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Avatar n tn I still take them with my current meds and have never had a problem. I don't know of any adverse interaction between vitamins and antidepressants. The only AD I can think of which may have some bad interaction with vitamins would be MOA inhibitors.
408795 tn?1324939275 My wife is currently on effexor XR, she's been on it for around 2 years or longer. Can someone tell me if they ever got off of it and how they got it done. I remember when she first started taking it, one of her sx's was the strange dreams. She tried to get off cold turkey and she started having even stranger dreams, she couldn't get off. Is it a taper very slowly approach? She has gone down to 37.5 mgs. a day from 75 mgs., so now she wants to move onward and out.
Avatar n tn If you take medication such as Effexor XR and feel the highs from it then you definitely need to be able to tolerate the lows of getting off it. There is no free lunch in this type of business. You have to take responsibility for your decisions. And as far as running. It's very obvious that it opens up your cardio vascular system and releases endorphins naturally that make you feel better. Training for a marathon??
Avatar n tn Which is exciting and intimidating, because I've taken Effexor and Effexor XR for more than a decade. Over the summer, I cut my dosage in half, to 75mg. And now I'm struggling. I feel more anxiety, and I generally feel more vulnerable, reactive and tired. I also find I become angry more easily. All of which has had a negative impact on my quality of life and makes it more difficult to work. I appreciate people sharing their experiences in this forum. It's helpful to know I'm not alone.
Avatar f tn I am sure, I am hoping, that the physical effects will end soon. I quit Effexor Xr cold turkey 9 days ago. I decided to go cold turkey because the research I had read led me to believe no matter how you do it you still go through a miserable withdrawal. I have the support of my husband and my family. They are all aware of the research and the withdrawal effects I may experience.
Avatar n tn I have been on Effexor XR for probably 5 years now and am taking 150mg daily. For quite a while now I have been experiencing word-finding problems. Simple words and names that I may use on a daily basis are just lost and it takes considerable thought to remember the simplest thing. I also am not able to concentrate on school work very well. I don't no if its just me or the medicine because I have been on it for so long. I also just do not feel as smart and bright as I used to.
Avatar f tn I've been having a good look at the forum and got lots of info form yourself and others. I've started taking Magnesium, B vitamins and fish oils. Thanx again.
Avatar n tn My girlfriend was taking Effexor XR. For how long I don't know and what her dosage was I don't know either. I had no idea she was taking it or I would have tried to convince her not to. On 11/25/07 she quit taking it taking cold turkey and ever since she has been an emotional wreck. After hearing all of this I started to do some research on the side effects and withdrawl symptoms and found that everything she is going through is common. How long can we expect to go through these symptoms?
Avatar n tn I've been off of my effexor xr for about 5 days now and after talking to my pharmacist and doing some of my own research, ginger seems to help greatly with dizziness and nausea. Here is a link for the effects of ginger and how to take it. I've been chewing a 1/4" piece of peeled, fresh ginger every 4 hours and it is working miracles. Here is the link <a href=http://www.umm.edu/altmed/ConsHerbs/Gingerch.
Avatar n tn I was recently prescribed Effexor XR (75mg) for depression and anxiety. My Dr. is concerned at the duration of my depression and some physical problems I have that appear to have no physiological cause. He is pretty adamant about me at least trying the medication. I have the pills but I always do a lot of research on whatever I put in my body (drugs, vitamins, herbs etc.) and what is keeping me from trying the script is the withdrawal and something called Tardive Dyskinesia.
Avatar n tn She checked her palm pilot for side effects and said there was not data showing shortness of breath as a side effect and ended up sending me home with a prescription for Effexor XR 150mg. I went home and typed in EFFEXOR and shortness of breath and thank God I did because there were many sites addressing this issue. I called my MHFNP back on Friday to try and advise her I saw this on the internet.
492527 tn?1212179272 00AM I was recently prescribed Effexor XR (75mg) for depression and anxiety. My Dr. is concerned at the duration of my depression and some physical problems I have that appear to have no physiological cause. He is pretty adamant about me at least trying the medication. I have the pills but I always do a lot of research on whatever I put in my body (drugs, vitamins, herbs etc.) and what is keeping me from trying the script is the withdrawal and something called Tardive Dyskinesia.
Avatar n tn Then he says to quit taking it and prescribed Effexor XR and wanted me to work up to 300mg per day, which I did. I felt better but ran into a problem--my company insurance changed in Jan. 06 and the cost of this medication with my new "insurance" was in orbit. So, I say it was prescribed to help me through this difficult time and things are getting much better so I quit cold turkey. BIG MISTAKE!! I was O.
Avatar f tn Getting off of Effexor I went from; 300mg of Effexor XR- 2 Years 225mg of Effexor XR – 6 months 150mg of Effexor XR – 6 months 75mg + 37.5mg of Effexor XR – 9 months 75mg of Effexor XR for – 10 months 37.5mg of Effexor XR- 3 months 0mg *Opening the capsules, and counting the grains then adding back half etc. did not work for me, I did make several attempts,- but- all in vain. BUT- That may work for you. There is plenty of research and info on how one should/can do this.
Avatar n tn YIKES!! I've been on effexor xr for approx 2 yrs. I had no clue there was such a withdrawal effect. Reading all of your comments is eye opening!!! While vacationing this summer I had enough effexor xr for all but 1 day. I attributed the crying to lack of sleep from vacationing, perhaps too much partying etc. But, it sounds like I was having the same symptons you all were describing about withdrawal. YIKES!!!!! Plus......the weight gain while on the med is NOT GOOD!!
