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Avatar n tn What are the long term effects of taking Effexor XR? By longterm, I am referring to years of use. I have vulvadynia and was given this to combat the pain. It has worked very well at the 150 mg for 13 years. Are there tests I should take? I have tried a lower dose (112.5mg) and the pain returned.
Avatar n tn I have been on that now for 10 days and have none of the side effects that I had with the Effexor. My doctor said that if had of stayed on the Effexor that the side effects would have diminished but I just couldn't take another day of naseau and twitching. Just my experience though.
1823499 tn?1370093889 Effexor xr? Anyone taken this before? Its an anti depressant. Im afraid to take it. I had crazy reaction to cymbalta, so now im leary of all these drugs.
Avatar n tn She put me on Effexor XR. I have been on it two days and I feel very groggy all day. I feel that I am not sleeping well either. Will this go away after I have been on this a couple weeks? I was also conerned about weight gain, I do not want to gain weight on this, I've read that some people have gained weight on Effexor. I used to be on Prozac too but never gained weight on that or Wellbutrin.
323525 tn?1229342647 I was hoping that anyone who is currently taking or has taken Effexor xr could share any experiences with it? I know that everyone reacts differently to every medication, but I would really appreciate any thoughts on it. Thank you!
Avatar n tn I have been on effexor xr for about a year, no side effects, am taking 150mg. I recently have seen many articles on the withdrawl symptons of this drug & they are very upsetting. Does everyone have the same reaction & I wonder why I was not informed of this when I was prescribed this drug. Thank you.
Avatar m tn I was on Aropax and had very similar reactions you are having on Effexor. I went onto Effexor XR and found again, similar reaction. I was on Effexor (non slow release) for many years and did well on it. Unfortunately the pharmaceutical company stopped making it and I had to go cold turkey coming off it. The XR doesn't agree with my digestive system! Don't ask! LOL I have been on many different anti-depressants and would suggest you go back and tell of your side effects.
Avatar n tn He said take that for a week then bump up to 150mg. First few days the Effexor seemed good, no real side effects, a little dizzy, not bad. Its been a week. Past few nights I wake up alot, feel restless. I am very nauseous after taking the Effexor. I'm taking it in the morning 6am, after eating a piece of toast. I am extremly anxious and edge until about 10-11 am. I was hoping to stay on the 75mg and see if it helped the anxiety w/o upping it to 150. I see my PD tommorrow to discuss with him.
492527 tn?1212179272 I have been taking zoloft for 2 weeks but it is making me tired and haven't seen any change at all. I was thinking about switching to effexor xr. Is this a good choice.
1325908 tn?1274864728 Well I ran across a website, well I can't really say I ran across it I crashed into it, any body on the anti-depressant Effexor XR PLEASE go to www.fda.gov Put in Effexor XR in the search engine there. Information is there about Effexor XR. I found a pdf on a warning letter. This may not mean anything to you but it tells me that Wyeth tryed to pass this med off as a good medication and now those of us that are on it are having a hell of a time getting off of it.
Avatar n tn Hi, I hve been on effexor xr75mg for 10 months and have just lowered down to 37.5 mg it was a bit rocky for the first few days but have now setteled down. I have been reading your questions ad was a bit concerned about the withdrawl systems i wasnt aware that they coud be so bad...so i was just wondering if those of yous have experienced the side effects if you stop cold turkey or if you slowly lowered your dosage.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have GAD and took lexapro and generic lexapro for almost 9 years before it stopped working for me. My doc put me on effexor xr on May 5 and I feel as though my anxiety has gotten worse. She has recommended we double the dose to 150 mgs . I am looking for advice as to whether I should continue on this path. I want so much for this to work ! Any thoughts? Thank you so much! Anyone has this experience and then had improvement? Looking for any and all positive feedback!
Avatar n tn There really is nothing that needs being done about it. It's no secret that SNRI drugs such as Effexor, Pristiq, and Cymbalta do have a higher risk of what is called Discontinuation Syndrome. SSRI's can also be nasty buggers to discontinue. Paxil being one of many. I hear a lot of people complain about antidepressant Discontinuation Syndrome, but I never hear then speak of the flip side. I used to take Effexor XR at 300Mgs a day for about 4 years.
