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Avatar n tn About a year ago, my dad, age 61 first realised his pulse rate was low after awaking that morning - 58. The doctor sent him for an ECG but it was ok. Since then his pulse rate has been decreasing. Yesterday it was at its lowest ever - 44, today it's - 46 . When he started to move around yesterday it went up to 50 then 58. What could be the problem?
Avatar n tn Is it normal for pulse to become low after CABG surgery. My pulse is staying in the 50's most of the time but lately has fallen several time into the 40's. The lowest is 46. I am not athletic but I have lost 47 pounds since surgery.
Avatar f tn I had paramedics called out to me and had tests done like blood, egg and blood pressure. My blood was fine, i have a very fast blood rate and low blood pressure. Before i faint, my heart starts to race and first aiders have counted my pulse and has come to 114 per minute. I can feel my heart rate pulsing really fast before i faint, and i also get very clammy hands.
Avatar n tn Q - is it possible to have a normal pulse rate and be in a-fib? also, i have had problems with psvt and pvc's for years now and i wonder as to the cause. is atrial fib the underlying problem and the psvt a result of the atrial fib, or are they 2 entirely different animals. also, why are things so much worse in the moments before a bowel movement? my internist has me on 25mg of atenolol/day but not only do i hate the side effects, i havent really noticed any improvement.
Avatar n tn In my case my heart rate drops to about 13 beats per minute...scary. But upon fainting returns to normal rhythm. Once the docs observe this though, they tend to take you a bit more seriously :-). Sometimes the treatment is as simple as taking salt tablets to increase blood pressure. Other times, you need to take some medication that will help.
Avatar m tn i do get some headches and feel lightheaded sometimes. Is this because of my low pulse rate?? i kinda worried about it all the time and stressed sometimes...any help?
Avatar f tn My physician knows my blood pressure, and, I assume, my low pulse rate which I have recently read as 40 in a normal day. However,I have recently returned to surprise woozyness that feels like it might turn into dizziness and fainting. My normal blood pressure seems to be about 136-138 over 86-90 and I take Lisinopril 10 mg daily. In the past few weeks--as I have reported to my physican--my energy level is gone and my ability to go upstairs and hills is dwindling.
Avatar f tn I'm also dealing with very low pulse (low 30's) 42 yrs old and I will find out later this week if a pacemaker, something else, or perhaps nothing is in store for me.
Avatar n tn Could my fainting spells be do to the combination of a low heart rate and high blood pressure? How would I go about getting this tested?
Avatar m tn Before that surgery, I always had a normal blood pressure with fast pulse rate because of the anxiety. Since the last 8 months, I start experiencing strange heart pulse rate (mostly low pulse rate when I get anxious, insistead of the high pulse rate that I had before). What I don't find normal is that my blood pressure is now all the time high (140/90 and more) with a low pulse rate of 50-55.
Avatar f tn The low pulse rate can definately be a reason for having dizzy and fainting spells. I don't want to alarm you however, I recently went through a long 2 months of thinking i had a heart problem when it was just anxiety. I had a really fast heart rate due to anxiety. How low is your pulse? Mine gets as low as 53 BPM without feeling dizzy or weird, which is common in young, active, healthy people.
Avatar n tn Personally if it were my body i definately would not wait.....your blood pressure and pulse seem awfully low to me especially disturbing is that you are getting light headed and are super tired. I think these are all red flags here...you don't want to be driving and have something happen to you or you be in a place that there is no one to come to your aid if you faint...
Avatar n tn i am abit overweight and my resting pulse rate is 52 should i be worried and does this make my metabilisim slow
Avatar f tn There are other conditions like Hypothyroid that can cause a low pulse. A low pulse is usually regarded as not normal if there are symptoms related to the heart rate. For instance some athletes have heart rates in the 30's but have no symptoms, therefore no treatment. I had a heart rate in the low 40's and felt dizzy, tired and had palpitations. I now have an ICD (for another heart propblem) with pacing at 70 bpm and feel much better. You should call your doctor and have this checked out.
