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Avatar n tn What are all of the common and not so common diseases or ailments that can manifest as a rash. (I know there are many but I am most concerned of the ones with more serious implications.) My friend, a 19 yr old female has had a reccurent rash for a month now. The rash is randomlly dispersed (leg, torso, chest--- but no face) and seems to begin as red bumps (2cm) and then slowly flatten down into dry/red patches (2cm -> fingernail sized). Some are not symetrical.
764069 tn?1267389390 I myself work in the Healthcare Field and had my needles for Hep C because of working with others with ailments of different sorts and of course never knowing if someone has Hep C. Nothing came about from the needle, no reaction. Is it possible for me after having these 2 injections to contract Hep C from my husband, he had already had it prior to me having these injections. Your answer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. P.S. Anyone else in the household as well?
903476 tn?1242240637 But sadly I still put on nearly 100lbs and my weight now is given my a new whole bunch of health problems. I now have sleep apnea, hair loss, fingernail loss, acne, acid reflux, strange painful and blistering rash`s all over my arms, legs, hands and feet. I also have gained so much I`ve broken 2 bones and herniated a disk in my back. And I cant get a doctor to care longer then 5 seconds I say I quit smoking and they tell me it`s normal learn to live with it.
Avatar m tn You are at the age that you must quit chewing on them. Get a nice fingernail kit and trim them with clippers, smooth rough edges with a fingernail file, and then wash the equipment and your fingers well when done with your nail care. By the way, your OCD symptoms can be controlled by lots of exercise that makes you sweat, it releases tension in the body.
Avatar n tn There was a cut and/or splinter under mom's fingernail shortly before this stuff popped up, there was an insect bite around the same time, my mom treated my dad's yeast/fungus toes on a regular basis with her bare hands and alcohol, menthol, and/or aloe vera lotion and finally perhaps the most interesting a girl I dated briefly visited the house for 2 days over superbowl weekend and shortly after she left (maybe 4-5 days) she broke out with 3 of the same spots mom broke out with just under a mo
Avatar n tn I have had worsening ailments for 10 years. Diagnosed with degen. disc disease of L2-S1 by 1994 lumbar MRI. CT myelogram and discogram in 2000 revealed bulging, torn, leaking discs L2-S1 with L5 nerve root sheaths contact and moderate narrowing of neural foramen and lateral recesses at L2-S1 and a spondylolysis on L5. I take ms contin, ketoprofin, and ambien. In 1997 a failed discogram caused a CSF leak for 9 days.
Avatar m tn On occasion the will get so dark it's closer to black than purple, but the skin around the fingernail is never affected. I.e. No blue finger's such as the google images that raynaud's bring up. About 7 years ago I developed Ribbon shaped stool. This in combination with a father who died of some cancer (Unsure, but heard from an unreliable source it was colon) caused me to get a colonoscopy around 4 years ago.
Avatar n tn but I use it only when true pus pimples show up, which is less and less. Unlike your schmucky docs, big shot very much believes that all my skin ailments are caused by Interferon. He knows me for 8 years, and saw what happend during tx, and afterwards....but as you know, he is still a schmuck in his own right. Seborrheic dermatitis remains a problem, and he has no anwers.
Avatar n tn Twitching Tingling Leg Cramps Hives Rib Cage Pain Odd Aches and Pains Fingernail ridges ears ringing fatigue loud bowel sounds muscles that knot up popping joints severe anxiety,depression It's unreal.. i used to a healthy 27 yr old male until this FLU.. or whatever it is.. I have had numerous blood tests, mri's, emg's and exams with nothing bad showing up, which im grateful, but i am still depressed i feel like this everday. I hope one day i will feel better again.
Avatar n tn I had a little cut underneath my fingernail (index finger - right hand) which got infected and became quite irritating .
Avatar n tn There is also a slight pain inside the fingernail, as if I had stuck a sharp object under there and then pulled it out. It started out on my right hand, then went to the left, and now the left is worse than the right and the right is fading. I also notice that the more pain and tingling I have, the more wrinkles there are. Did you ever get an answer to this? I'm beginning to freak out a little.
Avatar n tn Use clear fingernail pollish. Trust me it works. Dries it out and then they go away. I work in a nursing home and when its really really hot there and i wear gloves I sweat and then I break out after sweatting really bad. Try the fingernail pollish.
Avatar n tn From the doc's who make you wait 2 or 3 hrs after a scheduled appointment, from the pharmacists who have the power and failed med school, have bad attitudes and rudeness to those in geniune need of meds for ailments and finally the drug companies who are making every drug they come out with have some addictive and WD side effect to them to keep people hooked. Let us know how your doing and we can all get you thruogh the week end until your appointment with your Doc. God Bless.
Avatar n tn I also was found to have a cyst (arachnoid) in my brain, very small, maybe the size of my pinky fingernail. I was also told by a neurologist that I was too stressed! PISSED ME OFF!!! HE doesn't even know me, how can he make such a claim! I found out about the non-fusion later. All I can say is stay strong ladies, we are women... hear us...moan!! (Sorry!) I'm just elated to find I'm not crazy after all!
Avatar f tn ive tried everything from medicated products to bleach and nothing stops the itch but i did find something that stopped the itch immediately. believe it or not.... fingernail polish... witch makes me believe these periodic red bumps are a type of chigger. the microscopic insect is nocturnal and very active at night which is when the bump appears and itches.
Avatar n tn I am breastfeeding and my baby likes to touch my lips while nursing. Sometimes baby has a rough or jagged fingernail; I think baby may have irritated my skin and maybe introduced an infection. My sleeping is irregular but I usually get at least 6 hours per night. It's difficult not to touch the sore area, for instance with my tongue if I lick my lips, as it's directly on my lip, near the inner edge close to my teeth.
Avatar f tn If something is wrong, try to deal with it and solve it, and many ailments and health issues will clear up as a result. The mind is a strange and wonderful thing.
Avatar n tn oh yeah, I was wondering too, if you just happen to scratch with a fingernail, just because you can't wait to get to some cotton....does it feel like you are scratching a severe sunburn? I haven't heard mention of that. other than that, I think I share all the same symptoms.
280891 tn?1261016650 ( this can be pesticides, herbacides, hormones in meat, gluten, dairy, cheese, toxic metals in your mouth, fat, bones, breathing in air from a diesel truck, plastic bottles, hair sprays, fingernail polish, supplements with added this and added that..etc.) For example..if I go eat Mc. D's for lunch, my body has to expend energy all the rest of the day and maybe even into tomorrow to try and break down and get rid of the toxins in that meal...