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975514 tn?1325001538 section_id=27670#sec_27670 I urge you to introduce yourself below and tell us a little about what brought you to the Fibromyalgia/CFS Forum. Again, welcome to MedHelp and the Fibromyalgia/CFS forum!
107366 tn?1305683975 He said he would call when all my results were in and he'd had a chance to review them. Next it was on to my appointment with a Nutrition Consultant. I was hoping to gain some insight on how I really need to be eating since I am on an estrogen blocker. I know I need to get some of this weight off my arse, too. By the time I saw her, my blood test results were in, and my glucose was high.
1036535 tn?1278506199 I had my LP done Thursday. It's Monday and I'm slowly recovering from headache. Made it through a meeting w/ son's principle, though I had trouble focusing. Luckily we will meet again at beginning of next school year, too, so I will hopefully be more clearheaded for that one! Is drowsiness and dizziness normal when headache lets up? I'm pretty sure my test will be negative. I've been regretting the decision to do it since the day after, when I started feeling bad.
Avatar f tn aspx Honestly, I can't imagine ANY job you could possibly do with your limitations, and I think that very much needs to be reiterated. It sounds to me like you got a very prejudiced review by people who have probably seen far too many fakers...or at least have decided that they're all fakers.
Avatar m tn I have a pain that goes through my arms and legs, an aching dull pulling pain. Doctor DX me with Fibromyalgia after complete blood panel, ANA, CPK. 9 months ago it took a turn for the worse, I started getting tingling in the hands and feet. I went to the doctor who said that the neuropathy was not a symptom of the FM, and suggested to go to the Neurologist. After a visit I was told that my symptoms were less of a nuisance than the treatment for the symptoms (NVC and EMG).
Avatar f tn As all this was unfolding a group of ME/CFS experts was doing the first external review of the CDC program in ten years and we take a critical look at the report they issued during this rather turbulent period." The latest info on the latest CDC games with CFS funding: I suspect that politics play a huge role in these illnesses. Remember Gulf War Syndrome ? It was real... then it wasn't.... and then it was and then it wasn't again.
Avatar f tn I lost my smile but most things work ok except the nerves got mixed up so that when I smile the left eye twitches. I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia but having read the latest about pituitary tumors the symptoms are very much the same. Over the last year I have been seeing things. By this I mean at night when I am trying to sleep for some unknown reason I am jolted from sleep and when I look at the ceiling or wall I see things moving.
2190999 tn?1504992491 There was absolutely nothing else that could cause the wide variety of symptoms that I had. I went out of network to find one who knew enough about Lyme to tell me if I had it or not.. I have heard in the northeast whre Lyme is more common, there are some doctors in insurance networks who will treat it. That's where the local referral comes in handy.
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Avatar m tn LLMDs don't always take insurance, but your insurance company may reimburse at an out-of-network rate. You could try magnesium supplements for the muscle cramps; any magnesium supplement ending in "-ate" is supposed to be readily absorbed (malate, aspartate, etc). Lyme bacteria use up magnesium in their reproductive cycle. Best wishes, let us know how you do.
1554647 tn?1316830820 [Institute of Medicine Committee to Advise the Public Health Service on Clinical Practice Guidelines, 1990] Attributes of good guidelines include validity, reliability, reproducibility, clinical applicability, clinical flexibility, clarity, multidisciplinary process, review of evidence, and documentation.
1064552 tn?1322583358 I looked at your list, but didn't see ALS listed: It should be there. I know that many Internet medical sites omit ALS from their categories, pretending it doesn't exist, but it does exist and it is very similar to MS!! I hope you don't have it. It's about as common as MS though. Second, the "fibromyalgia" diagnosis seems to be what neurologists and other doctors come up with when they really don't have an answer.
Avatar f tn ( But at least it has gone through a more rigorous review than my opinion. I read studies from the bottom up----- and try to find the methodologies used, who funded it ---- all sort of interesting stuff! Take care---- it's a jungle out here.
Avatar f tn I am being forced to cold turkey withdrawal from all meds I was taking for fibromyalgia and I don't know what to do. I was prescribed percocet 5/325 5x daily, ultram 50 4x day, and Valium 2x/day (final dosing). My pain management clinic kept upping my dosage because of tolerance and also because I take care of my adult son with a TBI as well as work a very stressful job full time.
Avatar f tn ok i found this on the lyrcia site Lyrica withdrawal Lyrica is a prescription drug designed to help deal with epilepsy, nerve pain from things like Shingles, and the pain from fibromyalgia. Although it is not fully understood how the combination of chemicals works to help these problems, it has been shown to be very effective. However, if you've been on Lyrica and now have to go off of it for any reason, there are some things you should know about Lyrica withdrawal.
