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308074 tn?1289690946 Is 75mg of Effexor XR to high of a dosage? I started out 3 days on 35mg of Effexor and then went right up to 75mg. I dont know if I should be using that high of a dosage. Every since I started taking it, I have been feeling REALLY exhausted. Is that from the Effexor? Also, does Effexor make you sweat? I know someone who takes it to prevent sweating, but I sweat so badly now that I take it. What is up with that? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Just wondering if anyone out there is on Effexor XR and how long it takes to start working?
Avatar m tn I was on Aropax and had very similar reactions you are having on Effexor. I went onto Effexor XR and found again, similar reaction. I was on Effexor (non slow release) for many years and did well on it. Unfortunately the pharmaceutical company stopped making it and I had to go cold turkey coming off it. The XR doesn't agree with my digestive system! Don't ask! LOL I have been on many different anti-depressants and would suggest you go back and tell of your side effects.
Avatar n tn I went into immediate panic attacks, with high levels of anxiety. My PD gave me 75mg of Effexor. He said take that for a week then bump up to 150mg. First few days the Effexor seemed good, no real side effects, a little dizzy, not bad. Its been a week. Past few nights I wake up alot, feel restless. I am very nauseous after taking the Effexor. I'm taking it in the morning 6am, after eating a piece of toast. I am extremly anxious and edge until about 10-11 am.
Avatar f tn It has taken 2 months of pure hell to get completely off the effexor. I haven't had any effexor in 3 weeks. I still am having some problems with needing lots of sleep (l0 hours and a nap if I'm not working). The exhaustion is come and go--mostly go! Ear and tooth pain is still here.)off and on) I'm still short tempered with people. I think these things are due to withdrawl. YES I KNOW THIS DRUG IS ADDITIVE NOT HABIT FORMING.
Avatar f tn My doctor started me on Effexor XR a couple weeks ago. I'm not exactly sure of the dosage because they were in a trial pack. The first two weeks I was supposed to take a smaller pill/dosage and then go up to the larger one. What I'm wondering is will I have w/d's from this and what is everyone's general thoughts on it. It seems to be helping but it's hard to tell. He gave it to me after I flipped out in his office crying (my mom had just died and I had a hysterectomy etc.
Avatar n tn Hiya Janey...The dr. gave me Effexor xr..i couldn't take it,i took the drug once..its to strong for me..i felt dizzy all day and very tired..but all durgs are different for some people,some can take it and some can't ...Nick..
Avatar f tn I weaned off Effexor xr very very slowly and had no withdrawal symptoms. I opened the capsules and took a few grains out. Every day I took out a couple more than the last. When I was down to 5 grains I quit. It was a long, tedious process, but totally painless. I know it sounds stupid but it works.
Avatar n tn Prozac helped my depression, but stopped working after a while. Effexor XR 75mg helped more, and I actually lost a little weight, but after a while made me so tired. Started Cymbalta today...so far so good. Wellbutrin never did a thing for my depression, and made me feel like I had knots in my stomach. Had terrible withdrawals from Celexa after 18 months-it dumbed me down so bad I had to come off of it. Prozac and Wellbutrin had no withdrawal side effects for me.
Avatar n tn I'm a stay at home Mom of a 3 year old and since deciding to try for #2, my husband and I thought it would be safest to be med free during my pregnancy, since the effects of Effexor in pregnancy has not really been studied. I took 75mg of Effexor XR for a little over a year for general anxiety. I have been weaning for almost 3 months as gradually as I could. My last weaning was for almost a month at 18.5mg.
Avatar n tn The doctor has mentioned graves disease and some side effects to this is anxiety. I have been prescribed .75mg of Effexor xr and Xanax Xr .5. At first my systoms taking the Effexor Xr by itself was shaking, nerve pain like trembling, and insomnia. So he gave me xanax to counter out some of the side effects. Every anti depressant i have taken over the past couple of years i have the same symptoms. I feel real good just taking the low dose xanax xr.
Avatar n tn I am taking 75mg effexor xr and I stay sleepy all the time, anybody else experiencing this?
Avatar m tn Hi All, Ive been on Effexor XR for 5 weeks now (75mg) day and ive had constant dizzyness/dull ache between my eyes the whole time. Should these side effects last this long and should i expect them to go away soon??? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I've been taking Effexor XR (75mg daily) for about two to three years, and I have resigned to quit cold turkey. I don't like what it's doing to me, I can't afford it (my insurance doesn't cover prescriptions) and my doctor refuses to give me any guidance in the matter and I can't reach her any way, despite repeated attempts. I am aware this is ill advised and that I should be weaned off, but as I said, this is how it will be done. Can anyone offer me any advice?
Avatar f tn I have been on antidepressives since 2000. For the last 3 years, it has been Effexor XR...following my daughter's death, my dose was increased to 225mg/daily. Well, when my medical insurance changed...I determined that I had to switch to a generic...could no longer afford the copays. In January, my MD directed me on how to wean myself from Effexor XR...so I could begin a generic form of Celexa. My God. If this is what withdrawal is like, I am fortunate that I never abused drugs.
Avatar n tn I just started taking Effexor XR (37.5mg) 5 days ago and am schedule to increase to 75mg in 2 more days. I suffered a lot of side effects the first 3 days and am my question is will I get those same side effects when I increase the dose? I appreciate any help on this. I am getting a lot of anxiety from worrying about taking meds. This is the first time I've tried this. It does seem to be helping some. I have more energy and haven't cried any.
Avatar n tn I was on Effexor XR at 225 mg for about 3 years. When I found out I was pregnant, my doctor took me to 150mg for 7 days, 75mg for 7 days then 37.5mg for 7 days. Now, to add to the pregnancy symptoms, I am having dizziness, ringing ears, just start crying for no reason what so ever. Its hard to tell if the crying is from the pregnant or the depression but its not the bad part. I cant stand this anymore but all the doctor said is rest and this can take quite awhile to go away.
Avatar m tn NO posts since then) I have a quick questions to anyone who has ever been on Effexor XR for depression. I have been taking this for almost 2 years and I was getting real jittery in the mornings, so my Dr. recommended I lower my dose by 75mgs. I did so and I really don't feel right. When I stand up I get very lightheaded and dizzy and I feel very confused and sick to my stomach. Has this happened to anyone?? Thanks.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have been taking Effexor 75mg for almost 4 years for depression and anxiety for about the last 4 to 6 weeks I have been feeling anxiety at a much higher rate and having actual panic attacks again. I talked to my Dr. and he advised me to increase the dosage up to 150mg and gave me a twenty pill script for buspirone. I have been on the increased dosage for almost a week now and I have seen no change in the anxiety or panic that I am feeling.
Avatar n tn I have been on 150mg Effexor XR for about 5 years. I have been trying to wean off of it for over a year. Ia m taking 1/5 of a 75mg capsule every other day. I still have headaches, nausea and a feeling that my head is swimming. I went completely of of it for 5 days and felt so bad both physically and mentally that I had to start taking it again. My doctor doesn't understand why I want to go off of the Effexor.
Avatar f tn I am also in the process of weaning of effexor xr 150mg. I started cutting back to having one 150mg capsule every second day 10 days ago, I was waiting to get paid and so today is my third day without one. I am about to go get 75mg script filled. I have been clenching my teeth, I keep forgetting things mid sentence, I am irritable, angry, no sex drive, want to sleep all the time but dream crazy dreams every night.
Avatar n tn Now i am worried about the 75mg. Is Effexor xr bad for you? When i take it , I feel like i can deal with everyday problems better.
Avatar m tn any thoghts on effexor?