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4760166 tn?1398360913 I'm scheduled to have my shunt revised / replaced on the 17th ... but for the past couple months or more I've had a low grade fever (I usually run about 97. it's been 99 - 100 ... not even worth a doctor visit) and really the only thing that bothers me about it is my eyelids always burn when I have fever so they haven't stopped burning. And I noticed yesterday that there is a blue/grayish spot on my left sclera (the white of your eyes) ... it is definitely new.
Avatar m tn Hi, For the past 7 days, I have been having frequent on and off low grade fever around 99-99.5 F (mostly in the evenings and night). For the first 5 days, I had episodes of chills (feeling very cold) and diziness. Body weakness and muscle pain accompanied it but was mild. My doctor initially thought it was a viral fever, but when it didn't go away after 5 days, he ordered Malarial Parasite, Typhoid and Blood/Urine tests.
Avatar n tn For more than the past 3 months(from the end of August until now) I have had low-grade fever(from 37,1 to 37,8 grades) and 38,9 grades of fever on the 1st of September) accompanied by a severe exhaustion/fatigue, poor appetite, light redness of throat, sore throat only in the morning, feeling full and bloated after eating a small amount of food and sometimes a dull pain in left side of abdomen, unrestful sleep(I sleep 8-10 hours a day but feel unrefreshed when I wake up in the morning.
Avatar n tn Sometimes when you are at rest or relaxing, your blood pressure can drop fast and cause a fainting feeling or heaviness. Especially in people with already low but still normal blood pressure.
Avatar m tn I've been running this fever for three to five years now that I originally thought were early mini hot flashes. About two months ago, I found out by accident they were not hot flashes at all, but a low grade fever spiking. Before all the craziness let loose in my body, I was feeling very tired, had horrible brain fog, and was urinating frequently.
Avatar n tn hi. i wanted to know if anybody experienced low grade fever as a hep C symptom, before they ever started treatment? i had fever after strenuous exercise in june.
1917408 tn?1421955640 Also reported are heavy perspiration, metallic taste in mouth, chills, nausea, bloating, constipation or diarrhea, low grade fever, heart palpitations, tachycardia, facial palsy, tinnitus, mental confusion, uncoordinated movement, pruritus, bone pain, flu-like syndrome, conjunctivitis and throat swelling." The only thing missing from this list is the kitchen sink. Your immune system is and has been on overload from Lyme+, so chances are you're not incubating anything else bec.
Avatar f tn May-Thurner Syndrome- Extreme Fatigue Anxiety Depression Exercise Intolerance Brain Fog Memory Problems Difficulty Breathing Back, Leg, Thigh And Groin Pain Muscle Weakness Nutcracker Syndrome- Chronic Fatigue Orthostatic Intolerance Headache Lightheadedness Dizziness Abdominal Pain Unrefreshing Sleep Muscle Pain Joint Pain Sore Throat Low Grade Fever Depression Symptoms of Fibromyalgia IBS There is a lot of evidence out there that these 2 condition can cause CFS.
Avatar f tn When I have a fever, I may show as the normal norm or a slight low grade. The same goes for my BP and HR. Meditation will drop them even lower. I was once told jokingly I should be dead - but that one doctor understood what I was doing to prove my point. When I have explained this to doctors now, they look at me like I have 2 heads. I don't have thyroid issues and my blood work is always 'fine' by their standards...
Avatar n tn I do get diarrhea with bad cramps maybe 4 or 5 times a month, but not to the extent of fainting. Both times the fainting/diarrhea attack happened to me, I had just finished eating. The diarrhea lasted about 3-4 days, with some minor rectal bleeding. Also, I've noticed that when I get the "milder" diarrhea attacks, they're usually in the morning, anywhere from 5 min. to an hour after drinking my morning cup of coffee, or after eating lunch.
Avatar n tn He stood up and walk about 10 feet and fainted again. Just prior to that day he had had three days of low grade fever with headaches and sensitivilty to noise. We took him to the hospital and they think he is having seizures. With his faint in July he was out for a couple of minutes and woke up crying and he was scared. With his faint last week he was only out a few seconds and seemed to "come to" just fine. (he fell on the carpet this time).
Avatar f tn Blood and thyroid checked ok, still have cold feeling. No fever, but something is wrong. Nerves maybe?? Sending wrong signals to my body. Sooner or later someone will figure it out, hopefuly my doc will.
754228 tn?1233714351 *a rash on her face, neck and chest so bad that her eyes were swelled shut *protein in her urine *daily migraine headaches *daily stomach aches *fatigue *joint pain *acne *thyroid problems (Low TSH levels) *low grade fever for months *no menstrual period for a year *a seizure *major weight gain (40 lbs in one year) *warts on her wrist and finger that wont go away *depression *low self esteem *low immune system (She catches every little bug that goes around) *Diagnosed with Hashimoto
Avatar f tn I have been feeling exceptionally tired lately (sleeping upto 15 hrs for 3-4 weeks) and have a low grade fever... maybe. My usual temp for years has been 97, but recently has been between 98 and 99. I've been having temperature sensitivity, brain fogginess, light headedness/fainting, difficulty thinking and remembering things and an occasional shooting pain that runs from the back of my head to the top-left side of my skull. Lost 10 lbs in two weeks and feel nausous most of the time.