195469 tn?1388326488 There are so many people that remain in the land of limbo. No diagnosis, all kinds of different symptoms. No one understands more than I do, what it's like to not have a diagnosis of "something." Most of you already know my story, so I hesitate to repeat it here. But will give the "newbies" a very quick review. My first Neuro gave me a diagnosis of MS after the very first MRI.
Avatar n tn And while I would much rather get her in to see a specialist Endo, the three in network are booked solid until JULY !! So I'm not okay with just letting the wife suffer for five months waiting to see a specialist. So MY QUESTION IS----What can we throw at this to start trying to narrow in on a least at the level of the PCP so we can get her some relief (because we've tried every antidepressant in the book and none help)?
555358 tn?1292535661 I have since been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and several other disorders. Lately, I have had a lot of headaches and other symptoms return with a vengeance. I have been trying to research the effects of Chiari and decompression surgery years later, but have not seen much information. I haven't seen anyone that is 9 1/2 years post-op like me. Has anyone found information on what we can expect years down the road? Has anyone had the surgery before 1999? If so, how do you feel now?
Avatar f tn I have been looking at academic papers about the effects of interferon on the brain network and the central nervous system...few have been done but it does indicate that cognitive changes and nerve involvement. I think that the new treatments seem to avoid this but only time will tell suffice to say, those of us who have had toxic Peg/Rib and sensitive to its use and remain with irreversible damage should shout loudly and make it known.
408795 tn?1324939275 Even though I have a very caring and supportive family and network of friends --- I felt as though I was doing this alone... and no one -- but someone who has or is going through it --- can understand. So --- should you do a TX? That is entirely up to you. I am PRO Treatment... But if you asked me --- would I do it again if I had not cleared? Probably NOT. I think treating - or trying to treat is VERY important --- if you want to kill the virus.
147426 tn?1317269232 gray matter - The thinking cells around the outside of the brain - the cortex White matter - the communication network joining the thinking cells. The white matter are the long nerve fibers and the white is the fatty, myelin sheath of the brain and spinal cord. Do it yourself MRI report interpretation.
Avatar n tn I have a feeling that my case is caused by pelvic floor myalgia (my father's initial theory), and I recommend that many men with these types of symptoms get a comprehensive review of their pelvic floor muscles as well as an ultrasound of the prostate, bladder and urethra to detect any inflammation that may not be ascertained by DRE alone.
190559 tn?1280615967 After we shared more information that she had RAI done with NO UPTAKE ( I am still appauld by that if true) scan and was only based on blood labs - I am sure this doctor would like to review the reports then too - to confirm FOR SURE - Graves was really involved to the degree of recieving RAI for permanent ablation or if other measures should be done. Another reason why looking at that would be the toxicosis theroy.
Avatar m tn 32 Sigal LH, Patella SJ. Lyme arthritis as the incorrect diagnosis in pediatric and adolescent fibromyalgia. Pediatrics 1992;90:523–8. 33 Sox HC Jr. Using evidence to teach effective use of health interventions. Ann N Y Acad Sci 1993;703:245–9. 34 Dotevall L, Hagberg L. Penetration of doxycycline into cerebrospinal fluid in patients treated for suspected Lyme neuroborreliosis. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 1989;33:1078–80. 35 Bransfield R, Brand S, Sherr V.
551343 tn?1506834118 TO TIA. There is medication out there for fibromyalgia pain. What a useless doctor. Your back/chest pain and spasm sounds like the MS HUG not saying you have MS but it does sound like it. Fibromyalgia is all about pressure points if you have 11 then you more then likely have Fibro. This image is very good for the pressure points. It is very easy for doctors to dismiss everyones symptoms as either M.E.
620923 tn?1452919248 I have fibromyalgia and in my support group it has been found that 70% of FM suffer's have cord compression in their neck and many suffer from this chiari thing. I've expeirenced numbness and tingling and painful scalp as though my scalp is alive with pain. Not a headache, but in my scalp. I get daily horrid neck/headaches. I have weakness and a cerebral palsy type gait. I've had a cervical mri where it just states sumthin like my cfs space is partially effaced or sumthin like that.
Avatar n tn Ok. It is interesting how the word "proof" is used by people to blow off the possibility of something that may work. I cannot teach everyone on this board how the work "proof" and "studies" are used and misused. However, I can say this. If you are waiting for "proof" that the hCG diet works then you need to stand in line at the FDA and watch yourself die and and of old age before you get that proof.
Avatar n tn 38 male great shape (heartattack) how? er doc said no way ekg is good! she said u need an (adjustment) roll over,she climbed on my back, i said whats this,im going to pop ur back,no thanks i said my neurologist said never do that,er doc was mad but i told my doc about it and she said it could have paralized me!!! wow close call huh? well wish me a safe one and steady hands for my doc!!!