Fainting when giving blood

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Avatar n tn Did it happen right after eating something? Both of my fainting episodes came after holidays. The other thing I noticed is that when I eat, if I wait too long to eat and then eat a hard-to-digest meal, I begin to get dizzy. I think that since our bodies are somewhat starved for water, even when we are drinking a lot of water, a meal draws water to aid in digestion. I make sure I have some water after eating and try to keep meals small.
Avatar n tn Out of nowhere I just collapsed in my chair. The next time it happened was when I went to the vet with my dad and my dog got blood taken and I fainted watching it. Since those two times anytime blood or needles were involved I fainted. It was so bad by middle school that they excused me from health class during certain subjects. Everything from just being in a doctor's office to watching a video on something medical makes me faint.
Avatar n tn Symptoms: Fever Dizziness Almost fainted when stood up quickly the other day Always dizzy when stand up quickly(rarely happened before) and feel best lying down... sudden movements cause more dizziness Pressure inside head Tension in the head Body hurts in the morning (chest area, kidney area) Pain in the back of the neck Cough 22yo male, smoker (since 14) lately eating once a day, drinking a lot of coffe, not getting too much sleep during the week...
Avatar n tn I forgot to mention, when I get these headaches my vision goes a little blurry and every time I sneeze, there's blood in the tissue... Is that normal?
Avatar n tn They checked my blood pressure during the incident and it was high - 172/90 so I don't fit Neurocardiogenic Syncope. What is your blood pressure when you have the symptoms? I' m reading about mastocytosis, a rare allergic reaction, and disatonomia, a neurological disorder. They sound the most likely for what I'm going through. I also get very painful abdominal cramping. Is that part of your experience?
Avatar n tn This is a test where they induce fainting and evaluate what happens when you faint. Turns out this is what I have and basically my blood pressure randomly drops and therefore I faint. To control it he put me on a beta blocker and I have been on it for a year and a half with no more fainting spells and it also controlled the rare palpitations I used to have.
Avatar f tn My knees are giving out again when I walk, and I feel extremely fatigued all the time. My hands, arms, and torso keep shaking no matter what I do, and that makes it hard to write. I would like to know if you think my black outs could be coming back? And should I bring these things up to my neurologist?
Avatar m tn I've only had that one other time when I was a teenager, when I lifted weights on an empty stomach. I had woken up to attend a concert at night, this was only a few hours earlier than I normally do. So I got 6 hours of sleep instead of 8-9. I had a feeling in my lower stomach, nothing serious at that point; sometimes my digestive process moves slower when I change sleeping patterns. Prior to going I had eaten cereal with a banana and drank water.
Avatar n tn Hands and feet are always extremely cold considering she is usually moving and blood does circulate. On occasion she will complain that her chest hurts and it's hard to breath. Regular CBC is normal, not check for blood sugars(why I do not know) but this has been going on for over a year. Always thought it was some type of cold, allergy, stomach bug or just trying to get out of practices. Wore a Holter Monitor for 24 hours and pediatrician sent us to a pediatric cardiologist.
634733 tn?1316629592 Quite often people with MS have problems with orthostatic hypotension - fainting when their blood pressure drops, like when they stand up, or sit up. With your cold sweats, I have to wonder if it's that...
Avatar n tn I am a healthy individual otherwise and have never experienced anything of this sort outside being stoned. When the fainting comes my vision changes, the colours turn different, i loose coordination, and i feel very weak and light headed. Please if anyone has information, I am a little scared of being diagnosed with epilepsy.
2086477 tn?1332615594 If that's it, you have to learn the triggers, and when you feel it coming on lay flat. Blood flows faster to your brain when you are flat. It's actually in improper response - instead of your heart rate pumping faster when you are getting up and down (doing things and get hurt, etc) for example, it actually drops off/low, and literally drops you. It's your body defense mechanism to get that blood where it needs to be. However, they can give you a tilt table test for that to know for sure.
Avatar f tn But ever since this incident she has continued to have fainting spells regularly. Since two weeks ago the fainting became frequent and even five days in a row. She has even passed out on the street!!! She was hospitalised for 4 days to run tests. The doctors did a full blood count, MRI, EEG and cardiac check and everything came back ok.
Avatar f tn Is it serious if you did a little over 6 gm of coke in about 6 hours and the next day you faint 7 times,Just standing up my friend fainted. She also has low blood pressure,Like 80/60 If it happens again she seek help ?
172826 tn?1423426556 it's just crazy... Now my biggest problem is that lately he's been picking up some girl to go to work and giving her a ride after work. I know it's good that he's honest about it and all but hmmm...I don't know I'm just so scared and it seems like it's all I think about.. I only think about myself as unattractive and "fat" and just everything beyond and I dont even have the strength to TRY and look good for him once in a while because I'm soooo weak...