Avatar n tn And now he has me on 75Mg but I could still feel the difference in my head when I started taking the new pills, like I was coming out of withdrawls from not having the same dosage, The only way to get off of this is to be Weaned off. And I suggest if you take vitamins, Take a multivitamin and instead of 1 take 2 and Drink WATER, WATER , WATER!!
Avatar n tn Then my anxiety/panic came back and I was put on Effexor XR. I have been on it since April, and so far it seems to be helping a lot. And i haven't had ANY side effects with it. So it just depends on the person and what kind of meds you can handle, if any. And it depends on how much you're willing to change meds until you find the one that works best for you.
Avatar f tn I'm trying to detox from effexor after being on it for several years with the last 7 months at 150 mg. After getting down to 37.5 every other day and feeling okay I stopped and started my new prescription, Wellbutrin-- well, for two days now I'm nauseous, shaky, hot/cold sweats, feel like my eyes are vibrating somewhat when I make too fast of motion with my head. It's as if I have symptoms of Vertigo and can't fix it.
Avatar f tn On Friday i will be starting a new anti-depressant and would like to know if a rapid taper is possible off Effexor XR to start my new one by friday. This is an extended relief capsule, not the quick relief tablet and i believe it has a half life. I dont know if we are aloud to give taper advice on an anti-depressant, so if you comment you can always say, " if it were me, this is what i would do ". Im not sure even if i withdrawal from Effexor or not.
Avatar n tn I have read many, many posts about Effexor XR and the hellish experience people have on this medication. My doctor just put me on it after several months of so-so performance by Lexapro. Here is the question...is there anybody out there, any one, who would say "Effexor XR is awesome, it has been a great medication and I am grateful to be on it?" If so, I would love to hear what you have to say, what your experience has been, dosage, etc. My script has been for GAD/depression.
Avatar n tn Comming of of Effexor,,Effexor XR needs to be done slowly,,I myself just stopped and had symptoms for a little over a weak,,the dizziness,,this wierd buzzing in my head all the time,,,just really wierd things happening. Tell your doc you owuld like some help comming off of this med,,is he the one who put you on it in the first place.
Avatar n tn I am about to be perscribed Xanax XR once a day due to my ups and downs on regular Xanax. I have been on Xanax 3x a day at .5 mg for 3 years and decided to make the switch. My question is what is the recommended starting dosage of XR if I'm currently take 1.5 Mg a day total? 1 MG, 2MG or 3MG Xanax XR?
Avatar n tn I am now weaning myself off effexor xr I take my 75mgs every other day and once I am off those I will take Sam-E it is awesome I have been on it before. you can find it by the vitamins. Don't take it with depressants I am trying at this time to find out if I can take it after my last dose of effexor xr. I believe that we can be healed by the word of god!
Avatar m tn would not take lexapro and effexor together. for effexor withdrawal i take omega3 fish oil caps twice a day//benadryl as needed for dizzyness\\ b12 sublingualtwice a day\\st. johns wort twice a day// vitamin d3 twice a day ---ibuprofen(motrin) as needed for muscle pain. as far as i am concerned, i will never take a prescription rx. for anxiety and depression again. i also have ptsd. i am sticking to st. johns wort and omega 3 fish oil caps. both will treat depression.
Avatar m tn Thank you to all who have responded so far. 16 days off Effexor XR and doing better. Your tips and encouragement have been so helpful. I'm relieved to know that my brain isn't p[remamntly damaged. Knowing that it is healing and adjusting is comforting. Going cold turkey is not the ideal way, but it was ran-oy-and-no-refill-on-file circumstances that caused it. Once into it for 4 days, I decided to keep going, and my doctor approved. Have others tried the 5HTP?
Avatar n tn fluids several times because I get so nauseous and throw up until I'm dehydrated, shaking and weak, dizzy and gained 12 pounds. I recently moved and my new doctor switched me to effexor/venaflaine and it has not helped my depression and I am going back to my other antidepressant.
Avatar m tn It is not something I suffered from when withdrawing. I am again on Effexor, and do get a little hot and itchy round my neck, but nothing major. Hope someone can help you more with this. Don't know about the swelling ankles either, as again, I did not experience that when withdrawing from Effexor. But as I said, we are all different. When I withdrew I did it cold turkey and it was all over in 2 weeks.
Avatar n tn I have been on a few anti-depressants starting with Celexa, Wellbutrin and now Effexor... I started on Effexor about a month ago and have since noticed the exact same symptoms of acne! My chin under my lip has been breaking out continuously and as soon as one acne blemish is clearing up another whitehead comes! I have also developed acne on my back/shoulders with some very large pimples that just wont seem to go away.
Avatar f tn I was at one point on 450mg per day of Effexor XR (along with several other powerful meds, several of which I have eliminated) and I am now down to 37.5mg per day every other day. I have 4 pills left but feel I might just be delaying the inevitable for another week. It has gotten much more difficult since getting down to 75mg per day and I want to cut the cord now.
Avatar m tn But they wanted to see what had the best effect so they even tried me on Effexor XR, I just switched overnight and actually was okay except for a few minor side-effects. I then had the crazy idea, after five years I decided maybe I should quit this stuff all-toghether? I had been on the Effexor for several months at this point, and felt okay for the most part but didn't want to be dependant on this type of stuff for the rest of my life. I was worried about what the long term effects might be.