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Avatar m tn For me it helped because Neurontin started to cause me bad hair loss and awful fluid retention and thus weight gain and made my whole body heat up like it was being cooked from the inside out.But yes I still loved the way it made me feel.I would mess up constantly and get down on myself but just expect that you will mess up sometimes but dont wallow too long and try to get right back on track.
Avatar f tn Took Gabapentin for several years for low back spine problems and pain and my hair got thin. Am on Lyrica now and hair loss is worse. What can I take? Does Lyrica cause hair loss?
Avatar n tn How long after taking gabapentin will the side effects last. I have hair loss. I stopped taking gabapentin about four or five months ago.
Avatar n tn However, a couple of years ago I was on a variety of medications including Zoloft, Xanax, Trazadone and Clonapin and noticed the hair loss. I went from having thick hair to very thin and brittle. My hair is finally starting to thicken up. Has your doctor said anything about the combination of medication that you may be taking? Best of luck to you.
1168718 tn?1464987135 I was on 1200mg for a while for nerve pain, but I suddenly started suffering from so many side effects that I need to get off this stuff. I'd rather have the pain than swollen joints, gout, extreme hair loss, painful nails...the list goes on and on. The doctor cut the dose in half, but I'm going to get off as soon as I can. He's not all that helpful. I found info on Gabapentin at . I should have checked into it before starting to take it.
Avatar f tn The exact percentage of people who developed hair loss while taking Lyrica was not reported. Because hair loss is so common in the general public, it is difficult to say whether hair loss is caused by Lyrica, genetics, other factors, or a combination of these things. If you are taking Lyrica and hair loss becomes a problem, talk with your healthcare provider. Depending on how severe the hair loss is, there are things that he or she may be able to do.
Avatar f tn If you have questions about side effects, contact your physician. There is nothing about gabapentin that specifically states hair loss as one of it's side effects as you can see. I have been having the same problem myself and I would like to know what is causing it as well! Granted, I have thick hair, but I would like to know why I'm losing it. When I see my doctor next month I am going to ask for some blood tests to be run - and make sure my thyroid is still in good shape!
Avatar n tn I was waking in the night with migraines and now it's been three weeks with not a hint of one. I have read and understand all the side effects. The hair loss, the confussion, the tingling, the weight loss (for me this is not a good thing, I am thin to begin with) But I would rather deal with any of these side effects then deal with a minute of what of was prescribed Topamax for....MIGRAINES!!!! Horrible, Painful, Migraines, a pain so bad that it makes one want to curl up and die.
Avatar f tn I am a 48 yr old female who has been obsessively tweezing hair from my face and neck and also picking and scratching my scalp for over 30 yrs. For the majority of the time i enjoyed it immensely and would pluck hair on my face that didnt "feel" right or was in places i didnt want it to be and also would scrape my scalp with my nails looking for any crust to pick at.
Avatar m tn Dear Expert, I have been experiencing intense pain periodically in my scalp accompanied by hair loss for about 6-8 months now. There is also a swollen occipital lymph node on one side of my head that started about the same time this painful hair loss started.The pain is incisive and feels local to the scalp not underneath. However I never have any superficial symptoms such as papules, pimples, cysts, or scale. Further, there is never any itching involved with this condition.
Avatar n tn Side of scalb itchy and top andf it seem to move about under skin. Various places sort of spotty hair loss. It also feels there are worms under my scalp. I will do the V-B12 run. Thank you. You are very knowledgeable, dr. Ok. done the V-B12 shot and will do it once a week for 4 weeks. Hope it works and stops the crawling and loss of hair.
Avatar f tn What side effects do you experience? I am most concerned with hair loss because I look like a chia pet that's just starting to root up.
2194148 tn?1397327075 Lately, I sweat profusely, especially my face, and it's embarrassing, I can't stop it either. Also, I have noticed that quiet a bit of hair comes out when I comb or brush my hair, and my hair seems course, like straw. I have horrible gas that I can't hold in because some of those muscles aren't working all the way, and that is really embarrassing. One thing that actually scares me is that I seem to jerk a lot.
Avatar n tn As far as I am aware anticonvulsants of the gabapentoid class (gabapentin and pregabalin, for example) are known to cause weight gain and hair loss in some people. It's listed in their side effect profile. I use clippers with a number 2 comb to disguise the hair loss...
Avatar n tn I'm a very self-conscious person, and I'd say that roughly 80-90% of the people taking it said they saw significant weight gain and hair loss, both of which I already struggle with. Is there a better solution? Tell me there is because I really want to take care of myself and help manage the pain, but I just can't allow a medication to destroy the rest of my body like that. I hope I don't sound really shallow, and I hope you all understand.
Avatar f tn My last opening pressure on lumbar puncture though was only 20(2009) so my neurologist put me on gabapentin, tinazidine, zonisamide, to treat the fibromyalgia as well as 5000 IU Vitamin D, and an iron supplement. I had a blood test done last Friday and when I went to see my surgeon he said my sed rate was 88 , my vitamin D is deficient, and I am also anemic (8.3) and dropping regardless of what I do. He has referred me to an internist whom I see on Monday.