441754 tn?1216934490 It's like early pregnancy all over again. I'm getting sick... dizzy, fainting, very low grade fever, headache, backache, occasional blurry vision or black spots, crampy feeling low in tummy (almost like in pelvic area), my boobs are leaking, tired even though I'm on bed rest and get plenty of sleep, I'm just feeling UCK... and not that anyone wants to know but passing liquid out both ends (sorry TMI).
189069 tn?1323405738 headaches, shoulder pain, sharp pelvic pain, dizziness, lightheadedness, low grade fever sometimes, and if there's any chance that they might speedy up the authorization for my surgery with medi-cal. Does anyone know if I should worry about these symptoms or if it's better to go to the ER? My cyst didn't rupture, since they saw it yesterday in the ultrasound. Is it too quick for it to have grown from 7cm to over 10cm? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn I always have had a lower blood temperature like 97.5 but for me, I would say i had a low grade fever at 98.2. Has anyone else have sweats 2 weeks after their hysterectomy and everyone around them is cool or even a little cold???
Avatar n tn Few days later saw pediatrician who checked as the rash kept coming back and she started vomitting and was constantly running a low grade fever. She had a few episodes of incontence that she was totally unaware of the need to urinate until it started. The doctor did a urine culture and she showed up with Group B strep and put her on amoxicyllin.
1100598 tn?1413131026 Ever since then, I have had chest pain, shortness of breath, fainting spells, weakness, back pain, a worseneing cough, low grade fever, chills, rash on my belly or chest, and nausea. The swollen lymph nodes have also returned. My doctor says I have bronchitis/walking pneumonia and put me on doxycycline on tuesday, but I am not feeling any better. I only have one day of antibiotics left.
7748835 tn?1393872268 I also have a lot of infections lately. Just got over pneumonia one week, another week im back because it didn't go away. I just had an ear infection. And I've been on antibiotics several times and it hasn't taken my lymph nodes down. For the last week I've been running a low grade fever all the time. I am currently not sick. I feel "fine" I guess. I have headaches a lot too. I am now starting to wake up with them. And I sweat a lot.
1600646 tn?1297899472 It could be as simple as a pulled muscle which can be very painful especially in the intercostal regions of the ribs, but it could be anything from pulled muscle, spleen, Kidney issues (kidney stones, kidney infection, kidney calcification or even kidney failure being absolute worst case scenario) so dont be alarmed at thes but you should look for signs and symptoms like, low grade to high fever 99-101+, how many days has this been going on, does it hurt more if you press down or let go, Does it
Avatar f tn The next week I woke up to get ready for work, but when I stood up I fell straight to the ground from severe dizziness. My vision seemed blurry and double, I had a low grade fever (100.3F), nausea, and a debilitating headache erupted.
Avatar f tn checking for chronic endometritis to explain IVF failures 10/20 start of low-grade fever (99-100), headache and malaise every afternoon and evening 10/28 vaginal ultrasound by RE for next IVF cycle - normal 10/29 annual STD screen required by RE - negative 11/4 lower third molars extracted (wisdom teeth) 11/7 1G azithromycin - given annually by RE to couples to treat possible undiagnosed urogenital infections. Terrible cramping and watery diarrhea within 2 hours.
Avatar f tn high heart rate, overeating and not gaining weight, light headed, nervousness, intolerance to heat, always complained of chest pains, body aches, joint pain, constipation, low grade fever and I was also diagnosed in Mexico with Rheumatic Fever.
Avatar n tn Prevention is important by taking meds as prescribed, staying away from alcohol (not only interacts with meds but lowers your seizure threshold), and keeping yourself healthy. Fever, dehydration, emotional and physical stress and starvation are other things that can lower your seizure threshold.
1852495 tn?1319549390 By 3 I was running a low grade fever that lasted a couple of hours. I also had some low back pain last night almost like sciatia(sorry if spelt wrong). Then today I didn't feel sick to my stomach at all but started running the fever again around 1pm and got dizzy. No idea what this could be and would love some ideas.
Avatar n tn Also, I have not taken my temperature, but at times I sort of feel like I may have a low-grade fever --- get a few chills like you do when you have a temperature (this usually happens in the evening/night). The area where the cath was done has always been pretty dry (there was a little bit of clear oozing the day of the procedure and the day after, but no blood). It is not swollen or hard and the bruise that I have is small (about the size of a quarter or slightly larger).
Avatar n tn Hi,hope your doing ok! how are ya feeling? I'm still having fevers on and off,low grade fever ,then chills.My dr appt was fri with pcp who told me I "worry" to much and its nothing but my "nerves",well **** would like him to feel this pain for 1 hour and see how he would deal with it.I'm mad at all dr's,,none are taking this serious and want to play wait and see game.
Avatar n tn BTW here are all my side affects; -Heavy chest -head ache [off and on] -muscle aches -low grade fever between 99.0-99.5 -panic attacks -swollen lymph node underneath arm pit -sometimes I get a sore throat and watery eyes Any ways, if any body can help please do! I will check back tonight around 10 or so! Bye!
Avatar n tn Persistent pressure headache on sides and back of head Headache increases with movement Low grade fever Severe night sweats High white blood cell count Unequal pupils I am confused because I keep having these odd symptoms with no consistency. My serum calcium was non-existence one week and then high the next week. Iron, same thing. I am SO confused and just desperately want to be better. This all started back on Jan 8, so I am looking at a month now of no answers!