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422104 tn?1209767504 HI There! I took my 3rd injection yesterday and the pain and stiffness in my hands has subsided a lot. In the mornings it takes me almost 2 hours before I can stand up straight, or use my hands. My back and leg pain is still there but now I am being tested for MS and possible Myasthenia Gravis, a neuromuscular disease. All my problems started because of the RA, and as my back pain and leg pain got worse they dx me with the AS as well.
Avatar m tn All the reading i do about it suggests that the cure is worse then the disease and it seems that the risk of getting cancer, lupus or the like is extreamly high (higher then the other injectables). I am no stranger to biologics, my doctor had me on Raptiva (before they pulled it) and i loved it. Completly cleared me with no side effects and even kept me clear for 2 years after i stopped using it. But Enbrel scares me.
Avatar m tn All the reading i do about it suggests that the cure is worse then the disease and it seems that the risk of getting cancer, lupus or the like is extreamly high (higher then the other injectables). I am no stranger to biologics, my doctor had me on raptiva (before they pulled it) and i loved it. Completly cleared me with no side effects and even kept me clear for 2 years after i stopped using it. But Enbrel scares me.
Avatar n tn But both have come down to almost normal since receiving the Solumedrol. I am on Plaqenil and just started Enbrel, I do know some of the side effects of Enbrel are MS symptoms. BUT this was going way BEFORE I started the Enbrel. The tingling goes on during the day some in my hands, feet and legs, especially if I'm sitting.Sometime my foot and toes will go numb during the day. But this is ALWAYS worse at night.
432623 tn?1485328077 I went to my Dr. in November, 2010 with joint pain in my hands/wrists since late July 2010. He ran a CBC, rheumatoid facter, & ANA. My sed rate was 26, elevated. Rheumatoid factor negative, and positive ANA. He referred me to a rheumatologist. In January I saw the rheumatologist, and she said it sounded like RA but wanted bilateral hand/wrist/feet x-rays, and a ton of other labs. I do not have insurance. It seems rather straight forward RA to me.
Avatar f tn There is info on this website and others regarding the different kinds of Lupus. Check it out. And do not assume your doctor knows a lot about Lupus. Many doctors do not.
Avatar n tn cure for Lupus, that leaves us with the next best thing which is flare-up management and general lupus symptom control. I will dig out my research notes and see if I come up with anything useful.
Avatar f tn An anti-inflammatory that worked great for me is prescription Ketoprofen, 200 mg a day. I am currently on Enbrel injections and just started a morphine patch to help with the pain. Please stay in touch with me, I have been thru a lot the last four years and may be able to help guide you based on my experience. Most important thing is to find a good rheumy that listens to you and is determined to find a dx.
Avatar f tn Once I started taking methotrexate, it decreased the severity of my flares but didn't stop them altogether. A few years ago i added Enbrel to the mtx, and I'm as close to full remission as I've ever been.. :) No two people who have RA (child or adult) experience the same set of symptoms, severity, or progression. It can be acute and aggressive, or more chronic and low-grade. It can be a minor inconvenience for some, literally deadly for others. It sounds like you have been lucky!
1040744 tn?1253051726 My ANA and RF have always been negative but I have had a high ESR and CRP. I am on Enbrel, Plaquenil, and methotrexate. Thanks for any and all comments.
Avatar f tn I have had two shots of Humira, I constantly have sinus issues, pain pressure, teeth hurt and hedaches. I got them on enbrel and after 9 years it quit working, so tired remicade but after 4 infusions I had such a bad insus probelm I quit it also raised my blood pressrue a lot. I don't seem to be able to handle hard core antibidoics so I can take zpack, and it helps, but I always seem to be back on it alteast every two months.
Avatar f tn I am also on steroids for my adrenal glands as my cortisol level was low in the beginning of my sickness and between enbrel and steroids it doesnt really make sence to me, any ideas? Also on Diclofenic and that seems to not work and Percocet seems to not really help either, I have tried everything from A to Z.
Avatar f tn I went to 3 different doctors and ended up at the Mayo Clinic. I have ReA and Ankoylosing Spondylitis and take Enbrel for it. Do you have copies of his blood tests, if not get them. What is his sed rate? There is no reason he should have to live like that, please get him to a new doctor and keep us informed. I know all too well the pain from that type of swelling and it is excruciating. Glad you found this forum. Please stay in touch.
Avatar f tn my rheumie thinks that i had spondylitis and possibly lupus. i dont think i have lupus. i think i have spondylitis and possibly rheumatoid arthritis OR spondylitis with lymes or something. i had an instance with fleas and a tick when this all started but my lyme test was negative too. im taking antibiotics now for possible lyme which i dont know if i have and the rheumi started me on sulfasalazine.
