Exercise while recovering from cold

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Avatar f tn I really think recovering from this type of surgery is not the same for all women, and varies greatly both for length of time, the problems you actually end up dealing with/not dealing with, and the quality of the surgeon's job. Additionally, it helps to exercise the arm(s) early in the process. A PT (Physical Therapist) helped me a lot. (most) I never had any real problems with fluid accommodation but this is common and unpleasant, from what I have heard.
Avatar f tn I am currently recovering from an eating disorder. I have been doing the South Beach Diet for five weeks. I have been on plan 100% but have gained 13+ pounds. I am doing the 30 Day Shred DVD daily along with other exercises. I know I have screwed up my metabolism and it will take me a lot longer to see results. I am thrilled to be recovering and not in the control of food and eating 24/7...but I am really having a hard time sticking with it when all I do is gain..
Avatar f tn Sept 2 2014 kicked methadone cold turkey than on the 26th cold turkey off Valium and oxys. It has been a long hard scary ride and I feel I am nearing the end of it. The withdrawal SYMTOMS are almost all gone , every once in awhile I feel it bit but nothing unmanageable. I have yet to sleep through the night I am told that might take another 3 months but I get enough sleep that I can function. I never thought I would get my life back and am so grateful I stuck with it.
Avatar f tn You can exercise indoors when you are cold. It will probably warm you more than anything else. I was unusually cold this winter. It was really tough to get motivated, but it was helpful to exercise because it did warm me up for a while and make me feel less lethargic. Put on some dance music and dance, maybe with friends.
Avatar n tn About 6 years ago I had a situation when i was exercising where I was having a very hard time recovering from the exercise, went to the hospital had an angioplasty, except when the got to my heart they found now unusual blockage so the didn't do the plasty part of it, it turned into just an angiogram. I also had a stress test etc and were completely unable to figure out what happened.
Avatar m tn There is a lack of information out there regarding the timeline for recovering from chlamydia. I was given 4x 250 mg of Co-Azithromycin (and 400 mg of Suprax for the possibility of gonorrhea) four days ago. What should I now expect in terms of symptom reduction? Still a slight burning? Discharging? Cramps, or a feeling of prostate pressure? If anyone knows from experience or first hand observation, please let me know. Thank you.
Avatar m tn When I expressed concern to the nurse that I was still in pain, she said it takes about 18 months for the fusion to be complete and while the pressure has been removed from the nerves, they are basically regenerating or re-energizing so you pain may actually get worse before it gets better. that explanation really helps understand it. Here I am 3 months out and I still have pain, much less than before but not pain free yet. I saw my surgeon yesterday and just got released to go to therapy.
Avatar m tn Not only is it getting healthy but the natural endorphines from exercise make you feel good mentally. Plus, you will look hot. Use your ex as a motivation, like say to yourself, if I were to ever bump into you again, I'm gonna look hot...lol. I know it sounds childish, but it works. Then once you are in shape you can buy some new clothes. Basically when you start taking care of yourself and looking and feeling good, your self esteem will increase.
Avatar n tn My 17 yr old son who is an athlete is being diagnosed with exercise anaphylaxis. An athlete? He has had 2 major episodes while working out. The first resulted in a trip to the ER and overnight at the hospital. The most recent was he was workingt out,broke out in a rash,chest tight, throat feels clogged, turns pale and neck swells....he actually looks llike he has no neck. Later that night in the hospital.....while laying there about 5 hours later same thing.
159619 tn?1538180937 People have different triggers for PVCs and some people have no identifiable trigger. It is common for people with PVCs to feel more when they are tired, stressed, over caffeinated, etc. It is possible that they are related to your recovery from an infection but there is no way to prove it. PVC with a structurally normal heart are not thought to increase the risk of cardiovascular events unless they happen while recovering from exercise. Even than, they are a non modifiable risk factor.
Avatar f tn I have recently started recovering from bulina and my weight has shot up 6lbs in a week. will this weight drop off once my eating is back to normal and the purging stops? please help. . . .!!
Avatar n tn Three years ago I was on my college cycling team with a hard racing and recreational riding schedule. Over time, I realized that I wasn't recovering. Days after a hard ride (sometimes a week), I noticed I was more sore than the day after the exertion. After several months of continued riding in this condition I wasn't recovering at all, even when off of a bike (and any exercise) for a considerable period of time.
Avatar n tn m not sure if I was an alcoholic, but I definitely had a problem. I am in college and gained 80 lbs over 4 years from drinking and just not caring in general. I've recently lost 50 lbs and cut back drastically. My question is, will my liver and other organs that were effected heal themselves at my age, or will the damage I've done never be the same?