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Avatar n tn She checked her palm pilot for side effects and said there was not data showing shortness of breath as a side effect and ended up sending me home with a prescription for Effexor XR 150mg. I went home and typed in EFFEXOR and shortness of breath and thank God I did because there were many sites addressing this issue. I called my MHFNP back on Friday to try and advise her I saw this on the internet.
Avatar f tn •asthma •difficulty passing urine •glaucoma •if you frequently drink alcohol containing beverages •liver disease •prostate trouble •schizophrenia •seizure disorder •an unusual or allergic reaction to doxepin, sulfites, other medicines, foods, dyes, or preservatives •pregnant or trying to get pregnant •breast-feeding I know that I suffer from Glaucoma, seizure disorder, asthma, allergic to sulfites.
Avatar n tn does Effexor XR cause there to be an increase in eye pressure? I seem to recall having read that but cannot find any information at this time. If it is not the medication causing an increase in pressure what could be the cause? This is both eyes having had trabs and both with elevated pressure.
Avatar n tn I am currently doing research for an upcoming book which deals with the side effects and withdrawals people have experienced from Effexor XR and other (like) anti-depressants. I am interested in receiving any information current or former users would like to share concerning their experiences with these drugs. Please email me @: beach-***@**** and thanks!
1073473 tn?1257844249 However, my doctors have found the my antidepressant works for me as both pain reliever now that they increased me to the maximum dose but now they watch my liver. Effexor XR is what I'm currently on. I tried several other medications but I either had allergic reactions or other complications due to my glaucoma.
Avatar n tn i was on 300 mg of effexor xr and .
Avatar n tn Neurontin (not sure of its catagory, and it was the first medicine that helped alleviate the skin sensations, albiet mildly) then into anti-depressants. Nortriptyline, Amitriptyline, elevil, lexapro, effexor xr, Paxil CR, zoloft, wellbutrin xl etc. Well, placebo effect perhaps, but 5 hours after taking the paxil, the stinging was *significantly* decreased and for the first time in months i was able to sleep. Wellbutrin helped slightly too.
Avatar n tn Hello its Sallie Iv been on topamax since December iv lost 34 lbs. i went off of effexor for depresion , b.p. meds, meridia, serequel to sleep. i had alote of family pass away close togather.we found out my husband had cancer. i had to have a complet hysterectomy @ 31.alote of things at once. i started having real bad headaces every day ,they would start around 4:00 and would not go away untill i would go to sleep.i tried to go off of topamax but they came right back.i take 200 mg. a day.
Avatar n tn I am on a Glaucoma med that has a side effect of controlling tremors. It helps but certainly doesn't make it go away entirely which affects my everyday life since I have to focus on writing slowly in order to have somewhat ledgible handwriting. I am a medical assistant. Last fall I decided I wanted to go through allergy testing since I was also having lots of violent migraines.