if i would notice a difference although I'm unsure when the symptoms would decrease after that change. thank you again for your assistance!!
Avatar f tn Thinking about trying Lexapro for generalized anxiety. Any advice or experiences? I have previously tried Buspar (had no effect) and Zoloft which made me constantly nauseous.
Avatar n tn Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is defined as chronic, excessive worry and fear that seems to have no real cause. Children or adolescents with generalized anxiety disorder often worry a lot about things such as future events, past behaviors, social acceptance, family matters, their personal abilities, and/or school performance. All children and adolescents experience some anxiety. It is a normal part of growing up.
Avatar n tn If Zoloft curbs stress and anxiety, and stress aggravates tinnitus, there may be just a cause and effect relationship, and not necessarily a medical relationship between the two. I'm sure other health factors could be involved as well.