Egg allergy and flu vaccine

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Avatar f tn I never had a vaccine or an egg allergy until at 21 I got a flu vaccine and quickly developed an egg intolerance. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
Avatar f tn I would have the flu vaccine and within a week, flu symptoms which then went to my chest and then Pneumonia,,,the final year I had the pneumovax vaccine and ended up in hospital. That was the last time I ever got a flu vaccine or pneumonia vaccine. In regards to the shingles are being injected with the herpes simplex virus so obviously the Graves antibodies are going to react against it but it is your personal preference whether to have it or not.
182352 tn?1231183410 i ll wait to see what commplications will happen after getting it(hopfully none) i have only had the flu shot once in my life and i had the flu mist last year, im not to sure about the h1n1 i ll pass.
Avatar n tn I got swine flu on July 3rd 2009, my temperture was 103 went to the hospital they put me in isolation for 2 weeks, my oxygen was 61, it was horrible could not breath, I am not a smoker that probably save me from alot more suffering, but the flu gave me an pneumonia and nodules and infiltration in both lungs, the doctor tells me now I have boop, I wish the swine flu vaccine was available before I got sick but it was'nt, I was one of the first to have swine flu at this hospital, I hear now the
535882 tn?1396576685 the year i got the flu i was sick for a month lost 80 pounds and ended up hospitalized. and i think that what led to my thyroid going bad.
Avatar f tn Apparently, the flu virus is isolated and injected into a chicken egg, and it grows, and then it is killed in some way before being used in a vaccine. The vaccine causes the person to grow antibodies that prevent the flu from taking root. The nasal vaccine spray is a live virus, but has been genetically modified to reduce the possibility of any symptoms in the person who gets it. Sorry, that's all I know. Except that it's so safe that my doctor had me get one when I was pregnant.
Avatar n tn Do you think I would be strong enough for the swine flu (H1N1) vaccine, or should I wait until I have made a full recovery? Thanks.
2020005 tn?1628125976 I vaccinate my kids, but my oldest has an egg allergy so she doesnt get the flu shot, she got it one year when she was about 3 before we knew about the allergy and she had a pretty severe reaction (hives, swollen tongue ect). Has your son ever been in day care? My kids had never been, so when they started school they came home with every virus/cold/rash that someone had because they had never been exposed to it.
938718 tn?1323783514 The other type of flu vaccine — nasal-spray flu vaccine (sometimes called LAIV for “live attenuated influenza vaccine)—is not currently approved for use in pregnant women. This vaccine is made with live, weakened flu viruses that do not cause the flu).
5919779 tn?1402699972 The flu shot is offered to people who are at risk of getting the flu and the immunization does not cover all strains of the virus. The flu viruses do change and that is why the vaccine is offered every year to those people and children with low immunity.
Avatar f tn But if you have ever had an egg allergy, the flu shot is not suggested. Whooping cough is becoming epidemic in some places, babies are at the most serious risk. One way to protect your baby from whooping cough is to not get it yourself. You should talk it all over with your doctor. I didn't hesitate to get the flu shot when pregnant and had no side effects; I got the whooping cough vaccine right after the baby was born.
Avatar f tn Thank you SO much for your detailed reply - you're so kind to take the time to answer. I'm not sure of all the answers to your questions, so I'll pass them, and your suggestions, on to my sister. I know that it was the live virus, and also that they did a platelet count which was fine.
Avatar f tn The ingredients are actually different than the flu vaccine there are no similarities. There is no egg in the pneumococcal vaccine or other ingredients that are similar. So it may be a side effect or something else going on rather than the ingredients. Hope this helps. I would bring this up with your doctor.
8948307 tn?1413291970 Yes it's recommended I had mine last week. My last pregnancy I didn't and I got so sick with it the flu and my.son was born with growth restrictions from my losing So much weight.
Avatar m tn from what I hear, they choose 6 or 7 of the most likely flu strains that will hit your nation and ones which can have the virus cultivated in an egg. The viruses are harmless though, they are not meant to harm you in any shape or form. All they are meant to do is trick your immune system into making the right shaped cells to lock onto them, and attack them. However, I guess if most of your immune system is geared to the wrong types, then you could get into trouble.
995783 tn?1315186487 s best to be vaccinated as early in the season as possible, however, and the seasonal flu vaccine will available before the swine flu shot. So ideally you would get the regular flu shot now (or as soon as it's offered in your area) and the swine flu shot when it becomes available (expected in mid-October). How many swine flu shots will be recommended? Some people, including pregnant women, may need two doses, possibly 21 to 28 days apart.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend is B- and I am O+. I have no other allergies besides eggs and Sulfadrugs. I am healthy and fit 36 year old with normal blood pressure 113/76 and no illnesses or diseases (besides herpes). I searched all over the internet for someone else getting an allergic reaction this severe at pregnancy implantation and I haven't heard of this happening to any one else. Thanks, Shelly P.S. Also; has any one ever heard of the anti-pregnancy vaccine?
Avatar n tn Flu vaccine does not work. But Tamiflu is safe. Rest with plenty of fluids and it shall pass.
478429 tn?1265244387 re supposed to get the H1N1 shot FIRST and then get the regular flu shot! This further confirms for me that they just have no clue what they're doing. Excuse my paranoia, but it seems that every time we try and control nature, we make it worse.
Avatar f tn i read that an antibiotic in the flu vaccine (GENTAMICIN) can cause Oscillopsia. if the flu vaccine caused this will it wear off and my sons vision restored to normal? please anyboby have in sight on this? or Oscillosia? He does not have nystagnus. he had mri with normal results. later an exam by neuro-ophtomologist who diagnosed the oscillopsia. he only said this is what he has and this may go away. May go away is not good enough for any parent to hear.
2030686 tn?1351688548 I've got everything in place except for birth control and I'm gonna call about that today. As soon as my reg dr faxes him, he will make an appt to start training. I did however skip the hep A&B vaccine. I tend to react badly to vaccines and I don't know if they contain egg or milk proteins(which I'm allergic to). I've had chicken pox twice and got german measles after being vaccinated in 1989.
Avatar f tn Well you really dont want to risk getting the flu.
148588 tn?1465778809 government was battered by criticism from confused Americans who tried hard to get flu vaccine but couldn’t, and then gave up trying just about the time that vaccines started being produced and delivered in quantity. Vaccine makers ended up throwing away about 70 million doses. “We can do it faster,” Monto said. Two seasonal flu vaccines that use new technology approved within the past six months should help speed up the process.