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Avatar f tn i have no idea however the fibromyalgia network may know their number is 800 853-2929
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia recently and I am trying to understand it as its making my life miserable and hell. I have very bad pain in my joints, neck, hands, arms, fingers, toes...basically everywhere.Recently, I started to get very bad headaches that continued for weeks and wont go away. Not sure if this is related to fibromyalgia, but my GP prescribed me a treatment for migraines which didnt help. I cant sleep at all and everyone thinks its in my head.
Avatar f tn If you reside in the USA, have you heard about the Job Accommodation Network? This service is provided by the US Dept. of Labor (Office of Disab. Employment Policy). If you are an Employee - This site provides information on accommodation ideas, your rights under the American with Disabilities Act (keeping in mind that a disability does not mean it has to be permanent. One may become disabled only for a length of time, yet will still fall under the ADA).
975514 tn?1325001538 section_id=27670#sec_27670 I urge you to introduce yourself below and tell us a little about what brought you to the Fibromyalgia/CFS Forum. Again, welcome to MedHelp and the Fibromyalgia/CFS forum!
Avatar f tn i was told i have fibromyalgia a year and a half ago , my doctor put me on lyrica but it made me sick to my stomache so i quit takeing it . then he put me on nerontin , it makes me feel doped up so all i want to do is sleep , i have 5 kids to take care of . i cant handle takeing ethier one of the meds with my kids . so when i called my doctor again to make another app. they said they wont see me anymore because medicaid hasnt paid them yet ! that was in jan 2008 .
Avatar n tn I have to take pain meds daily and my quality of life sucks!! If you do think it may be fibromyalgia, please visit the site You will also need to see a rhumatologist (sp?) they are the type of doctor who diagnosed me. Fibrohugs is an online support group that will help you understand this illness. I highly recommend it!!! My ID there is aurora2779 if you ever want to talk to me just drop me a line and I will help you as much as I can.
Avatar n tn However, my doctor did give me something that has helped tremedously with my pain throughout my body and it is called Lyrica. I went to the Fibromyalgia Network site which is up-to-date and very current on new meds for FMS and this is the newest with the most success in helping w/FMS flares and all the other daily aches,pains,symptoms. You might try and ask your dr. if you can try it as it comes in sample bottles. I can only take the minimum does, or a low does of 75mgs.
107366 tn?1305683975 I've had problems with gout for a long time, but ever since December, it's gone from annoying to down right painful. She diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia, but I'm not so sure. Maybe she just meant I had symptoms of it. She enlightened me on a mistake my local doctor had made about taking my anti-gout medicine, so maybe now that I am taking it correctly, that will improve. My muscles will probably always be a little sore, but I'm hoping if I move more, that will improve.
Avatar n tn Fibromyalgia Network PO Box 31750 Tucson, Arizona 85751 National Fibromyalgia Research Association PO Box 3000 Salem, Oregon 97302 The Arthritis Foundation 1330 W Peachtree St Atlanta, Georgia 30309 National Institute of Arthritis, Musculoskeletal, and Skin Diseases (web site: Followup with your personal physician is essential.
168348 tn?1379360675 It is very important for IC patients to have a support network to communicate especially during a flare since! That is what this site is about sharing ideas, research, information and compassion. IC patients often struggle with negative thoughts because of the pain and the quality of life when they are living in a flare. Having an arsenal of coping tools to help you through is the key to pulling up out of a flare and getting symptoms under control as soon as possible.
Avatar n tn Just desperate to end this cycle. In one of my searches for info i came across a web site about Fibromyalgia. I started reading it and Low and Behold! It described me to a TEE! I was so excited that i called my theropist and made an ( extra) session appointment for that same day. When i got there i told her that i thought i had found the caose behind all the aches and pains that were making me panic...she looked at me and shook her head. She said no........
Avatar f tn Somtimes my whole body aches and I can't even get out of the bed, I was just recently told that I have Fibromyalgia I feel over ... [More] a shopping cart dummy me well it caused inflamation and I had to have a shot. I take meds for high blood pressure, pain, anxiety and muscle spasms, I am not used to this I have gained 30lbs and have no support all I hear is I am a pill popper I hate it and it makes my depression worse.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am 34 & have been addicted to hydrocodone for over 7 years. My addiction started when my Dr started prescribing Lortab 10s after being admitted into the hospital numerous times for very serious migranes that couldn't be relieved with other medications. I had also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was told to take up to 2 tabs every 4-6 hours & after a week long migrane & taking the highest dose I was dependant on them. Now I take up to 30 per day.
Avatar n tn My girlfriend is on 43mg of methadone currently to deal with her fibromyalgia. I am not sure how long she has been on methadone (probably over a month). We are finally in a position to start seriously looking at options to help her get off methadone. I have to be honest, I did not think too much about methadone because I didnt know too much about it and just thought it was something to help with her fibromyalgia.
