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102999 tn?1326859384 I feel more than the 14 a day that were caught on the 24 hour holter, probably somewhere between 50 and 100 mostly after exercise or eating. I had a bad bout of them in Oct, maybe 15,000 a day for about a week but they have settled down tremendously. The doctor could not explain why they got so bad that week. I have not had them that bad since.
6224500 tn?1388951268 Past: 59 Now: 72 (More than 32 - adrenal fatigue) Total score Past: 156 Now: 202 (More than 132 - severe adrenal fatigue) Following on from when I mentioned the Raynaud's - I have done a lot of things to help with it. I've worn 2 pairs of socks and worn thermal gloves as well as wearing extra thick socks when at home which help. I also wear thermal leggings which despite being washed so many times still work. Despite my self-help measures the Raynaud's doesn't go away.
Avatar n tn I'm a personal trainer (new to the job) and a client has approached me requiring a fitness program. Their health questionnaire revealed a history of heart disease in the family. Clearance has already been established from the client's GP. Prior to a fitness test I noted that the RHR was 106 bpm. Where do I go from here? Is it possible that there may be underlying factors that contribute to a high RHR? Please help!
Avatar f tn T4 serum levels show normal (which do not indicate cellular thyroid function) Before this you may want to consider doing an adrenal questionnaire as a screening tool, which I can send you if interested,in the event you have not already done this. Thyroid dysfunction cannot be corrected before adrenal dysfunction is addressed-something conventional medical doctors do not normally pursue -as both adrenal and thyroid function get further impaired!
962875 tn?1314213636 For example, UCLA researchers studying how diet and exercise habits affect breast cancer needed 20 more participants, and within 12 hours of contacting the Army of Women, more than 125 women volunteered. Some studies might require you to complete a questionnaire, while others might need a sample of blood, urine, saliva, breast fluid, or breast tissue. Some studies might be clinical trials testing a new detection marker or drug. (YOU CAN REFUSE ANY OR ALL INVITATIONS.
Avatar f tn Im otherwise healthy, I dont smoke, drink, I exercise when I can but Im finding myself more and more tired each day. I am just wondering if anyone else experiences this?
Avatar f tn I have a long history of shortness of breath with exercise. I am a 49 year old female and have been investigated for everything. I have elevated pulmonary pressures on echoes but a right heart catheterization done 5 years ago was normal. Last year I had a TIA and the MRI showed 3 previous strokes. They ruled out the cause being my heart but when I had a stress echo done, my pulmonary pressures went really high so they are looking at my lungs again.
443862 tn?1238003039 You're symtoms could be the result of a number of factors, however your doctor should attempt to treat indivdual symptoms, as best as he can. You didn't indicate whether or not you're on any medications for your depression and mood swings. Congratulations on stopping smoking, but that can cause not only withdrawal symptoms, but anxiety for quite some time.
Avatar f tn Hi Lucy and welcome to the forum. Cut out carbs from grains including ALL sources of gluten (look for online list which includes shampoo, play- dough, cosmetics, many salad dressings and other products you don't suspect), sweets, sugars including artificial, dairy and give it a go for a few weeks. You might be surprised! Check your thyroid function (not by standard blood testing) but by doing Dr. Barnes Basal Temperature Test. Just follow the online instructions precisely.
Avatar n tn IBW = Ideal Body Weigh; 12. Weight Management and Remedial Exercise Evaluation (2/1/94): OVERFAT; and medically cleared for Weight Mgmt & Remedial Exercise program 13. Weight Management Initial Instructions (2/10/94) – Placed on 1800 calorie diet; 14. EKG Biatrial Enlargement, T-Wave Abnormality, CONSIDER INFERIOR ISCHEMIA, Abnormal ECG– 4/15/94; 15. High Cholesterol– 2/19/97 (several years on active duty); 16.
Avatar f tn 0254 or by email at ***@**** and I will email you a comprehensive questionnaire which was developed my leading researchers and clinicians in the field of mind-brain-body medicine. In my own case I found the questionnaire results were corroborated by other testing. I can review your results and customize a nutrition, supplement and lifestyle program that can be integrated into your current program to balance any minor or moderate neurotransmitter deficiency.
Avatar f tn I'm the NO MED fellow member who has battled anxiety successfully, using lifestyle changes, meditation, exercise (weights, cardio, yoga, cycling..), optimized nutrition, hypnosis, EFT and more. In the process of pursuing this challenge, I got trained in Holistic Health, Energy Medicine and certified in Hypnotherapy, Advanced EFT and I'm also a Reiki Master. here's a few tips which may help you: 1.Exercise has short-medium and long-term positive effects.
Avatar f tn I have tried having less and more sleep but the outcome is still the same. I have tried moderate exercise but the next couple of days I then feel worse. I have tried Floradix, cod liver oil, folic acid etc but all remains the same. My daily life is being effected and im fed up of some people thinking that im lazy!
Avatar f tn Practice relaxation techniques like breathing exercises, yoga, exercise which are helpful tools in dealing with stress there by avoiding anxiety. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar m tn I have also been suffering from Premature Ejaculation and I have always had this issue and I remember a few years ago when I was completing a questionnaire, I nearly ejaculated and that was without an erection. It also happened some 14 years ago and then I ejaculated and everything blacked out in front of me. I saw a doctor yesterday who suggested that I see a counsellor and I said I don’t think that would help as I have seen a counsellor in the past.
