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Avatar f tn What is a good way to thicken the uterine lining. My lining my last two cycles have been 7mm then 5mm. I was on clomid both times, and my RE has switched me to Letrozole. I'm going on vacation this month so won't start a cycle till October. I heard baby aspirin will help, but not sure if this is safe.
1141709 tn?1329405932 I meant uterine lining not "cervical.
322099 tn?1210276764 None of these things were ever mentioned to me and the clock keeps ticking! progesterone, uterine lining .....
Avatar f tn It is important to check the thickness of the uterine lining with an ultrasound to make sure it is not increasing.
Avatar n tn I would think an estrogen supplement would help build the lining. I've also heard that Red Raspberry Leaf Tea and vitamin B6 helps, but make sure you discuss these with your doctor before you start using them. Sometimes natural supplements can interfere with fertility medication. Best of luck to you!
Avatar f tn I also had/have a thin lining. I was on clomid 50mg 2 x a day. My lining was only a 6 on day 12. i was put on estrogen pills. dr still did IUI 2 days later on day 14. When i went in a few days later for a U/S to see where i was at with my lining, It had only grown to a 7. Dr said he thought that was fine. I read that it should really be between an 8 and 12 for implantation. Anyway - i'm still on the estrogen and i go for my beta test in 3 days but I don't feel too optimistic for some reason.
1055902 tn?1286308798 from what ive read so far it seems high estrogen can make the uterine lining thick. which if interesting seen i just went to the NP thinking mine was high because my BBs are constantly sore and high estrogen will case that problem. she said even if my estrogen is high the only thing that will fix it is going on BC... not what i want to hear when TTC right!!!!! but in your case.. im not sure about the fertility meds you are taking but I do know that clomid can make the lining thin...
Avatar n tn 2008 december after that i want to ivf treatment doctor say my uterine lining is too thin is it 5.1mm so he give me estradiol vaterate 2mg 2tab on mornig & night about 14days after i go check up again lining is still thin so he give additional estradiol vagifem 1 tab at night put through vagina to womb after four days i want scan again my doctor says lining is still very thin this time is about 6.
Avatar n tn I understand the the thicking of the lining is due to too much Estrogen. Read up on the causes of Uterine Cancer. Good Luck!
Avatar f tn C due to irregular staining for a duration of a few months after my pelvic ultrasound showed an abnormally thick uterine lining. All was well for a few months, I then had 3 months of no period (hooray) but then I had about 2 weeks of staining. After a month I had 3 days of extremely heavy bleeding (something I had a few years ago on a monthly basis - but I thought I was done with that). I went for another ultrasound which again is showing a thick uterine lining. My dr.
Avatar n tn The chronic stimulation of the uterine lining (due to estrogen without the benefit of progesterone) causes it to thicken. Ultimately this usually results in abnormal bleeding. Most of the time there is too much bleeding after awhile of having minimal or none. If the lining continues to thicken over a period of years it can become hyperplastic or pre-cancerous. If it continues even longer, it can become cancerous.
Avatar f tn they said good news is u have 3 follies on right 18, 16 and 16 all fused together though.. and 2 on the left 20 and 16. bad news is my uterine lining didnt grow any it's still only a 3.. has any one had this problem or no one anyone who has achieved and carried a p[regnancy to term with this thin uterine lining.
Avatar m tn I went to my gyn doctor, because I told her i did not have a period in four months she gave me an appt to have transvaginal sonogram. it showed thick uterine lining of 10 mm therefore she said that i needed an endometrial biopsy which i had. my results came back benign, thank God. I asked her if I needed to take any hormone therapy like progesterone, she said no she does not like putting her patients on hormones due to the side effects only if absolutely necessary.
Avatar f tn I imagine he/she would prescribe progesterone supplements, which would thicken your uterine lining. If your lining is too thin, an embryo can't attach. Progesterone suppositories seem to be a good first step. Has your ob mentioned them? If not, maybe you could ask him/her about trying them. My ob originally prescribed them for me, but I'm continuing with them through my RE. Before taking prog., my luteal phase (from Ovulation- period) was only around 9 days.
Avatar f tn Have been trying to complete FET but have cancelled twice due to uetrine lining being only 5.4 mm. Now trying a third time and uterine lining is only 4.2 mm. I am on the max dosage of estrogen, drinking red raspberry leaf tea, takin vitex and a baby aspirin every day, vitamin B complex, vitamin C and of course my prenatal vitamins. Started acupuncture last week and going for more treatments this week. Any advice, suggestions etc.. are welcome.
