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789911 tn?1368636783 My GP said no to the regular flu shot because she said I need to have a reaction and the SOC will mask it. I just ended tx so I'll get the shot in a couple of weeks.
Avatar n tn latex is one of the simplest tape allergies to avoid as several tapes are latex-free. for instance, Dynarex options a latex-free patch, paper, and fabric tape. Andover options a latex-free cohesive wrap and all 3M medical tapes are latex-free. • Allergies to the tape: this implies that you simply are allergic to one thing in the material of the tape. To avoid this kind of allergies, several makers build hypoallergenic tapes.
2030686 tn?1351688548 I should add that I have an allergy to latex and the insert states that I should not take it if I have a severe allergy to latex. I get hives in areas where they repeatedly touch me with latex gloves and I'm usually itchy for 3-5 days after a pap if they use latex gloves. They are not severe hives and usually go away any where from an hour to a day later.
Avatar f tn Other causes may include frequent hand washing and drying, contact with cleaners and sanitizers, and/or repeated exposure to powders present in some latex gloves. Symptoms generally appear gradually over several days, but exposure to strong irritants can produce more immediate reactions in some people. Symptoms include dry or scaly skin, redness, mild itching, and cracking.
5919779 tn?1402699972 Some people do have a bad reaction to the flu shot, it is usually those people who have an allergy to eggs. Before you are offered a flu shot, the medic doing it will ask if you have a cold or feeling unwell and whether you have an allergy to eggs. If so, you would not be given the shot at that time until you are well. In the case of an allergy to eggs, you would not be given the shot at all.
519487 tn?1211896473 There is also an interesting association of unique food allergy among persons allergic to latex. People allergic to latex are frequently allergic to bananas and sometimes other foods like kiwi, papaya, avocados and apricots. This association with food allergy is real, but the cause of the relationship is uncertain. Ref:
Avatar f tn Not all condoms will cause allergy. An allergy text can detect the cause for allergy and can also detect latex allergy. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn If you've always used protection then it's probably not an allergy to the latex it's most likely an allergy to the lubricant on the condom. Go to your gyno and explain the situation and he/she will get you some cream to put on it for now wear cotton panties to keep the area dry and feeling better. I know this sounds crazy but put some diaper rash cream on it to see if it clears up.
Avatar f tn Hi, You need to definitely speak with your Dr before having the procedure done and then when you are there REMIND EVERY SINGLE PERSON you come in contact with about your latex allergy. I don't know about the dye used but ask and ask again and double and triple ask and even if they all say it's ok, see if your Dr will prescribe a steroid to be given before the procedure if any type of dye is used...they did this with my daughter who is anaphylactic to latex, yet is ok with shellfish ...
Avatar n tn I have a latex allergy and have to be careful with many everyday products (earplugs, latex condoms, gloves, some clothing, balloons, band-aids, mattresses, etc.), as well as allergies to bananas and avocados (cross reactive proteins to natural rubber). I do not have any issues with my NuvaRing.
Avatar f tn unless you have an egg allergy, you dont get sick from a flu shot. you either had the flu or something else before you got the shot. it takes two weeks for the flu shot to work, so you can still end up getting the flu. i personally dont believe in shots, but ive still done researce all the same. try going to the CDC website. im not sure if its .org or .gov. should clear up your questions.
172023 tn?1334672284 Thanks for the link to the allergy cross reactions page. I bookmarked this page for myself, too. And, I'll pass on this link to a good friend of mine who has the same problem that we both obviously share here.
Avatar f tn (4 years) My episodes occur average 14 times an hour so I am still in the mild range, 15 being moderate. I have slept miserably all of this time, and I get up in the mornings worn out. Now the flu seems to have activated all the before mentioned symptoms and nothing goes away. I understand to keep the water out of the nose cushion you must keep room temp and water temp. the same to avoid condensation, it doesn't help, I sleep in a cool room, so my nose and face are cold and wet all night.
Avatar f tn There is something that is mentioned above that I certainly wish I'd known when dealing with his known allergy sources and deciding whether contact should be withdrawn totally. When my son stayed at a relatives with numerous dogs we weren't aware he was allergic to them at the time . Because of the sudden onset of the severity off his cat dog allergy he stopped going to where he had the contact.
8948307 tn?1413291970 Actually my doctor recommended that you get the flu and tdap shot while pregnant. Talk to your physician and he/she can tell you all about it rather than look up "studies" online. It's the web, you can find all sorts of crap on there.
Avatar f tn Hello, First make an appointment with the dermatologist to confirm the latex allergy get what is called a patch test. Then if you do have a latex allergy go to the pharmacy.
535882 tn?1396576685 I used to think the same way, but one year I caught the flu, and looking at how serious it gets today, I take the shot, and you cannot get the flu from the shot, it is not a live virus. some who have come down with it after the shot, have come in contact with it already, it takes about two weeks to be immune after the shot.
Avatar f tn The end of March I had a flu that lasted about 9 days. Symptoms came on suddenly from one day to the next, I had headaches for 2 days, sore throat for a couple days, cough, runny nose, limited nausea, a bit of dizziness, no appetite, some diarrhea for 2 days and fatigue for 2 weeks and laryngitis that caused me to lose my voice for a week.
Avatar m tn I am an asthma patient, and after 10 years i am free from that. When i reached 20s restarted the allergy. asthma is not a problem but allergy with dust, cold etc, my bridge of nose is sometimes not straight and tap tap sound from the back of ears. Now i am taking Homeo medicine.
Avatar n tn So what type of shoes do you wear? I have a rubber/latex allergy and have a heck of a time finding shoes that will keep me warm and or dry during the winter. any suggestions would help... Thanks!