Fingernail vertical split

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Avatar n tn The nails got better for like 2 weeks (I'm on low dose of Armour 90mg) then all of a sudden back to the way they were. That is the weird thing. They looked fine and then awful. They are growing fine, and don't split that much or break often. It's the way they look. The tips are white and healthy, but just under the white tip it's red for about 1/16 or so of inch, very small area then the normal pink of the nail. I also have some faint vertical lines. Does anyone have this?
Avatar f tn Lots of rule-outs here, but they include–Adrenal gland problems, calcium deficiency, chronic fatigue, chronic inflammation, iron deficiency, poor digestion/absorption in the small intestine, Vitamin A deficiency, yeast and other fungi. Red Bands: Allergies, liver overload, inflammation of the gastro-intestinal tract.
Avatar m tn They vary in size, but the largest would is probably larger than a fingernail at arm's length. I have had an MRI of my optic nerves, but I never went back for the results (fool). Can you see yours on an Amlser grid? can you see through it? Astroturf, I can't look directly at my spots, since they don't move and aren't at my point of focus (yet!). they behave exactly as your does, with the curtains, window etc.