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Avatar m tn Because the doc is likely 'out of network', it may cost a little more than an 'in-network' doc, but the insurance company also pays a big chunk of medication costs, so it becomes doable. There are also Lyme charities that can help the truly needy get diagnosis and treatment. You can search for them online. ====================================' I know this is complicated and bewildering, esp.
Avatar f tn Unless you are in a medical plan that does not allow any visits to out-of-network providers, remember that while you probably have to pay up front for an out of network provider, your insurance may reimburse a good part of the cost. I could complain about insurance not covering a lot of the antibiotics I was prescribed (my biggest issues are about how the insurance companies override the treatments the physician has determined - don't get me started).
Avatar f tn If you go to ILADS [dot] org, there is a referral function there, I believe. ILADS is the group to which the more broadmined MDs belong. I just googled 'llmd wisconsin' and found some old comments here on this medhelp forum from someone with Lyme who was seeing an MD in Milwaukee, but s/he wasn't thrilled with the MD, who was 'old school' and not very explanatory.
Avatar f tn If you are in Texas or other states with restrictions on docs, it's still possible to find help. You can email to contact [at] ILADS [dot] org and tell them your state/area, and they will send you names of member LLMDs, tho as you are finding, "LLMD" has no fixed meaning. However, ILADS membership is a good indicator. You can also simply google/search for LLMD Kansas City or wherever you are or can get to, and see what you find on message boards.
422425 tn?1307996590 I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Sjogrens and nerve damage of some sort. I relate very well to the dry mouth, can't speak, swollen glands. I also have a very difficult time swallowing and have developed an annoying cough. The meds that the drs want to put me on scare me and I am trying to do this with diet, exercise and vitamins. I would be very interested in the doctor coming to do a forum. Is it Dr. Murphree? I just got his book on CFS and Fibro.
489867 tn?1209210894 It takes a wise doc to figure all this out, and one place to find such a doc is by going to the ILADS [dot] org website or emailing them them at --- contact [at] ILADS [dot] com --- and tell them where you are located (near what city, for example) and how far you can travel, and they will send you names of ILADS-member MDs nearby. If the first batch of names don't work out, ask for more names and tell ILADS who they already sent you to.
Avatar m tn Hi, unfortunately, most infectious disease doctors to not believe in chronic Lyme. What I would do is contact ILADS dot org and ask for an LLMD near where you live. Tell them you prefer an infectious disease doctor but an LLMD can specialize in many things. I am on disability and my LLMD is a family practitioner. I am on social security disability, long term. Let us know if you have any other questions.
Avatar m tn When the nonLLMD neurologist you consulted said the bands can be present for many reasons, he meant the exceptions noted above. There is also more data at the website noted above. And see ILADS [dot] org, under 'About Lyme' -- it has lots of information about testing and diagnosis and treatment. ILADS is the main LLMD organization. I just love these docs who say 'yeah, you're sick, but I don't know what it is and it cannot possibly be Lyme, tough luck.
1554647 tn?1316830820 S for treatment. Currently I am being treated for fibromyalgia and I see the doctor on Tuesday for a physical. I am going to ask about being tested through IGNEX for Lyme as the previous doctor said that it was too early being on this treatment plan to be tested. I need some help with what is going on here as it's costing me a small fortune and still don't know if I'm getting the right treatment for what I have.
2190999 tn?1504992491 There was absolutely nothing else that could cause the wide variety of symptoms that I had. I went out of network to find one who knew enough about Lyme to tell me if I had it or not.. I have heard in the northeast whre Lyme is more common, there are some doctors in insurance networks who will treat it. That's where the local referral comes in handy.
Avatar f tn Check out their website for more information at ILADS [dot] org, and if you would like a referral from them, email them at --- contact [at] ILADS [dot] org and tell them your location (state and nearest big city) and how far you can travel. They can send you the names of ILADS members. Even then tho you'll need to keep your wits about you, because as someone just posted above, some supposed Lyme docs are wacky.