Avatar n tn I've been put on effexor xr 75 mg for a week now. I know this is a powerfull drug... Does this problem need to be fixed with such a hard drug? How long should I take it? Is it possible to get off it without pain or painfull symptoms? I really need your help.
408795 tn?1324939275 My wife is currently on effexor XR, she's been on it for around 2 years or longer. Can someone tell me if they ever got off of it and how they got it done. I remember when she first started taking it, one of her sx's was the strange dreams. She tried to get off cold turkey and she started having even stranger dreams, she couldn't get off. Is it a taper very slowly approach? She has gone down to 37.5 mgs. a day from 75 mgs., so now she wants to move onward and out.
Avatar n tn Hi there, I was on Effexor XR 150mg for a couple months only. It did nothing for me and actually brought back a lot of my anxiety symptoms. The only drug that works for me, for anxiety/OCD issues is Zoloft. I went off effexor in a matter of 5 days and the withdrawal was the worst I have ever experienced. I have a pretty resilient body though and medicine, etc moves through me pretty quickly. I would say that my withdrawal lasted 2 weeks while it was REALLY bad.
Avatar f tn I was taking Buspar (45 mg) per day for anxiety and still experiencing tightness in my chest. My Dr. had me wean off the Buspar and start taking Effexor XR. Started with 37.5 mg per day for the first week and then to 75 mg per day (only on day 11). My problem is the tightness in my chest is back and worse then ever. I’m sleeping better and I feel calmer, it’s just the chest tightness that only goes away if I take a Xanax.
Avatar f tn I have been on effexor xr for more tha 2 years. Before that I had been on prozac for about 8 years. I have PMS (hormonal) issues that is why they started me on prozac. Anyway, I went from 150 mg 2 months ago to 75 mg because I felt the 150mg was making me have insomnia, I noticed if forgot to take the effor I would sleep better. It has taken me a while to figure this out because I usally take my meds everyday. My question is can you develope side effects after being on effexor xr this long.
Avatar n tn Does anyone out there take effexor xr for aniexty and depression? I am on paxil right now but I am thinking of going on effexor xr. Any insight will help.
Avatar m tn They have also been used off-label to treat migraines, diabetic neuropathy, and hot flashes. According to the official Effexor XR website, common side effects may include nausea, dizziness, sleepiness, sweating, dry mouth, gas, abnormal vision, nervousness, insomnia, loss of appetite, constipation, confusion, agitation, tremors, yawning, palpitations, and increased cholesterol.
534618 tn?1213458076 I have GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and was prescribed Effexor XR for this condition. I also know some other people that take Effexor XR. You are (I assume) just starting on a dose that will build up slowly. I have heard of and experienced excessive sweating at night while taking the Effexor. It is a pretty powerful med, and it may take you a while to get used to.
Avatar n tn I've been put on effexor xr 75 mg for a week now. I know this is a powerfull drug... Does this problem need to be fixed with such a hard drug? How long should I take it? Is it possible to get off it without pain or painfull symptoms? I really need your help.
Avatar n tn Hiya Janey...The dr. gave me Effexor xr..i couldn't take it,i took the drug once..its to strong for me..i felt dizzy all day and very tired..but all durgs are different for some people,some can take it and some can't ...Nick..
Avatar f tn I weaned off Effexor xr very very slowly and had no withdrawal symptoms. I opened the capsules and took a few grains out. Every day I took out a couple more than the last. When I was down to 5 grains I quit. It was a long, tedious process, but totally painless. I know it sounds stupid but it works.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am on Day 5 of taking Effexor XR. I have struggled with anxiety for about over a year and I recently saw a doctor to discuss medication. I was very against medication at first but I figured I would go to discuss. I CLEARLY told the doctor that I did NOT want to gain weight. I just lost 30 lbs and I feel so great!