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Avatar f tn It's on his left forefinger, on the skin edging the top of his fingernail. It looks like it could be a wart, but is painful. He has tried doing all sorts of (horrendously inappropriate) things to it - like freezing it off, sandpapering it, and cutting what seems to be a growth of dead skin, to no avail. Our local GP has been less than helpful, attributing it to "something foreign under the skin", and doing nothing about it.
Avatar m tn Hi Doc, I would appreciate your expert advice regarding any HIV risk from a fingernail scratch from a stripper in this case ... I recently went to a strip club and went for a private dance with one of the girls.  During the dance the girl was playing with herself a bit and had her hands down around her vagina area some times (as many dancers do).  But at one point she playfully scratched me on the arm with her fingernails.
Avatar m tn The lubricant used was vasoline and I frequently have cuticle tears/cuticle breaks where the fingernail is attached to the finger. I do not remember if any were sore at the time and I don't remember any bleeding/injury to them but I cannot say for sure. It's been about a week now since exposure and I've been having lethargy, headaches, and I have a very mild rash on my shoulder blade that I cannot figure out is related to ARS. That's neither here nor there.
Avatar n tn I have three pins in my little finger, three pins in my ring finger, my middle finger is broken also but didn't require pins. They are all broken diagonoly in the first bone right above the knuckle. I'm in a cast to my finger tips down past my wrist. I have the pins removed in a week. I am scared that it is going to take me forever to get movement back in my hand after. If a little finger injury takes so long to I looking at double or triple the time??eeekkee.
144586 tn?1284669764 A common problem with caring for the elderly is a torn fingernail. I would think this would be a no-brainer, but a visiting nurse recently showed up at the home of a 100 year old I know, and instead of repairing the fingernail as I suggested (I had superglue gell in a drawer with a note), tore it (the fingernail fragment) off (yes there was blood) and put a bandage on the finger with bacitracin. Arghhh! They apparently give R.N.'s these days by sending in boxtops.
Avatar m tn Hi,when i was having sex with a women,she was holding my penis and directing it to her genital,because it was dark in a room.So how easily can condoms be broken by fingernail?
Avatar m tn Greetings, About two days ago I went to a spa and massage center, I was massaged for an hour by a therapist who seemed to have a cold. I think I got scratched by her fingernail on my back and on my buttocks, I'm afraid of what I might have caught from that scratch. I did not notice any bleeding or broken skin whatsoever I think but the area was red for a few hours, it did not hurt as well, but worried just the same in case the nail broke my skin and may have caused a slight or deep scratch.
Avatar n tn Dear I usually Bite the dead skin around my fingernail when I get stressed, and I had this broken skin ( small wound ) beside my index, after 12 hours I met a girl, I don't know whether she has HIV or No, I did fingering for her for about 2 minutes and then directly I remove it and ran to the toilet washing it with Soap and Dettol.
Avatar f tn I get little red dots all over my arms afterwards which are probably broken blood vessles, and sometimes bruising from the scratching. It is so intense. I have found that if I take 3-4 advil prior to going to bed, the itch lessens to the point where I can ususally go to sleep. I dont understand this and wish someone had an answer.
Avatar m tn I have a lunch today and i found a piece of vegetables, where is a red(Probably the fingernail size) I don‘t know whether it is blood, I didn’t eat it. The vegetable taste a little wrong.I thrown it into the garbage box. But soup and meat,they touch the red vegetable and i eat a few . soup no visible blood I'm sure but the meat is dark so i can't pay attention to, if there is blood in the meat. I happen to have oral ulcers and bleeding will be infected with HIV?
Avatar m tn I've been icing my thumb for 15 minutes, then alternating with heat, and taking ibuprofen. I've been to immediate care and gotten x-rays and it isn't broken, but it hurts so bad. My whole nail is black and my thumb is twice the size of my opposite one. i'm really worried about it. i'm gonna post some pictures so you guys can get an idea.
Avatar n tn Lately, I have had some deep itches on my face and I have scratched them with my finger nail or held my fingernail on the itches for a few seconds to relieve the itch as it itches so bad, and after I am done holding my fingernail on the itches or scratching them with my fingernail, it has left little red lines on my face. I think they are broken blood vessels. They still itch and I try not to scratch them. When other parts of my face itch, I try to rub it with my finger, not my nail.
Avatar n tn A couple days ago I was holding my 1 year-old nephew and he scratched my chin with his fingernail. I didn't think the skin was broken so I didn't think about it. The next morning I noticed some dried blood on my chin. Is there any chance I've put my nephew at any risk?
Avatar n tn It could be anything from a broken blood vessel (which is pretty much a hickey) or an STD. Any type of trauma to the penis can cause blood vessels to break. Is it tender to the touch? Does it feel warm? If so, it's probably a blood vessel broken. It could have been caused by a number of things, your fingernail digging into his penis, him pushing too hard...ect...I wouldn't worry. But yes, a hickey can show up anywhere where there are blood vessels...pretty much your entire body.