Avatar n tn As the body becomes dehydrated the interstitial fluids (fluid in the layers of tissue) become depleted and the electrolytes that maintain hemostasis (external to internal arterial pressure) which causes the low blood pressure and pulse rate. These symptoms along with low potassium and phosphates are also characteristic of dehydration. This explains why IV fluids containing sodium, potassium, phosphates, etc.
Avatar n tn Sometimes when you are at rest or relaxing, your blood pressure can drop fast and cause a fainting feeling or heaviness. Especially in people with already low but still normal blood pressure.
Avatar n tn rapid heart rate upon standing, low or high blood pressure, dizziness, fainting, fatigue, sweating, anxiety-like symptoms, headaches, shortness of breath, inability to exercise, digestion problems, etc. The symptoms are endless and vary person to person day to day. Very few doctors are familiar with this illness and often misdiagnose patients. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Avatar n tn My doctor said anxiety would raise my pulse rate, but mine is so low. Debating an ER visit but not sure if the cost, even with insurance, is worth it if it's just anxiety.
Avatar f tn I am not a doctor but as a patient with a lot of experience with beta blocker medication, including the one you are taking, I can say I consider 50 mg a day to be a moderate level does, but if it causes very low heart rate, I consider anything under 50 to be very low, and some dizziness the lower dose seems to be a good change, Given you seem to be moving toward a more normal heart rate and I didn't see any mention of problems from the reduced dose it seems to me you may have found the correc
1398586 tn?1370593158 What were your blood pressure reading and pulse rate? What were your most recent lab results with ranges? What dosage levo were you started on? And how long have you been on that dosage? Oh yeah....hi and welcome!
Avatar f tn I know it seems like a lot to remember, the more ting you notice the chances of you getting the the right doctor sooner is going to be better, for instance, if you see that she is blue and her heart rate is low, then most likely you will go see a cardiologst and not a neurologist, but if you see her eye rapid movement then you might need to go see a neurologist as it could be a small seizure. I am not saying it IS either one just an example.
Avatar n tn 21:41: What can some of the cause for a low pulse rate 45 to 50. They did a ekg and it came back normal and they did some blood work, but this has not come back yet. Phil --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Phil: If the EKG was normal, you have a sinus bradycardia. This is the fancy way of saying that your heart rhythm is normal, but the rate is slow.
Avatar f tn Although there's a wide range of normal, an unusually high or low heart rate may indicate an underlying problem. Consult your doctor if your resting heart rate is consistently above 100 beats a minute (tachycardia) or below 60 beats a minute (bradycardia) — especially if you have other signs or symptoms, such as fainting, dizziness or shortness of breath.
Avatar n tn The first thing I would do would be to get a children's hard-bound marble notebook and purchase a GOOD blood pressure cuff and a GOOD pulse oximeter. Have your daughter log her blood pressure, heart rate, and readings on the pulse oximeter several times a day at the same time, and especially if she is feeling weak, or having a "change in mentation. The variations in the heart-rate concern me. "Slowing in the left temporal lobe" does not define epilepsy.
Avatar n tn 17 I am a 31 year old female with a consistantly low pulse rate. I have Hypothyroidism and I am on .075 mg Synthroid. I am not an athelete although I do try to keep up with my 2 small children. I had chest pains recently and was told that my EKG was normal but I had a low pulse rate. I asked the doctor if that would make me fatigued and he answered yes. He did not seem concerned. I feel tired all the time and was wondering if this is something that I should have looked at more closely.
Avatar n tn I've been reading up on the net since my visit to the docs and can see where I've been going wrong lifestyle wise, but would like to know if there an effect from the low pulse rate.
Avatar n tn I've been reading up on the net since my visit to the docs and can see where I've been going wrong lifestyle wise, but would like to know if there an effect from the low pulse rate. Posted by CCF CARDIO MD - DLB on July 29, 1999 at 15:48:19 Dear Andrew Basic engineering principles do not easily apply to the human body. The low pulse rate in no way is contributing to your high blood pressure. In fact, if the pulse is extremely low, the blood pressure will fall. I hope this has been useful.