Avatar f tn You may want to check out the following web page and browse the site in general a bit as well. I have CFS and I'm a few months away from having to apply for disability, so I'll be very interested in hearing how it goes for you. Anyway, here's the page: Honestly, I can't imagine ANY job you could possibly do with your limitations, and I think that very much needs to be reiterated.
Avatar n tn A doctor from the forum suggested that I might have benign fasculations. My current diagnosis is possible Fibromyalgia. Symptoms started two years ago this Sept. with a burning sensation down the tops of my legs and around my belt-line, and then it spread around the entire body. The symptoms started right after I was treated with a drug for a yeast infection called Diflucan. Most say the Diflucan probably had nothing to do with it.
Avatar m tn Because the doc is likely 'out of network', it may cost a little more than an 'in-network' doc, but the insurance company also pays a big chunk of medication costs, so it becomes doable. There are also Lyme charities that can help the truly needy get diagnosis and treatment. You can search for them online. ====================================' I know this is complicated and bewildering, esp.
Avatar f tn I have been taking norco for over 7 yrs for various things including fibromyalgia, well now its never enough and I take too many and keep running out. This time I have to wait 2 + weeks and my body is freaking out and I am in such pain and mental agony. Its been 4 days and still seems worse, now I have run out of my anxiety med, klonopin for sleep and am having severe withdrawls from both. Legs and arms shaking, vomiting, can't sleep, pain, and I can't say anything to the dr.
Avatar f tn They will want statements from the doctors. The rheumatologist for your fibromyalgia, a neurologist for migraines, and I'm not sure who for EBV? Maybe the rheumatologist can suggest or run the test if there is one? Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn * 3 months ago, went to a pain specialist who said I had early-stage fibromyalgia and thought my scalene muscles were too tight, contributing to my neck going out so frequently. A few weeks ago he deeply anesthetized those muscles on the most painful side (right) and a PT did exercises that I normally could not do. Further PT was recommended; I hope to do so later (insurance problems getting a referral), and I am trying to do some exercises regularly on my own.
338133 tn?1205428915 Hi, I just found this site yesterday and it made me feel ten pounds lighter. My doctors are also telling me I'm obsessed with my health and are refusing to do anything but give pills. I need some advice from you guys if you have a moment. I have alot of things medically going wrong right now I'll try to keep it short and I'm curious what you guys would think?
Avatar m tn I've recently ran across some article that point to a viral or bacterial illness triggers different autoimmune diseases like MS, SLE, RA, Mathema Gravis (sp?) and others. You can find info on Dr. Mercola's web site. Google "One Mans triumph over MS and other autoimmune diseases". And Prof Garth Nicholsen's web site. He is renown in his research on autoimmune diseases.
Avatar f tn They both came back normal except for some white spots on either side that the doc said was probably from migraines or some unknown reason. I have fibromyalgia (after years of being inproperly diagnosed with other diseases) and I am finding that doctors are too easy to attribute every new symptom I have to that. I can definitely tell a difference my fibromyalgia symptoms and these new ones that seem to pop up suddenly and then go away. They feel more neurological to me.
Avatar f tn Things I have is fibromyalgia (all that goes with it), memopause (real bad hot flashes), had a mini stroke couple years ago, immune deficiency which is in normal range but was killing me, take vivaglobin weekly for that. Blood work just showed a normal but low T 4. Doctor said not to worry but I am. can't loose weight, tired all the time. I thought my symptons was because in the last year I have lost a Mother, Sister and Dad a few weeks ago, have had 5 deaths in all in the last year.
Avatar f tn I'd like to add that this happens to me, too, but for me it has to do with too much pressure on the blood vessels, it kind of radiates and stings thru the network of vessels, you can almost picture it when you cough. The problem comes from coughing too hard, and this can be from lungs that are way too clogged up with phlegm from a cold or respiratory infection.
Avatar f tn According to the Mayo Clinic Web site, a common trigger is brain chemical imbalance, particularly in the chemical that regulates depression and migraines, and another associated with pain, anxiety and stress. The Fibromyalgia Network Web site says the same problem is seen with two hormones, one that is essential to the body rebuilding itself and another that influences nerve activity.
Avatar f tn Dear airannie, I cant thank you enough for replying to my post, as a newbie here on this site I find it wonderful to have a site to let it all out and be real with about this panic disorder almost agoraphobic life of mine. I cant believe it as I was not always this way,I used to sing in bands, travel everywhere and love to be outdoors.
Avatar m tn I just read something yesterday on the guideline for physicians prescribing opiates. I wish I would have copied the site. I know where I found it the link - on the UW of WI Pain Management web-site. Anyway these guidelines (official) stated that in an physician's absence he/she must appoint someone to follow his patients that receive opiates. I'll see if I can find that again. It's not just kind and considerate - it's a recommendation that these physicians not leave us high and dry.
1283286 tn?1312915566 Big Pharma has it's grubby little hands all over this web site... The FDA and The pharm companies are definitely in bed together. It's unbelievable the amount of time it takes to get a drug that can help people approved!! Decades!! Thanks Dave!