471354 tn?1221065794 Meloxicam, Lexapro, Memantine, Reboxetine, Mersyndol Forte or Panalgesic, thyroxin(deficicency, head hair loss), B12 injections, Vit B1, Folic acid, Modafinil. I try to meditate & use self hypnosis [both my own therapy specialty] - but pain now intrudes/interrupts thought train. Do daily 1hr Holosync(TM) BrainWave Entrainment + meditation/hypnosis CDs. Reg Pain Unit reviews.
Avatar n tn Dermatoligist dis an allergy test with results being a reaction to PHENYLENEDIAMIN - I changed my hair coloring to Goldwell products which does not have this chemical. I have changed everything from washing detergent (Dreft), shampoo and conditioner ( Free and Clear) , soap (Vanicream bar and Free and Clear liquid cleanser), recommended Clinque products for makeup etc....Still the rash was there and spreading to the middle of my forehead.
Avatar n tn First, I put on about 15 pounds in two months (going from 138 to 153) and there was ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGE to my diet. I am extremely active, doing hard cardio workouts three to four times a week in addition to strength training. I cannot lose this weight no matter what I do. And then, secondly I am not even sure if this can be from neurontin, but I really feel like my hair has changed.
1130095 tn?1267372859 With each drug, there is hair loss, weight loss, I had problems seeing with Lyrica. I have very good vision other than needing glasses. I had been taking Lyrica for about 3 weeks. Gained about 7 pounds and noticed my vision was extremely blurred. I was in shock to find out it was from Lyrica. I stopped it immediately.
Avatar n tn Some people I know have the side effect of weight loss - some have had the side effect of losing their hair. I didn't do either but my toe nails turned extremely hard and look like I have a nail fungus but I don't. I gained weight - I have leg cramps - my skin is dryer.
Avatar m tn She found an African Locust in her dinner in the first hospital. They put her on Oxynorm, Oxycontin, Diazepam, Paracetamol, Gabapentin (although they stopped that today, for some reason), Sodium Docusate, Ondansetron, Metroclopramide, Cyclizine, Senna, Lactulose, Zopiclone, but, last night she couldn't have a Zopiclone (the sleeping tablet) because "they didn't have any on the ward"!!! One doctor suggested we 'stop all medication and see what happens'.
Avatar f tn I asked one doctor what I needed to wait for and she said symptoms like weight gain or hair loss. Back in Oct. I began dealing with this terrible itching and burning on the front of my neck over the thyroid area and outward. The sensation was so deep and uncomfortable and that scratching gave no relief. I saw my family doc who sent me to a dermatalogist. The Derm.
1253197 tn?1331212710 Is there another reason such as thyroid which I have not had tested for ages. I have recenlty had more hair loss than normal and an itchy head, and I think I have felt the cold more. My friend K has hypo-thyroidism and is very knowledgeable and my Consultant agreed to test my Free T3, Free T4 and Serum TSH Thyroid Level.
Avatar f tn ( we have always had a great sex life) I was prescribed Gabapentin, but stopped it because it made me feel like a zombie, and I was hoping that by coming off it I would feel better, but no joy. the only thing the Gabapentin helped with is the odd episodes where my right side arm shakes, and i go limp on the right side. So now that I have vented my frustration, as anyone else experienced these symptoms or am I really going crazy?
Avatar f tn My mom has a back problem and I get more from both her primary doc and back specialist. She doesn't take a single pill cuz she's on gabapentin and that helps her. I'm so tired of lying and seeing different docs and using different pharmacies. Not to mention how much money it costs. I've tried my moms gabapentin before and it helps a little but I still can't sleep. I can get thru all the other symptoms except the leg crawling. That is what makes me want to scream.
Avatar f tn Fatigue Dry, burning eyes Upper abdomen pressure Gas Burping Hair loss dry flaky skin shortness of breath at times joint aches weight loss then gain Pressure Headaches I have been undiagnosed and have seen many, many doctors over this past year. Last week I saw a new doctor and she thinks I may have Hypothyroidism. She gave me the generic form of 25mg of Synthroid to try. This is my 2nd day on it and my chest feels heavy and I feel like I'm being choked.
Avatar f tn I think the timing might b a coincedence.I too noticed excessive hair loss(my husband pointed it out my long brown hair is everywhere thats when i took notice),weight gain that was excessive as well and the temp. thing too.It was after i quit and i thought it had to do with that but my dr told me to have my thyroid checked and that was it and it was a relief for me.All these things were probably going on while i was popping pills like mints but i didnt notice i suppose.
Avatar f tn numbness, tingling, memory loss, migraines, blurred vision, severe depression, personality changes, etc... Was referred to a neurologist. Neuro exam quoted as "normal". Labs and MRI brain and c-spine orderd. Phone call from nurse two weeks later: Vit D was very low at 8.2. Was started on 50,000u 3x week for that. Was told that can cause a lot of "weird neuro stuff". Was told MRI was "fine". No follow-up appt ordered. Follow up with primary physician.
Avatar m tn com/conditions/thyroid/hypothyroidism-too-little-thyroid-hormone Symptoms of Hypothyroidism Fatigue Weakness Weight gain or increased difficulty losing weight Coarse, dry hair Dry, rough pale skin Hair loss Cold intolerance (you can't tolerate cold temperatures like those around you) Muscle cramps and frequent muscle aches Constipation Depression Irritability Memory loss Abnormal menstrual cycles Decreased libido Each individual patient may have any number of these symptoms, and they will va