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Avatar m tn I'm a web designer and cartoon illustrator, and all of my illustrations are digitally produced. This basically means that I'm staring at a computer monitor for at least eight hours a day, and often more. I've been doing it since I graduated from college five years ago, and perhaps it's taking its toll on me. I try to rest my eyes from time to time, but I admit I'm not particularly good about it. Do you think this throbbing sensation could be caused by computer vision syndrome?
Avatar f tn is the easiest book for the every day person to understand with good illustrations - compared to four others I looked at. The original was re-written by Davies and Davies into this more consumer friendly version. Five stars (had to throw that in). A hypo body must be corrected to proper thyroid levels in order for this to be a good muscle pain solution, but it works wonders as routine maintenance for repeat problem or past injured areas as well. I like.
Avatar f tn The doctor suggested some exercise to start with the simple ones. I am also going for some walking. I will also look for the option of going for physiotherapy and yoga after consulting my doctor. Thanks a lot for your post. It has given me some positive feelings. I am sure I will be alright in a few days to come. Will keep you posted on my health often.
Avatar n tn The idea is to spray your face to cool down during or after exercise, or whenever. You could actually use same spray as a mouth rise as recent studies show that some teas prevent gum disease. Cool water on the face is apparently good. Which reminds me, hot beverages are another trigger as are hot foods -- both temp wise and spice wise. Lastly, I bought some zinc talc powder, brand name Caldescene, that I liberally sprinkle under the arms, chest, feet and private areas.
147426 tn?1317269232 Many of the members will tell you that they have had unsuspected UTIs as the cause of their worsening symptoms. It is routine now for docs to hold off using antibiotics until a culture comes back showing a definite infection. People with MS, however, should be treated until the culture comes back showing they are not infected. The reason for this is simple. The culture takes two or three days. We don't want to lose those few days to a building relapse.
429155 tn?1205676864 I feel the need to be alone overpowering sometimes, maybe not a good thing, I will need to exercise more as that helps, but it's a merry go round, more exercise equals more tired, but then cannot sleep equals more fatigue, am at a loss.
Avatar n tn It would last none stop for about two months and then I would be OK for about 2 weeks, and the routine would repeat over and over again. When the dizziness started to be more constant. I went to my local ER. They checked my heart with an EKG and when that came back normal, they told me I had Panic Dissorder and sent me to my local Mental Institution. I really didn't fight them because I would have done anything to feel better.
Avatar n tn going back to the part about a lot of stress, I became depressed right after high school because I was out of my NORMAL routine. Because before i graduated I had the same routine since I was a child. seems to me, that if everyone that is experiencing the sensation has a load of stress, anxiety, depression, etc. then that might be the source. THE STOMACH GROWLING MAY BE AN UPSET STOMACH DUE TO STRESS, THUS TRIGGERING THE SENSATION.
Avatar n tn Oops... They stripped out my links to the anatomy illustrations! I don't see any help items about how to include links. Maybe I can disguise them? The first one was education.yahoo.com reference gray subjects subject 45 You can add the http prefix, and the slashes in place of spaces, or Google that phrase and edit the first result to end with "45". For the second one, Google FIG. 1019– Extrinsic muscles of the tongue. Left side and it should be the first hit.