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Avatar f tn Has anyone else experinced a fainting/passing out moment? Definitely not from low blood sugar.
Avatar f tn I know fainting can be caused by many things during pregnancy but some can lead to more complex situation.. U ahould consult ur doctor as it could be due to high or low blood pressure or dehydration etc...
Avatar n tn Low blood sugar could have caused it. Keep peanut butter crackers on you and something to drink. I have to due to my hypoglycemia. I have always had it but it gets worse with pregnancy. I also have heard many women getting it during pregnancy and then it going away after.
Avatar m tn Remar brings up a good point regarding blood sugar. I would also make sure you're keeping yourself well hydrated.
Avatar f tn I had paramedics called out to me and had tests done like blood, egg and blood pressure. My blood was fine, i have a very fast blood rate and low blood pressure. Before i faint, my heart starts to race and first aiders have counted my pulse and has come to 114 per minute. I can feel my heart rate pulsing really fast before i faint, and i also get very clammy hands.
Avatar n tn I heart attack 4 years ago. Last ejection fraction 30-35%. I have been as low as 29% in the past. I have left ventricle dysfunction and C.A.D. About a week ago as I was returning from my daily walk I became very sick, I felt nausas and felt like I was going to pass out, I was sweating a lot around my head but did not seem to be cold and clammy. I had no chest,arm or any pain. I thought I might be having a heart attack. I was feeling good and this started in an instant.
171927 tn?1294027323 Is it common to see fainting / low blood pressure (blood pressure changes) w/ Lupus? I had to be taking by ambulance to emergency last night because I had an almost complete black out, weakness in my legs, profuse sweating and tingling which ended up resolving itself after a few hours (although when it first started I wasn't sure I was going to be able to stay awake). I wonder if this is at all possible with Lupus?
Avatar n tn Can low blood sugar cause dizziness and fainting ? I recovered in a minute and had extreme thirst. But the feeling of slight dizziness, heavy head and thiorst comes and goes for the last 4 days. What is it and what should i do ?
Avatar f tn All the symptoms you describe can be caused by high blood sugar....especially the nausea and blurry vision. BTW, stress can also increase your blood sugar. Diarrhea, dehydration and using diuretics (like the Avalide) can cause low potassium. The uncontrolled diabetes (and stress) is probably causing your blood pressure to remain high. Why is your blood sugar out of control? Because when your blood sugar is over 200, you need more than Actos and Metformin to lower it.
Avatar n tn Hi, Is her blood pressure and blood sugar in the normal range? This could be due to vasovagal syncope, low blood sugar levels, low blood pressure. You need to consult your doctor to rule out the above as a cause of her symptoms. Is she eating well, sleeping well? Does she have any stress - work or home related? Does she have adequate water and fluids daily? Let us know the above details so that we may be able to help you.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Type 1 at the age of 50 (with a GC of 1250.) For five years previous to my diagnosis, I suffered blackouts (several each year). My endo thinks that the blackouts are different from the diabetes. This may be true because I never expereinced any of the given diabetes warning signs. There was never any increased urination. Never any increased thirst! Etc. What is the comment? Can Type 1 diabetic fainting happen (in adults) without the warning signs?
Avatar f tn It could be low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) checking it once may not be enough, maybe ask for a sugar test .Are anxious about anything ?.
Avatar f tn Its possible you have low blood sugar or are a little dehydrated. Have you tried eating anything when you feel these spells coming on? Are you drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day?
Avatar n tn Endocrine problems, such as an underactive thyroid (called hypothyroidism), overactive thyroid (called hyperthyroidism), adrenal insufficiency (called Addison's disease), low blood sugar levels, and in some cases, diabetes, may lead to hypotension and hence lightheadedness and an off balance feeling. Certain types of epilepsies and seizures too can cause similar symptoms. If she has an accompanying headache then you must also look at benign intracranial hypertension.
Avatar f tn Not sure how long I was out but I know that the person who was sitting in front of me was coming back down the stairs that lead outside. Every time I have done blood sugar test or blood pressure they have all been normal, even when I was pregnant. I am thirsty all the time and you will hardly ever see me without something to drink. I drink everything from water to soda but not much soda.
Avatar n tn She could be having irregular heartbeats that cause a lack of blood flow to the brain. Hopefully she is eating breakfast because low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)can cause this to happen as well.