Avatar f tn he said for example sometimes they implant in tubes or outside the uterus and theres not an ideally thick uterine lining there. so he said this is the best hes been able to get me to respond.
Avatar n tn What exactly is the problem with a thickened uterine lining? Does a thickened lining mean anything bad? Could that have been the cause for my always heavy, clotty cycles?
Avatar f tn My RE says my uterine lining is very thin; it went from 7mm to 5mm on clomid (have sense switched to Femera). Has anyone had problems with thin lining and if so, how did you thicken it.
Avatar f tn I was told by my obgyn that I'm not getting preg because I have a thin uterine lining. Is there anything that can be given to treat this? Can my obgyn perscribe me something or will I need a reproductive specialist?
Avatar f tn Three days later the doctor called and told me that she wants to do a biopsy because the uterine lining was slightly thick. She said it was nothing to worry about and was in no hurry to do this. My scheduled appointment is for 8/10/09. I am worried sick and feel that this should be done right away. Should I have this done immediately?
Avatar f tn Well, as I once had it explained to me, fat cells trap/hold estrogen. When you are losing weight...especially if it is rapid or done quickly, the estrogen becomes freed up into the system. When estrogen is freed up into the system, it causes an "excess" of estrogen because when in perimenopause and especially, menopause, we have little progesterone by comparison to keep it thinned. So, this may be why your endometrium has become a LITTLE (it's very little) thickened.
Avatar f tn I took oral estrogen 3 times a day PLUS for 10 days I took one vaginally at bedtime I also took a baby aspirine 4 times in that ten days my lining turned out great we stopped the vaginal estrogen two days before baby
189192 tn?1261345228 My lining has ALWAYs measured thin and I got pg before using IUI with no problem, so I don't understand why he is so focused on my lining. He keeps giving me estrogen to thicken the lining but it is slowing and halting my follicle development. Last cycle it drug my ovulation out to like cd19.This cycle it is cd16 and I have no (zero) follicle development yet. Prior to all this estrogen treatment I ovulated on cd12 to 14, ALWAYS on my own without any meds!!
Avatar n tn Will losing weight help me to keep from getting uterine cancer becuase of the estrogen effect? Thanks for any insight you can give me...I just found out about this today and am still trying to digest it.
Avatar f tn I have had my first u/s scan today and been told I have a very very tin uterine lining - 1.5mm. The nurse said that the clomid i have just been prescribed will thin it further. She said I may have to go onto HRT. What caused my lining to this - was it being vegetarian / working too hard / long term pill use. What are the chances it will ever thicken enough to have a baby? I note others have commented about their thin linings which are above 5mm.
Avatar n tn Now FSH is 34 and I was told the other day that my uterine lining is 9mm, so my gyn did endemetrial biopsy. I am very worried obviously, but I don't understand why I am having regular periods but am in menopause, and why hot flashes only lasted a short time and afterwards I had normal FSH. Can anyone tell me what they think? So worried about cancer due to uterine lining being thick.
Avatar n tn In a previous post you answered that a buildup of the lining can lead to uterine cancer...why is this? What are the reasons for this to happen? Why can't one have a period after menopause? My OB/GYN stated that the cervix closes when there is no shedding of the lining and there should be no more bleeding unless there is pressure up inside causing bleeding to occur. Of course this causes concerns stated in another post that was answered.
299260 tn?1304219705 Hi. Dh & I are in our 3rd year ttc. We both checked out okay, but so far, no luck. My only issue is that I have a t-shaped uterus & so my RE won't put me on meds that could increase the chance of multiples. It's too much of a risk. Anyway, this past cycle I had an u/s on cd12. My RE measured my uterine lining & I can't remember how thick it was, but she commented that it was thin, but that I had a few more days for it to thicken.
Avatar f tn Everytime I was on Clomid - my dr had me wear a Vivelle Dot (estrogen patch) so that the lining of my uterus wouldn't get too thin. I would put the patch ( on my abdomen) on Monday when I started Clomid - then apply a new patch on Thursday.
Avatar f tn A follow-up ultrasound was set for 6 weeks later as 2 small cysts were located on my ovaries, and they wanted to see if there were changes in the thickness of the uterine lining. I completed the follow-up ultrasound and the uterine lining came back at 1.8. The doctor had no answer as to how this could happen. Is it possible, or should I get another ultrasound as it may have been an error on the operator's part.