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Avatar f tn it a nail coming off dear and it may be corsed by the washing powder soap you are using so change it...
Avatar m tn i dont know if its the nail or not but its ugly and deformed from the fungus! I have pus coming out underneath the nailbed when I squeeze, its horrible. Why and how is this happening? I dont have insurance right now due to being laid off and I feel completely helpless. 3 of my 5 nails on my right hand are heavily infected and my nails cant outgrow the fungus since its starting at the base of my nails! Is this something other than fungus? Perhaps ringworm or psoriasis of the nails?
Avatar n tn I smashed my finger and the fingernail is half torn off. I keep a bandaid around it to protect it from snagging and keep it clean. There is a bad smell coming from it now but no sign of infection. Is there anything I can do about the smell? This happened approx. 10 days ago and bandage is changed daily.
672379 tn?1229138209 It also didn't feel real good coming off. I tried to do it in the shower and that didn't work. I dried myself off and then just rubbed my finger over the edge until it rolled off a bit, enough to get a grip. You cannot rip it off like a regular bandaid. Keep a finger (from the free hand) pressed on the skin near the bandage as you slowly pull it back. Keep moving your finger on your skin close to the Tegaderm as you peel. That will ease the discomfort.
Avatar f tn my 2 year old son hurt himself, his baby fingernail is coming off, its almost half off. will at home bandages keeping it together heal it???
Avatar m tn I have had two tests for fungus where parts of the fingernail would be removed and some more would be scratched off the fingernail but they came out negative. 1. Would that be sufficient to decide there is not fungus or candida? 2. Can these be changes due to trauma? (When i cut my nails i sometime don't cut till the corner but rather almost and then pull the fingernail, and this thing does start from the corners). 3. Can this be an infection? 4. What other tests can be made?
Avatar n tn so i peeled it off then my other fingernails started doing it and the skin started coming off more now all my fingers are peeled off almost all the way down. never had this problem before. This discussion is related to <a href=''>skin peeling of in layers on hands</a>.
Avatar n tn My daughter's fingernail is coming off. She is eight years old and has not been sick or anything. It is hurting her and I have put bandaids on it but I don't really know what to do about it. Is there something specific I should do and will it grow back?
Avatar n tn ) Finger and thumb sucking can be a problem and eventually they do grow out of it. My daughter was 13 when she stopped sucking her thumb and only because she had to have most of her thumb and arm in plaster because of breaking her scaffoid bone. Have you tried to put a plaster on her fingers to stop the sucking? With regard to the nail regrowing, time will tell.
8377023 tn?1399512760 ( the top wire hasnt tried coming off yet. Im so ready to have these off.
Avatar m tn But anyways, a day after, I woke up and showered, and after I dried off, i looked and saw lots of individual pimple like looking bumps on the shaft and a small cut on the head of my penis. some of the bumps actually had puss in them, none of them really did itch or hurt. my girlfriend tried telling me they were just after shaving or a rash, but of course you dont shave that part where theres no hair, and it didnt look at all like a rash, nor did it itch or burn.
Avatar f tn When I went to clean it, theres still some pink stuff coming off from that area, and Im assuming its blood. Its not heavy bleeding, its a little color. And its also very 'wet' since its happened. What should I do?! Id prefer not going to the doctor until completely necessary. Should I put something like Neosporin on it? Any advice would be SO helpful. As I said, Im freaking out. I dont want anything bad to come from it.
Avatar m tn So i left him this all happenend in 2 min. After coming home while washing hands i see some n Skin below the nails has peeled off which happens sometime. There no bleeding but I put some alcohol it slightly burned. My question is if there is some blood or precum on his testicles is my cut below my fingernail put me risk of HIV? Last night while surfing I read that cut and seamen or blood can transmit hiv so got scarred.
Avatar n tn I don't know if this has anything to do with it or not, but I do have a fingernail that is white and coming off the nailbed, which I would think is a fungus. I am also wondering if it has anything to do with the liver? I am otherwise very healthy and am on no medications and eat nothing unusual or different. I am drinking more cranberry juice now, and still eating the yogurt and hoping it just goes away because I don't feel like going to a GP to get blood work/liver enzymes, etc.
Avatar n tn A couple of questions for you are did the fingernail get bent or broken or is it coming up off the nail bed? What color is the finger? Did you injure it? If so how? And how long ago?
Avatar n tn he perscribed provera 10 mg for ten days. this is my first period since coming off of this medicine. the first day was better. this is my second day of my period and it is heavy just like before. my question is does it take longer than one round of provera to get things straightened out back to normal? i'm also 37. could this be perimenopausal? please help i'm scared to death. thanks marsha walker. mwalker@glasgow-ky.