Avatar f tn With my insurance, I pay far more for treatments prescribed by an out-of-network doctor than by an in-network doctor. If this is the case for you, too, then going through an in-network physician for the desensitization makes the most sense. Long term treatment for Lyme helps the vast majority of patients who go through it. There is hope and there is help! But you have to get to an LLMD first. Feeling down and discouraged are part and parcel of the Lyme complex.
Avatar m tn After doing extensive research I started to notice that Gulf War Illness and MS, Lupus, CFS, Fibromyalgia and many AI diseases are exactly alike with overlapping symptoms. I started interviewing soldiers and spouses that were perfectly fine before entering the service, but now soldier and spouse alike are ill, with their children ill as well.
Avatar m tn At the ILADS [dot] org website are Dr Burrascano's Treatment Guidelines, a rambling collection of forward-thinking about Lyme disease etc., but it may have some useful information for you on ACA. By contrast, the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) has a firm position that Lyme is not a particularly serious ailment and is easily cured, but anyone who finds their way to this website has already learned better.
Avatar f tn - who diagnosed me on symptoms only - never had a positive lyme test. I was told I have 'fibromyalgia' and my symptoms did fit with that BUT it all started following a 'tick-bite'!! You are doing the right thing in finding an LLMD. most mainstream doctors don't have much knowledge on the subject of lyme disease and co-infections. Do you remember a rash or anything before all this started - many people never see a tick or a rash.
Avatar n tn when they can't find obvious abnormalities on testing. I also got the fibromyalgia diagnosis. True fibromyalgia has specific diagnostic criteria. You must have 11 out of 18 tender points for diagnosis. A lot of doctors just throw this diagnosis at you because they can't find anything else. I was diagnosed by 3 doctors with this. Not one of them checked for the tender points. Anyway, another point to remember...
Avatar f tn I have been looking at academic papers about the effects of interferon on the brain network and the central nervous system...few have been done but it does indicate that cognitive changes and nerve involvement. I think that the new treatments seem to avoid this but only time will tell suffice to say, those of us who have had toxic Peg/Rib and sensitive to its use and remain with irreversible damage should shout loudly and make it known.
2214462 tn?1339431583 When he asks me what the problem is, how many months back should I go? When they diagnosed me with fibromyalgia 18 months ago? When I got really thirsty and confused 4 months ago? Should I just start with the low cortisol test results 1 month ago and leave out the last 2 years of being sick? Thanks again.
620923 tn?1452919248 I have fibromyalgia and in my support group it has been found that 70% of FM suffer's have cord compression in their neck and many suffer from this chiari thing. I've expeirenced numbness and tingling and painful scalp as though my scalp is alive with pain. Not a headache, but in my scalp. I get daily horrid neck/headaches. I have weakness and a cerebral palsy type gait. I've had a cervical mri where it just states sumthin like my cfs space is partially effaced or sumthin like that.
Avatar f tn I really like my doctor but she seems to be going in a wrong direction with this and wants to categorize me with fibromyalgia. Thats why Id like to bring her some information and see if she'd help with the lymphokine and MELISA tests. I think those odds are just high enough so that the oral surgeon community isn't/or doesnt want to be aware of them so that it is an issue. How did the appointment with the oral surgeon go?
Avatar n tn When I mentioned about the continuing muscle weakness, she has suggested A.O.R. brand magnesium Malate Renew which is used for fibromyalgia and other neurological problems. All of these are totally natural ways to help the body to heal itself. She tested my reflexes again and assured me that this should run it's course and leave no residual effects. It's always so great to be reassured, because this week it really feels like my muscles are going into spasms more than they were before.
251922 tn?1193786078 As for exercise I want to do more but I battle CFIDS and Fibromyalgia because of that my muscles are all really tight and there isn't much energy in them, so they don't stretch like most peoples. A lot of times when I walk a mile or two I can pay the price for it big time. I have very little adrenal function so I can't tolerate much. I also never know from day to day.
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