Avatar n tn Currently, my girlfriend takes great care at eating regular meals (at regular intervals) – thus avoiding the recurrence of such situations as much as possible (which raises my suspicion lest low blood sugar levels are possibly to blame here). It is also apparent that her olfaction is somewhat flawed, for that she often is unable to tell different odors apart (although certain perfumes might still make her feel nauseous for some reason, despite her not being able to distinguish between them).
Avatar n tn So you should get the relevant investigations done - blood sugar level - fasting and post prandial; blood pressure monitoring - while sleeping if possible; blood sodium levels ( serum electrolytes) and consult a physician simultaneously.
Avatar n tn Normally blood sugar levels rise after eating. What causes my blood sugar levels to drop after I eat? Even if I eat candy or other sugar sweets this happens. I experience a drop of sometimes 30-40 points. Could this be a pancreas issue or could this be related to the bowel resectioning I had two years ago? I take no medication for diabetes. I was only told by my gp to monitor blood sugar levels after a fasting blood sugar test was over 130. My A1C level is 4.6.
Avatar f tn For the last 10 months or so, I've been having a hard time with what I was told was reactive hypoglycemia. I get all the symptoms of hypoglycemia without having the low blood sugar. I addressed this issue with my GI doctor because I have been eating dairy and gluten free, eating 6 meals a day (now every two hours), and drink liquids between my meals. I do try to not eat sugar, eat a lot of meat when I can afford it, nuts, fruits, veggies, and I still get symptoms.
Avatar m tn Possibilities that may need to be considered include acute episodes of low blood sugar, low blood pressure, electrolyte imbalance, autonomic disturbances, hormonal/ endocrine abnormalities, neurological infections, seizures, cardiovascular issues, micronutrient deficiencies etc. I would suggest getting her evaluated by an internist initially and depending on the cause diagnosed/ suspected, it can be managed accordingly or specialist care may be sought. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar n tn also the heat from the shower and or dehydration, and high blood pressure (or way to low blood pressure) and a sudden rise or drop in blood sugar can all cause dizziness/fainting. I would at least call your doctor and let them know what happened even if you arent going to the e.r.
Avatar f tn Low sugar levels (hypoglycaemia) can cause symptoms of feeling faint and possible collapse. You do not need to be a diabetic to experience hypoglycaemia. In hypoglycaemia, the sugar levels in the blood drop too low. Ensure that your daughter eats regularly. Chocolate and sugary foods will give her a blood rush and then drop dramatically. The types of foods she needs to eat at those that are slow energy release foods.
933063 tn?1244616647 Cervical spondylitis and ear problems also cause dizziness on changing the position of the neck. Other causes are anemia, GERD, hypoglycemia or low sugar and some endocrine problems. Certain types of epilepsies and seizures too can cause similar symptoms. Since the fainting came during the day and after getting up from work any of the above possibilities can be the reason behind it. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn Prolonged standing, stress, dehydration, low blood sugar all can cause vasovagal syncope. Acute gastroenteritis, acute appendicitis, irritable bowel syndrome all can cause severe abdominal pain. It is best to consult a physician and get evaluated. A clinical examination and work up for above mentioned conditions will be helpful. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause. I hope it helps. Best luck and regards!
Avatar n tn She can't seem to tolerate blood pressure medications in any dosage--it causes her blood pressure to drop extremely low. She has had all sorts of tests for her high blood pressure with no causes found. Are there any vitamin supplements or specific foods which could help regulate her blood pressure? Is there something she should or shouldn't do first thing in the morning? Something she should or shouldn't eat? The only other medication she is on is synthroid.
Avatar f tn Just a few things that are known to cause blackout spells are extreme anemia, low blood pressure, low or high blood sugar, some cardiac syndromes - just to name a few. Your other symptoms make me think that evaluation by an endocrinologist and then maybe a neurologist could help lead to a diagnosis. Seeing a doctor for evaluation does not require a commitment to treatment. Maybe they would be comfortable getting some diagnostic information then the three of you discuss how to proceed.
Avatar m tn If your cardio and heart test keep coming back saying nothing wrong, maybe have your blood sugar checked? If your blood sugars get too low, it can make you faint (just like what happens to diabetics). Check to see if you are developing diabetic issues?
1035880 tn?1282037759 I didn't bother telling him that I was still getting symptoms such as fluttering and palpitations and my BP is often low when I take it myself but is usually normal at the hospital or surgery because I'm anxious about being there. I am not an anxious person and often get these feelings even while meditating. I also often get chest pain, usually at night but sometimes during the day. I never usually go to the gp and tend to ignore things.