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Avatar n tn I was on lexapro for almost a year when I decided to take myself off to try to have a baby, after 5months of trying and no luck, the anxiety was beginning to build of how long I could keep being off the medicine or have a relapse.
Avatar m tn I am just unsure whether or not the anxiety has to do with the low dosage of suboxone I am taking or if i do really have severe anxiety problems. Everytime i go to a doctor I feel like I get no where. I am going to pick up my perscription early tommorow and begin taking it. Hopefully within a few weeks this anxiety fades.
3206434 tn?1346001045 I personally do not think this makes me an addict, I think drugs are prescribed for a reason although I do regret ever taking benzodiazepines on a daily bases (but too late, the damage has been done, and I have excepted that, and I probably would not enjoy living with the anxiety I had prior to my benzos so i am not really complaining). I would like to here what others think about my situation. Do you consider me an addict?
Avatar m tn Hi there. If your doctor prescribed Lexapro for anxiety, please don't allow your anxiety to interfere with your treatment. :>) Many people take Lexapro and feel better. Some do decide to go off and tapering significantly helps with any withdrawal. There are lots of horror stories but the ones in which discontinuing a medication was not a problem match the number. So, don't let fear and anxiety stop you from feeling better. Talk to your doctor.
Avatar n tn I'm just not sure how to go about it since going in to get it prescribed is the biggest reason I need it.
Avatar f tn Klonopin doesn't really work as well on an as needed basis as other benzos, because it takes longer to act (and acts longer as well). Benzos aren't sleep medicine, they're anti-anxiety medicine. Given what you say, I'm wondering, is this a general practitioner or a psychiatrist? Because this isn't how klonopin is usually used. Using benzos as needed is better than taking them regularly, because taken regularly they are addictive and hard to stop taking.
Avatar n tn It's tough to describe, but it was kind of like every thought in my head was rattling around like pinballs and it was difficult to even get up and take a shower to go to work. I was convinced I was absolutely losing my mind, so I went to a psychiatrist, even though I was terrified she'd tell me it was all over and I was severely mentally ill with something bad.
Avatar m tn Is it advisable to stop the medicine totally or one has to take the medicine for life long. How to avoid side effects of stopping the medicine totally. What are the alternative of this medicine in case my son want to shift to any natural remedy. Whether the mind of a person who gets depressed severely is week by birth or there would be some defect in his mind by birth.
Avatar n tn But we do have to literally educate ourselves about medications and try other doctors until we find one that cares enough to listen to us and read up on medications. PLEASE get another opinion and also talk to other people in your area about doctors to see if one is recommended by them, as that is a good way to find a decent doctor.
Avatar m tn There is a lot you can do. The biggest aid you have as we'll as adversary is your own attitude. Remember that many people have overcome pills and you can too. It's all in due time. You have spent a long time medicating and it's just our bodies needing to recover and function normally. How long have you taken the Percocet and how much each day? Search for 'Thomas recipe'. There is some instruction on what to eat, what vitamins to take. Hot baths and help with sleep. Good luck.
Avatar n tn com/lewrh also, there can be lots of triggers to anxiety, like anxious thoughts, etc...I also like to listen to downloads that help re-direct my thinking process, and helps me to think positive, more calming thoughts... To me they are very good scripts, and they only cost like 8 bucks a download, their anxiety tape is very good and not very'll help you relax, you'll see...also meditation but I might be giving you too much, ha ha!
Avatar m tn But for some it becomes something we cannot cope with on our own and is a symptom of another ailment. Look to try to understand the reason your anxiety is effecting your life. I'm always amazed how people who need tranquilizers or antidepresants are always so much in a rush to get off them. Yet, if a doctor told you to take high blood pressure pills, or statins, or insulin for the rest of one's life we do it, no questions asked.
Avatar f tn I just really want to get the right medicine. I am kind of getting used to the adderall but it just doesn't cover my symptoms long enough. I have very long days...housewife...go figure. I'm so busy all of the time (in my head) It's crazy. But, I know that I will get sorted out soon. I am really looking for a medicine that is going to help with this fatigue. I am drained, tired all of the time. I don't know why. Thyroid is fine.
Avatar m tn Presently, I'm at 20 pills daily ( that's 2 grams) . Everyone please let me know what to do to get this Class1 drug out of my life? I have pains all over my body, I'm tired, spend all day long at home, lying on my bed and have added doing anything but live. Thought you had a problem? I too have a Life Threatening one . Someone, anyone , hell Is my address. Take my example and forget about smart drugs. Nootropics, Eugeroics are dumb as those who take them.
Avatar f tn I think this has very much affected your appetite. When you believe you're going to get sick in a few hours, how the heck can anything to eat sound appealing? Go first to your doc who prescribed your ativan. Print out the note you have written above, and don't leave until you get: 1. Some answers, 2. A treatment plan that begins immediately and 3. Some hope for a better future than you've been having. Best in Health!