6512149 tn?1385734867 I did bring up the medicine you all referenced (Rituximab) but he commented that it is not approved for Lupus/Sjogrens treatments and I would never get it covered ;-( I did get co-pay assistance for the Copaxone and I will only have to pay $35.00 per month and they will pick up the $12,800 balance.... unbeleiveable. I am still struggling a bit to understand if the reason why I have struggled to manage my Sjogrens is because it wasn't the Sjogrens, it was the MS...
Avatar m tn These cause pain in people who have Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Lupus. People with Arthritis need to take good care of their teeth also. Doctors prescribe anti-TNF such as Enbrel for Arthritis. I think the best preventative is swimming. Wishing you the best.
Avatar m tn he recommended to go to rhemotolosts. he did blood test again and confirmed it is lupus and he started treatment by giving predinisone +calcium tablets but till now i did not see any symptoms that are curing if anyone who is having similar problmes, please suggetst me, how long it takes to cure, what are the precautions i have to take in home. is there any other tests?
483733 tn?1326802046 Every illness is not always due to lupus. Sometime we just get sick like regular people. But give it a try and let me know what happens. I am curious as to what is causing these throat problems. Take care drink lots of fluids (orange juice) and keep me up to date.
Avatar n tn they do say to try arctium, apis mellifica, actaea spicata, which im also going to re-search and will post on here any info. they also point to lupus, lyme and chrones disease, i'll research it all first before i scare myself.
Avatar n tn This is an overlap of autoimmune symptoms, primarily Scleroderma, and Lupus. There are many treatments avilable once you get a Dr. who takes you seriously, and once you get a diagnosis (even if it's just "ballpark" like mine). I am now almost 31, and have found some medication that slows the progression of the disease, and impoves my symptoms. I am pregnant right now though, so I just have to suffer, because it is not safe during pregnancy or nursing.
Avatar f tn I have rheumatoid arthritis have been on methothrexate since December and am supposed to start enbrel next week. I got very sick the first of March with pneumonia and pleurisy. I took levaquin for 10 days and I still have the pain so the doctor ordered a ct scan. I have a strong family history of lung cancer in non smokers, I have been a smoker for over thirty years. This is my second bought of pneumonia in a year and a half. Please help me with the ct scan results.
Avatar f tn I have been told I have fibromyalgia and hypothyroid and osteoarthritus and diabetes.
Avatar n tn I treated with both topicals, UVB light and laser to keep it in check. Enbrel, a systemic that supposedly is non liver toxic was recommended early-on but I declined because it's also an immunosuppressive. Anyone with psoriasis who is intending on treating should be well aware of the flare-up risks and should get themselves set up with a good dermatologist beforehand.
394687 tn?1290924440 We agreed to stop the Enbrel for a while and see if I get any relief and go clear down to 90 on the peg and take a tad more off the Riba. It seems to be helping....joints still very sore but much more energy and less brain fog. Not sure how long I'll stay off the Enbrel - going day to day at this point. June 12th - 2008 - Went back down to 135mg on my 9th and 10th Peg shot - also am pretty much at just 600 mg of Riba every day. Dr.
Avatar f tn Hi I have to go on and off of prednisone for Lupus and I tell you a lot of those symptoms don't go away for a few weeks after stopping However you should soon notice improvements dropping to 10. Are you going at a slow taper from 10 to zero?
Avatar m tn Hello, are you taking any other meds with the enbrel? I have AS, RA and mild sjogrens and my doc has me on plaquenil and methotrexate and, if my back is not better in 8 weeks, he will add enbrel or humira. Sometimes the best results come from a combination of these drugs.
1223071 tn?1266982616 with the addition of methotrexate works to halt or slow down the disease itself. I'm on Enbrel, mtx and meloxicam. In the end, it really doesn't matter what the blood tests say. You definitely have a joint disease and it's causing visible damage. Many RA sufferers are RF negative - no one knows why this is. A good rheumie will take this in stride and go by what your body is saying, not the blood tests. Good luck!
394687 tn?1290924440 You are on my prayer list and I feel so bad for you and all the krap you have gone thru while on tx and now afterwards. I'm glad you got some morphine, it's about time. I haven't tx'ed yet, I'm going for an ultrasound at the end of this month and hopefully I can start right after that. I can't answer your question except to say you will get better, I just don't know how long it will take. God loves you, I know that for sure and he never gives anyone more than they can handle.
Avatar n tn Strong electric shock feelings in left fingers, hand and arm up to elbow. Had EMG and carpal tunnel surgery on Thursday this week. Seems to be no better. I also have numbness and tingling now in my right leg, thigh front down front of leg to ankle, with rubbery leg feeling at times, very heavy and akward use. Left leg is only in toes and left side of foot to ankle. Any suggestions of what the problem may be.
Avatar f tn Her mother was diagnosed with Lupus and Sjogren’s as a young woman and her father was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and also has a positive GAD 65 auto-antibody. Amy was diagnosed with pre-mature ovarian failure as a teenager which was thought to be autoimmune related. She was diagnosed with an undifferentiated connected tissue disease in 2001 related to peripheral joint pain.