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Avatar n tn My boyfriend is B- and I am O+. I have no other allergies besides eggs and Sulfadrugs. I am healthy and fit 36 year old with normal blood pressure 113/76 and no illnesses or diseases (besides herpes). I searched all over the internet for someone else getting an allergic reaction this severe at pregnancy implantation and I haven't heard of this happening to any one else. Thanks, Shelly P.S. Also; has any one ever heard of the anti-pregnancy vaccine?
Avatar f tn She has had so many ear infections, throat infections and chest infections over the last year and after going around and around circles with diff doctors we have finally seen a immuologist who has recommended having her take a preventive antibiotic during the colder months just wanting to know has this actually worked for any other kids?
Avatar n tn In addition to that, I also started taking two boiled eggs per day for around six weeks. For the info, I am a strict vegetarian and I had never taken any eggs or egg related products since my Birth. But because of this medicla problem I started consumting eggs. After I started taking eggs, I noticed few rashes on my forehead. The rashes are small raised bumps and there was some itching. The said rashes increased in quantity and spread to other parts of my nameley chest, neck and back.
Avatar n tn I had NO intentions of getting pregnant at the age of 34 as I already have a 10 yr old, and about 3 weeks ago had to have the MMR vaccine for work. It wasnt until yesterday that took a pregnancy test as I am about 6 days past due my period, and although my husband and I are delightfully surprised of a positive reading, am concerned with the risks of MMR and pregnancy, especially if I am in fact pregnant it would only be a few weeks.
623944 tn?1244035490 ll eat on those kinds of menus! And, I love egg noodles... with sauce, with butter and seasonings, with gravy. Ugh. It's starting to look like that may just be it. The longer I avoid, the less I itch. It's almost gone, except for a few eczema patches on my torso that I've irritated with scrathing. I'm going to wait till I'm totally itch free for at least 2 days before I try chicken. Thanks again!
Avatar f tn Went to the fertility specialist , he took all tests and told me to take ruebella shot , so i took MMR on feb 22nd , and now i am 2 days late. If i am pregnant will i have any chance to have a normal baby? I am confused after reading all the forums. Any one had the same situation?
Avatar n tn I tested postive for antibodies for Measles and Rubella. To my surprise, I tested negative for Mumps. How is this possible? And is it recommended to take a MMR booster now or what to do ?
Avatar f tn My baby is 9 months old, I was advised to give egg yolks since it is not allergic and very nutritious. The first two times I gave her egg yolk she was fine (less than half a yolk). But then for the past two times she started vomiting after 1-2 hrs of having egg yolk. This time we gave her a bigger portion of egg yolk, but not a complete yolk. First time she vomited, I suspected allergy from banana, since I had given her a different variety than what she generally has.
231441 tn?1333892766 Generally allergy to egg is due to the white portion and not due to the yolk. However you have started egg pretty early. The yolk is too heavy for your little one to digest now. Wait till she is eight months plus. Then also introduce a boiled egg’s yolk, just a small bite to start with. Once she is comfortable with the taste and the item, slowly you can increase the portions to a whole egg yolk at a time. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted.
Avatar n tn If parties are allowed make sure he doesn't eat any cookies, cupcakes, cakes, etc.
Avatar f tn Women who are trying to conceive should wait for four weeks after taking this vaccine. A pregnant woman should not take the MMR vaccine due to possible risks to the fetus. MMR vaccination of your husband should not affect your conceiving. For most adults, the benefits of the MMR vaccine outweigh the relatively rare risks. The side effects of this vaccine are very few and seen in very few people like fever,rash,swollen glands, mild stiffness in joints etc.
Avatar n tn First she said it looks viral, then when I told her she had the varicella and mmr a week before the rash started (which was way back in early April now) that it could be a reaction to the mmr. Then treating it with elimite made it worse! She said that something in the mmr causes a toxin in the body and that could be what she is reacting to.Have you ever heard of this? Does this mean we shouldn't get the next mmr? We are treating this with oral prednisolone for 5 days, then triamcinalone 0.
Avatar f tn We have a few friends that claim that after their child received the MMR shot a few days later everything changed. Their child was unresponsive and would just sit for hours on end lining things up or turning their matchbox cars over and spinning the wheels. Then they where diagnosed with having Autism. Our oldest son had all of his shots and he is fine. But I didn't hear anything about this back then. Now I don't beleive it is the sole cause of Autism.
Avatar f tn ve also developed a reaction to egg yolk since giving birth. Egg white is okay, but I get significant stomach cramping with egg yolk. I'm not sure if the egg and alcohol reactions are related. Thank you in advance.
Avatar f tn I'm unsure if I have had an egg reaction or intolerance to egg or either. Please help!? There was a period of roughly 2-3 months where I hadn't had eaten any eggs and one day I had breakfast made for me. Scrambled eggs, my favorite, but within 10 minutes of eating it I had this servere stomache pain. I just asuumed the eggs were old or my husband didn't cook it for long enough. I had scrambled eggs again a few months later and the same thing happened.
Avatar n tn Is it safe for a 15 month old to get an MMR and chicken pox and second dose of the regular Flu vaccine all at one time? I am worried he will get sick, he has a cough now so I canceled my appointment until 2 weeks from today which will put him at 15 months and 3 weeks, is it safe to do all 3 together or should I separate? He just got over a 3 day 104 degree fever from the first does of the flu shot and I am worried all 3 will not be good.
Avatar f tn I am a 28- year old healthcare worker. I already completed the recommended doses of MMR when I was a baby, according to my mother, but I do not have my baby book to support this claim. So, my hospital gave me a shot of MMR last year, 2016, because I could not give them supporting documents of my vaccination. Today, 20 July 2017, I was given a shot of MMR by my private OB-GYN because I forgot that I was already given one last year. Should I be concerned about this? Will this be harmful to me?
Avatar f tn I've had 2 doses of MMR and I still have no immunity to measles or rubella and have had to be so careful my whole pregnancy as I was told it's lethal to baby so you best ring your doctor to be safe
Avatar f tn Hi, i recieved the mmr vacine in september and have been off work ever since. I ended up in A&E with a HR of 160pm BP 180/100 which then led to blurred vision, hearing would come and go, weakness in muscles, muscle twitching, numbness, reflux, damage to vocal cords, etc Have your symptoms cleared up? and how long did it take? i cant get answers of any doctors.
Avatar f tn MMR and the link to autism has been debunked over hundreds of peer-reviewed articles. There is no evidence, at all, that a link exists. Regarding other issues with pregnancy, I'm not able to determine what articles you're referencing. Keep in mind that stories aren't evidence, and correlation does not equal causation No matter how many stories you read, the plural of "anecdote" is not "evidence.
Avatar n tn I also had to get the MMR after my last baby and was told not to get pregnant within 3 months of taking that vaccine as it could cause birth defects. I haven't had the Chicken Pox either. But I have never been vaccinated for it either. My doctor has never made me but they gave me the MMR after I delivered (in the hospital).