Avatar n tn i dont *think* it was due to low blood sugar (i had just eaten an hour or so ago and usually when i have low blood sugar i jsut get nauseas) my next prenatal appt isnt till nov 6th...should i call the doc on monday? is what ive been describing normal?
792540 tn?1285190597 when i got home from work yesterday i was on the verge of fainting so i decided it would to be safer to call midwife when she came she checked babys heartbeat that was perfect checked my blood pressure and it was 140/ 86 which is really high for me as throughtout my pregnancy and charlies its always around 96/69 so i have been put on strict bedrest for 48hrs back to hospital thursday to see my consultant and hopefully my blood pressure will have gone back to normal if not ill be admitted to hos
Avatar n tn Lynnsb, Thanks so much for giving an idea of what could be wrong. This has been so hard for us to figure out. We have been told many things. The first dentist said that it might be that some of the medicine went down his throat and it tasted bad and made him react this way. I knew that was not right, but what you said makes since. Many people have thought it is a low blood sugar problem but he comes out of it without eating anything. I will take him to the Pediatric Cardiologist.
Avatar n tn the pain in my stomach is so intense the next thing I know I'm on the floor with someone slapping me to wake up. I don't know what to call it - Fainting or a sezure. When I'm out I feel like I'm shaking but my husband says I'm not. I do have constipation but not when this happens. I could have this 2 to 3 times a year or a few years could go by. Whenever, this is very scary and it drains me the rest of the day. What can be done?
633284 tn?1271718018 So all the test I have had done since my first panic attack...echocardiogram, Stress test, holter moniter for a month...All negative....blood work just the normal I guess everything came up fine. I have had a CT scan on my pelvic and Abdominal regins and I had a cyst. I have had a MRI with and W/o contrast on my head. everything came up normal.
1833144 tn?1319267657 no matrer how long i sleep! I took my blood pressure when I was up and feeling a little better so I can only imagine how low it was when I am feeling faint! Any ideas of what this could be? And do you think I lost to much blood? I am scared because I am about to start my menstrual cycle again and just stopped bleeding from last month.
Avatar f tn but i feel dizzy almost everyday in the morning after breakfast , sometimes feel dizzy the whole morning and sometimes the whole day, sometimes after eating sweets,sometimes after mild exertion, sometimes get dizzy with stress.my blood pressure is mostly 90-100/65-70,pulse 90-100 (sitting) i'm 35 years old.female skinny.
Avatar n tn rapid heart rate upon standing, low or high blood pressure, dizziness, fainting, fatigue, sweating, anxiety-like symptoms, headaches, shortness of breath, inability to exercise, digestion problems, etc. The symptoms are endless and vary person to person day to day. Very few doctors are familiar with this illness and often misdiagnose patients. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Avatar n tn I have had three episodes of fainting and I am so anxious when I fly that I take Xanex to relax. After my third episode (last night) I discovered the pattern: I doze off and sleep, and when I awake I am warm, sweating a bit nausious, and my mouth is dry and I feel parched. Within a few minutes I feel my self blacking out and I am totally conscious of what is happening. Last night I was even telling myself "NO NO NO not again!
Avatar n tn I just had minor dental work and dentist says I grind my teeth (never knew), but doubts TMJ due to no other symptoms. Let's all share the answers if and when we get them. Dentist recommended checking blood pressure and inner ear.
Avatar n tn During one of my more serious spells, I was able to take my blood pressure and it was 155/80. I have always had a blood pressure of 110/60. And by the time I could get to the monitor, the spell was subsiding, so I think the blood pressure was coming back down from a higher number. Although I have read everywhere that POTS is not fatal but a life changing syndrome, I wonder if the spikes in blood pressure are something I should be concerned about?
Avatar n tn well i hope this helps, my daughter had fainting spells when she was about 15. she was diagnosed with neurocardiogencisyncope. has to do with the heart and brain not working at the same time. i believe they fool each other. any how just look up the term online and it will tell you all about it. syncope is another word for fainting. her blood pressure would go up and down in a short period of time thats how the dr came to the conclusion to do a tilttable test.
Avatar f tn I do understand your reasons for not stopping the Zebeta suddenly, however it seems to me that the nurse who was taking my BP should have done some checking with a doctor before giving me the 10pm dose of 10mg; especially when I had to point out to her that my blood pressure was still below normal at 10pm. Maybe the doctor would have cut the dose in half to avoid stopping it quickly.
Avatar f tn I did confront the NP on not giving me the procrit when I asked for it. He said "we go by the standard guidelines, and the guidelines state, no procrit until below 9". Well, I started at 14.5 and went down into the 9's and hovered until now. I would think, since this treatment hits everyone differently, that you have to look at where you started. I did not start on the low end of the hgb, but rather the high!!! I have had quite a drop.