Avatar f tn from the xrays i could c dat there were 2 fractures in the distal phalanx. 1 was right beneath the fingernail n somewhere near my DIP. there was a bone fragment near the DIP n i was told that it was due to a nerve being damaged. my 2nd metacarpal was fractured n twisted. on 2/01/11 had my put a hook near the DIP n wires for the metacarpal. hand was heavily bandaged in a pointing position.
Avatar m tn Besides, I have been given several other hand-jobs by different prostitutes. Sometimes she used fingernail strongly (what if her fingernail contains blood?), sometimes she used hot towels to clean my penis (what if the hot towel used by previous customer was not washed properly?), and sometimes she washed my anus very strongly but I have some haemorrhoids (what if her hand touched the blood coming from my anus?) Do you think all these cases are 100% safe, both theoretically and practically?
Avatar m tn They left within a few days. They occurred right next to hair follicles so I am just writing this off as an ingrown hair, pimple, bacterial infection. Question 2: Is it safe to write this off as NOT a herpes outbreak? I have also been experiencing some rectal itching. The area is red and irritated. My crack is red all the way up to my back. It is difficult to see but I do not believe there to be any visual lesions. Question 3: Could this be a yeast infection, candidus?
Avatar f tn 8 hours and no pain.
1742220 tn?1331360327 just checkin I still have not got this nail cutting business down. not nearly. I just cut my index fingernail really short. that is so not a good feeling. but it is not too ragged so that is good. I think the thing is that I used a nail scissors for all my upbringing then the ac always cut my nails and he used the other thingy. clippers. and now I have clippers. and I cant use them. I need the lakuhs. haaa you saw that coming huh.
Avatar n tn Then about a month ago, I smashed my finger on a package at the USPS and may have touched a pen or something while I was bleeding under my fingernail. now about 2 wks ago I used a public toliet while having a case of diariah and possible what ever that was in the toliet may of hit my anal area that was already sensitive and maybe open (wound wise) because it was very swore. The 8 wk test probably covered about 20 days after the fingernail incident at the PO so I guess that is encouraging.
Avatar n tn Why am I still harking and spitting and the ringing in my ears, the crust forming, I have to use my fingernail in order to get it out. Sometimes it feels like my throat is closing up and I have had to practically learn to swallow water and food all over again, I can still only swallow small amounts of liquids and I must chew my food very well, or I will choke.
Avatar n tn they almost always have to be squeezed until bloody until anything comes out. the one at my hair line... i tore the skin with my fingernail to get that **** out of there. (i had a biz meeting coming up and had to deal with it!) but can you answer my question? just what in the world are these? thanks.
Avatar n tn A couple of months ago I noticed a tenderness and mild pain under my right index fingernail. It appeared slightly discolored, but I assumed I must have banged my finger at work and that the problem was simply a bruise or blister that would go away. The pain came and went for weeks, and the left corner of the nail started to come up off the finger.
Avatar n tn Shortly after these symptoms appeared i began having what I thought was chronic yeast infections, which I was treated for numerous times and it kept coming back, recently my obgyn (not the specialist) said i had gardnerella, it was treated on a 5 day prescription, and it came back, treated it again, and now i feel like one day its there and the next day its not.
Avatar f tn I had a few consuming obsessions like you. The same methods I used should help you. You go at your fingernail trimming from two angles. First, and most important, you need a substitute for what you're doing now, which the most appropriate and quickest activity to produce would be to carry beads tied off on a string, like a neclace of plastic balls, or a wooden round ball bracelet, that sort of thing, like a Rosary.
Avatar m tn Symptoms (23 years old) Sinus Congestion Fingernail Ridges/Splitting Hair Lose(head, eyelashes, eyebrows) Getting some greyhairs on my head Swollen Eyelids, dry eyes(sometimes) Vision Problems(Shadowing, double vision) (eye pressure) Lymph Nodes Enlarged Spleen Chronic Fatigue(when I wakeup my whole body is aching most the time, aches go away around hour later) Armpit odor, very irritated/red/painful when using deodorant Head aches, ear pressure(sometimes earaches) Neck muscles seem swollen C
Avatar m tn Around 1 hour after I was biting the skin around fingernail (skin not bleeding but inner pink tender skin visible) I made the mistake of fingering a commercial sex worker (from Thailand). 2. Also as I get calluses on hands after pull ups. I press and cut these skin calluses with nail clipper, leaving tender pink skin exposed (painful, sensitive if touched but not bleeding). I did this the same afternoon and later I touched her body and outside of vagina. 3.
Avatar m tn Fast forward to 4 weeks later I been sick on and off since then. Sore throat keeps coming back. It seems every couple of days my eye is watery and feels like I'm getting pink eye but it goes from my left eye to my right eye. Doc gave me antibiotics and eye drops butthey don't seem to be working. Now here it is almost 6 weeks after I received oral and I just got real sick. Flu like symptoms couldn't taste anything. Diareah sore throat. Lower back pain. Legs feel tired and achy.