5528454 tn?1384296152 ) Once a day and half a xanax when they get to bad. Both are prescribed to me by my dr. Id you tell your Dr he or she will give you something to help. My anxiety attacks are really bad. I am on my 6th pregnancy btw and is a very high risk one so i have alot of stress and anxiety but three pills do help. Hope you start feeling better.
Avatar f tn But I think most of us with either eventually get the other because neither is any fun and neither lets us alone to feel confidant. But yes, a whole lot of people do get over their anxiety. A whole lot don't. So you can't predict this is going to last forever. There is a form of therapy called CBT that is the most recommended for anxiety problems. It doesn't go into why you got anxiety, it just tries to teach you how to not think anxious thoughts anymore. It requires a lot of work.
Avatar f tn However she did put me on anti anxiety medicine. The anti anxiety she prescribed me was Buspirone. It's a low dose and I take them twice a day. For now I'm taking them until I go to my cardiologist on Tuesday. I'm hoping if I get good results from my cardiologist it will put my anxiety to ease! Thank you for your insight, very much appreciated!
Avatar f tn It gets much more time consuming to get to a therapeutic dose if you go too fast, have to cut back to a lower dose (or stop completely as you've already done)...back and forth, back and forth. Baby steps, but always increasing... Knowledge IS power. Learn all you can because you're probably going to have thyroid issues for the rest of your life...everything you learn will be a great investment of your time.
Avatar f tn Anyways now I'm 7-8 weeks pregnant with my third baby and recently started to feel my anxiety symptoms again. Just wanted to see if anyone else out there suffers from it and how you are coping with it during your pregnancy?! Thanks ladies!
Avatar f tn If she was to go to a new doctor today it might all be turned around and would send her to a pain managment clinic who would get to the bottom of this. The doc prescribing these to her is old school. Have her go to another doctor for reevalualtion but i bet she wont go as she has read the news about the epidemic going on.
675982 tn?1235730520 4) For most people the main two effects of it are a) to experience muscular relaxation, which relieves tension and often helps with tension-related headaches; and, b) to get to sleep easier, and to stay asleep for a normal period or close to it. 5) Side effects like weight gain, should you experience it, can be countered by either reducing some carbs and sugar from your diet, and/or increasing aerobic activity.
656198 tn?1226790436 It took about three weeks for the anti-depression to kick in from the Lexapro and six weeks for the anti-anxiety effect to kick in (all of which my doctor told me to expect). But I stuck with it and have been extremely happy with it - once both the anti-depression AND the anti-anxiety effects kicked in gear. With the support of all the afore-mentioned people (and God) I hope to come off Lexapro in a while and see how I am do without it.
1325861 tn?1437023967 It took away the rage, but not the anxiety so I don't know what to do, or how to explain it. I do know as long as I was not yelling at the kids, or feeling bad because my daughters are giving me the silent treatment I was okay. So I made them leave my house for the weekend so I could get it together. The girls, I am talking about. My boys stayed home, did chores, asked if I was okay, and played their video game and watched tv. It's like they understand that mommy is not feeling well.
Avatar n tn Everyone is different, but if you feel that things are totally out of control, get to the doctors quick and ask for help(meds and therapist). Its the only way to get better. Hope you feel better...
Avatar m tn back to the original subject,i also took valium for more than ten years while in kc by a shrink for anxiety and it worked great but here it is almost impossible to get unless you join a clinic at $200 a pain management doctor kinda passes the buck on the valium and xanax and says get that from your family doc well due to not having insurance i am at the mercy of who will see me cheaply and they just will not write benzos..
1515545 tn?1291399364 I still have the anxiety but I have been able to go out to stores just not deal with anyone directly, I guess that's a start.
Avatar f tn I will feel like i drank 10 cups of coffee inside, my head feels weird, my heart will beat faster, i tend to get cold. I get really depressed and wonder if i'm going crazy. My mornings seem to be worse. I tend to get out of breath easily when i feel like this. I usually call my mom for support. I am on medicine right now...but i think i need to be switched. I didn't want to be on meds...and my goal was to get off eventually. But it's not going to happen at this time.
Avatar f tn I have had anxiety ever since I was 17. I blew it off until I started to get panic attacks when I was about 21. I am 23 now and I have tried Paxil, Paxil CR, Zoloft, and celexa. The paxil seemed to stem the anxiety but it made me feel very detached from myself. The zoloft was crazy. I literally made me crazy. It made my anxiety so bad that I wanted to die. I literally cried from the pain. The celexa did nothing for me. Anyway, the point of this post is to show everybody is different.
358304 tn?1409713092 i know your situation is not a carbon copy, but there is an essence of anxiety that we can all relate to. peace to you. i'm right there with the worry, i know how it feels.