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393685 tn?1425812522 Panelists will cover the scope of the problem, the seeming epidemic increase, environmental influences, public policy, the role of media, the history of research, current research and what is in the future. The second day of the summit is for an invited group of researchers to work collaboratively to produce a report covering opportunities for research and unmet needs. Follow this web page and you can register for the free web broadcast at
Avatar f tn BP chief executive Tony Hayward took a day off Saturday to see his 52-foot yacht "Bob" compete in a glitzy race off England's shore, a leisure trip that further infuriated residents of the oil-stained Gulf Coast. While Hayward's pricey ship whipped around the Isle of Wight on a good day for sailing — breezy and about 68 degrees — anger simmered on the steamy Gulf Coast, where crude has been washing in from the still-gushing spill. "Man, that ain't right.
Avatar f tn BP chief executive Tony Hayward, often criticized for being tone-deaf to U.S. concerns about the worst oil spill in American history, took time off Saturday to attend a glitzy yacht race off England's Isle of Wight. Spokeswoman Sheila Williams said Hayward took a break from overseeing BP efforts to stem the undersea gusher in Gulf of Mexico to watch his boat "Bob" participate in the J.P. Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race.
Avatar n tn hey all! my name is Jennifer! i am doing a research paper on Aquagenic Urticaria. I was wondering if anyone who has this allergy could let me know how it effects your life, how you cope with it and how you got it. that would be so great! Its appreciated!!! thanks!
Avatar f tn So, I’ve been doing some more research, I was looking into bad breath as it seems to be a common denominator among us. I had bad breath growing up however since after high school it went away. I also did have a lot of work done to my teeth such as braces, extractions etc. (maybe that helped). Anyways, I remember reading a post about a woman who said a smell came from her until she had deep cleaning with her teeth and it went away for awhile.
Avatar f tn Folliculitis.
Avatar n tn I found this out when I did some research on non-toxic flea removal when I had issues with them after the first heat wave last year. My cat and I never had any issues in our previous apartment, so I knew it wasn't something we brought with us. I remembered that the previous tenant kept talking about some biting insects, but it was hard to get any sense out of the previous tenant because English was her second lanuage.
198419 tn?1360242356 I don't have any information for you, but I will be very interested to see what you find and what eventually happens with you. I've probably told you this, but my sister had what her neuro said was an allergic reaction to her Rebif. She developed an all-over itchy skin rash that hurt like the dickens. Her doctor pulled her off Rebif because of this reaction and aggressive disease course and started her on Tysabri.
Avatar m tn After she washed the cat I took anti-allergic meds for a some days, after that I stopped the medication and all my symptoms were gone until a week or so ago, my throat it sore, after doing some research online I found out that you can get asthma if you have an allergic reaction to cats, I don't think I have most of the asthma symptoms, but sometimes I feel lack of breath (barely noticeable), nasal congestion and I have a strange feeling every time I breath like if I was breathing cold air.
5555315 tn?1369796043 i have an allergy since my childhood. before i got it from eating prawns, crabs and even chicken, first it becomes red and itchy , then after a week the allergies developed into scars, these scars are only dark spots, but there are too many of it on my legs, that i can't even wear shorts , how am i going to get rid of these scars? and up until now i have these allergies but the only difference is that now i don't know the cause, since it always occur even if i don't eat those foods.
Avatar m tn try claritin see if that helps ..ask your Doctor what he thinks ...and do some research on the affects on us of the chem trails they are spraying .
Avatar m tn I started to have a lot of mucus during the day, especially after meals. I have history of allergies but not to food - as far as I thought, so I did allergy tests and saw that I have some minor allergies to carrots and mango. But, that wasnt the issue. Almost every product I eat causes mucus /snot /tiredness/bloating sometimes diarrhea and sometimes constipation and mainly heartburn.
Avatar m tn Very often, a person with a food allergy has already been exposed to it previously. In other words, they have been sensitized to the food. The more the particular food is ingested the worse the allergy can become. If the rash is bothersome or should worsen you can always go to urgent care or the ER. Also, there are OTC antihistamines that you can look into for the itch.
Avatar f tn You can get skin tested by an allergist pricing you with an actual piece of the onion. Also, I read that oftentimes cooked onion is ok but not raw.
10219953 tn?1426171839 Why is it that science and medicine research so much on synthetic chemicals and such yet all these natural items: primerose,cinnamon,aloe era,cumin,etc.... That many of us read on pregnancy website for induction for example haven't been researched the heck out of them? There's so many natural item that by now and how technology is and our advanced medicine that we don't know all about them.
Avatar f tn Greetings doctor I am actually doing a research paper on HIV for school and with so much info online from one end of the spectrum to the other I figure I would ask a specialist directly a few questions so here it goes... 1-with testing now a days would you consider 6-8 weeks conclusive? 2-do you believe rapid tests are just as reliable as lab based? 3-do you feel oral rapid tests are just as good as blood? 4-what are the most common symptoms you see with onset of HIV?
1225178 tn?1318980604 I know somebody posted where to go to find out about the research that is going on, and what clinical trials we may be able to get into... but my brain isn't working today and I can't find the post. Somebody please give me that web site. I'd really appreciate it.
467579 tn?1289402969 Gene therapy has potential, not to recreate lung tissue but to reduce the airway inflammation that results in emphysema, be it smoking-induced or other. Research is underway on gene therapy but the results thus far have been very disappointing. The adaptation to chronic residence at high altitude has been studied extensively. You are correct in stating that bigger lungs have nothing to do with it and that has been well known for nearly 100 years.
Avatar f tn is there a research group one could participate with, study and analyze past, present and future findidngs/options? i have been outbreak free for years and am almost certain i recently had my first outbreak in january - and they won't stop. i think the following has provoked the virus, as well as disable the latency stage: a. i took a strong proton pump inhibitor in january for my gerd - within a week i had a broken tail bone and rash of blisters across the bottom of my back.