Avatar f tn It's almost at the corner (facing my nose) where the grouping of blood vessels are, so I'm assuming that it IS a blood vessel that somehow broke, or became irritated by my contacts...or maybe I just scratched myself with my fingernail? I don't feel any pain or have any change in my vision (no blurred vision, etc.) but it's still there.
Avatar n tn I recently visited an escort for the first time and afterwards I told my girlfriend about it. We decided to put it behind us and agreed that we wouldn't have sex until I got tested at the 3 month mark. However, the other night, we engaged in mutual masturbation and I fingered her for a few minutes. The problem is that I suffer from eczema and the finger that I was using on my girlfriend had a tiny "weeping" wound just above my fingernail.
992593 tn?1249404552 I broke off my front tooth, which had been broken and capped 30 years ago. The dentist decided that a root canal should be done and a post inserted in the canal. I was given a flapper. I went to separate dentist 2 weeks later who created a post for the crown and then put on a crown. That was a month ago. At first the tooth felt a little funny, but I hoped it would go away. Now the pain is a little more constant, but not intense. It hurts when i tap my fingernail on my tooth.
Avatar f tn It's very minor pain but I can feel it with pressure to the area or even with lightly brushing my fingernail over it. Some background - I had a bad cold memorial day weekend (3 weeks ago) and this week and battling allergies which are presenting as mild nasal congestion and an itchy throat. No headaches that I've noticed. The tenderness seems to be pretty external. I initially just brushed it off as a possible pimple forming but as far as I can see there is nothing there...
Avatar n tn Although this forum seems to be the most knowledgeable and least scarey of all sites, it too is/was in my head making a diagnosis without seeing a Dr. Fever Chills Karposi whatever Other skin rashes Swollen glands Cotton mouth Oral lesions Fingernail deformations You name it, if it was mentioned with HIV in the same sentence, psychologically my body started to develop those exact symptoms. Today I had had enough.
Avatar m tn A subungual hematoma is caused by collection of blood (hematoma) underneath a toenail or fingernail. Keep the hand elevated and apply cold compresses by wrapping ice cubes in a towel. Please ensure not to apply ice directly without any cloth. Also take some anti inflammatory medicine like Ibuprofen or Diclofenac if you have taken them prior to this injury and have not shown any allergic reaction to them.
Avatar n tn A couple of questions for you are did the fingernail get bent or broken or is it coming up off the nail bed? What color is the finger? Did you injure it? If so how? And how long ago?
Avatar m tn Sorry for my terrible English, pls try to understand me. One week ago, I stayed with a sex work. I was scratched by her fingernail with a 2mm wound (bleeding) on my waist. If she is Hiv positive and her finger has a open cut (bleeding too), will I be infected. And I donot know how many times she touched my wound. Then she touched my genital twice, not masturbation, more like wipe a card quickly, because I dont want her to touch it. I found no wound on my genital. I think it is intact.
Avatar n tn My husband examined it to see if there seemed to be a broken bone, but he thought not. As the morning went on, he appeared to be in a good deal of pain and just wanted to be held. By the afternoon, the swelling had increased to over halfway down his finger. We wondered if he had had a spider bite in the night, but could not find any bite or puncture marks, or any broken skin whatsoever.
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Avatar m tn It's the same problem, but perhaps explained a little better and with different questions than last time. (Probably not new-thread worthy, so I'll apologize in advance.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend is HIV positive. For the last two months, we have not had anal or oral sex. When we partake in mutual masturbation, I may begin, but he always finishes himself. The reason for this is because I have dry cracked cuticles that I usually bite. Sometimes they bleed, other times the skin just becomes raw.
186166 tn?1385262982 she was tapering down but then had an accident and broke a toe or two. i have broken both my little toes...MANY TIMES...and i don't even think about treating my pain with pain pills...i just go for the tylenol...aleve...motrin...whatever is available. i know...because of the fact that you guys have abused pills for a while that tylenol and the likes, probably don't phase you...but what about once you have significant clean time?
Avatar n tn Also when she was removing the condom she pinched the base of my penis with her fingernail grabbing at the base of the condom.On inspection the next morning could not see any broken skin.When I left her apartment I was already feeeling guilty and terrified and asked her if she had Aids and she said she was clean, but how would you know? My problem is that I am happily married with two kids and that this was totally out of character for me,i don't know how it happened.
Avatar n tn I have been under extreme stress this year (finishing a PhD, moving cross country with my family, two toddlers, wife with a broken foot). I also have a history of back and neck problems, and generally take one 200mg ibuprofen at bed time. In the two weeks prior to the a.fib, I had switched to taking one Alleve tablet because it lasts longer. During this time I started having the heart palpitations two or more times a week. The "trigger" on the whole a.