Avatar f tn but if you implement that in your diet every day along with exercise you should be fine.. I still have about 2 full boxes of pre natal vitamins I didn't take.. It's my first pregnancy as well... Just stay healthy and drink a lot of water...
Avatar f tn The test came back as nothing to worry about and the diagnosis was Sinus Tachycardia which it is believed is due to my being anxious and always on the alert. I was prescribed Atenolol and have taken it ever since. It keeps my pulse rate down. I have never had high blood pressure and keep myself fit and well by attending the gym and walking a lot. I have since had further E.C.G. which also came back as Sinus Tachycardia and I was simply advised to try Yoga to relax me.
Avatar n tn Ideal weight. Don't smoke or drink, never have. Low fat, high vegetable and grain diet. Exercise regularly. I have no symptoms or complaints of any illness or injury. I never even get heart burn. Have a normal and healthy sex life (married hetero monogamous). Out of the blue ( no pain or injury ) I started to notice blood in my semen. I have read several site including this one who say that it is usually harmless but that it should still be checked out.
Avatar m tn Do you crave salt? Addison's is a salt wasting disease - so you would have at some set of testing some low sodium and some issues with potassium (either high or low). Low BP is typical too. But while weight loss and nausea are typical, I don't think the GI symptoms are - but it could be that you have two concurrent issues (can happen!). Have you seen a rheumy? It could be that you have some auto-immune component that is not diagnosed?
3106183 tn?1355169736 Have a look at this questionnaire. These are the 20 questions that the Food Addicts in Recovery group, a mutual support group of food addicts use to determine if they are addicted to sugar (as well as other foods). If you answer yes to just a few of these, you might be a food addict. 1. Have you ever wanted to stop eating and found you just couldn’t? 2. Do you think about food or your weight constantly? 3.
Avatar n tn My doctor told me to start physical exercise and lose as much as possible of my extra weight. I had also been treated at that time for hypertension. A year later (6 months ago) after losing weight and improving my physical condition at the local gym, my blood sugar was back to normal (without any medication) and my hypertension too. All hypertension medication was stopped and subsequent readings were normal. My question is: Am I still considered diabetic and hypertensive?
Avatar m tn I am 56, 5'4'' , 155 lbs and I have gained 20 lbs in one year!! I exercise hard 6 days/week, eat a low carb (<25 g) clean diet, no sugar, no bread, no pastas. I am on Armour Thyroid (3 grains/day) but still feel like a nap at 2:00 pm, although I am sleeping 7-8 hrs every night. Brain fog is rampant, lack of focus and concentration. Don't know where to go from here!! Please help. What am I missing? Weight just creeps up, I don't even want to step on the scale anymore, it just depresses me.
Avatar f tn So desperate I went to an ADHD specialist psychiatrist and after making me fill in a questionnaire and speaking to me for 50 minutes; he decided I had the sort of space cadet qualities (circuitous thinking- diverging instead of converging thoughts) of the 'inattentive hypoactive (as opposed to hyperactive) dopamine deficient ADHD candidate' . He admitted he wasn't 100% sure (how can anyone be?) but decided to try me out on concerta.
Avatar n tn - Physical contact/external pressure (tight pants/underwear, exercise, lying/sleeping on front, examination by a urologist) - Extended erections and/or ejaculation. One strange thing is that there is no/little pain during the erections, but the discomfort happens mostly when it is flaccid. - When I can minimize the above, pain is below distracting levels (though hardly ever zero).
428506 tn?1296560999 For me when someone comes in presenting our symptoms, they should give us a questionnaire covering lots of things like what illness did we have, operations, when did we first notice the problem start etc etc, instead of which you go to the doctor and if your lucky you get 20 minutes to explain how you feel.
1923802 tn?1331990528 Meditation, exercise, prayer, are just a few. Before you begin treatment, I really think you need to address this issue. Perhaps you can talk to your doctor??
1211508 tn?1343083205 Hi JamesAA i think you may need to see a Doctor and ask him for a sleep study , that will give you and your Doctor all the information you need to treat you properly , take care .........
Avatar m tn I read a book last night called Adrenal fatigue - 21st century, filled out the questionnaire, and scored severe adrenal fatigue, and the Dr. that wrote the book said, 24 hour urine cortisol only test for Addison's disease, not Adrenal fatigue, and only 4% of the population has Addison's. This is so frustrating !!!!!!! Now I am convinced Klonopin, has done permanent damage to my body system. Every blood/urine test the past 2 years returns normal.
9451424 tn?1405026710 Some docs will see you to confirm pregnancy at 4-5 weeks with blood or urine test and talk about diet and exercise and prenatal vitamins and some docs don't bother with a confirmation because home tests are accurate and trust that you'll read up on what to do in early pregnancy and don't schedule a first appointment until 10-12 weeks.
1054484 tn?1255117167 Ive been told the energy comes back with time. And also that a combination of alittle moderate exercise and amino acids/and or vitamins help. Any suggestions would be greatfully appricated. Anything to give me a tiny little boost up would be fantastic!!!! Red bull isnt cutting it! And for the first day in a week Im actually hungry. Which is encouraging, since food is fuel and Ive dropped a few pounds.(is it normal to loose wieght like that?