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231441 tn?1333896366 (so maybe it's a boy) This time it is even worse, with the top half of my face being constantly dry with flaky skin, and from my nose down (including my jawline) surrounding my mouth I am covered in spots!! I do remember that my skin got better though, so I am hoping that it all starts to clear up soon..
Avatar f tn I dont know if that could help but it might. Also with really dry skin you may want to cut down on the soaps and cleansers you apply to your face because that could just irritate it more. i would just rinse your face with leukwarm water and let your natural oils take over for a bit.
Avatar n tn I am a 43 year old female with constant breakouts along my jawline and down my neck. I have read this could be hormonal. Benz peroxide and salicylic acid just dry me out. Is there any link between milk allergy and these types of breakouts?
Avatar f tn I already had oily skin, it got 10x wworst being pregnant. Still have the super oily skin but the breakouts are back yet to normal.
Avatar f tn ladies I've seen a lot of you posting on here asking for remedy a for dry skin, I've also done it myself lol. We all know that pregnancy is not very nice to us and one problem happens to be unattractive flaky dry skin that I could not get rid of! Well I have found a solution, and I thought I would share with you all hopefully it works for you too! Baby oil! ( ironic, isn't it? ) I used it two days in a row and honestly my skin could not look or feel better.
952955 tn?1246309657 , do you mean steroid shots (cortisone), or allergy hyposensitization shots based on an allergy test? Skin breakouts and pimples in dogs are usually signs of a bacterial skin infection. Chronic recurrent skin infections in dogs are usually secondary to an underlying allergic cause, either food allergy or pollen/dust allergies, both very common in golden retrievers.
Avatar m tn I have darkened spots on my face, and what's weird about that is that I seldom enter the sun. My skin is combination when I put on mosturizer my skin is really oily, but when I don't its really dry. Also, If I do put on moisturizer I get little bumps on my face they aren't blackheads, they're just mild bumps. My face also whelp up after being in the sun. I don't know if it's the moisturizer or the sun. Right now I'm using cetaphil products, the cleanser and moisturizer.
1454145 tn?1286373574 The problems begin with an average size bump with no head and the outer layers of skin will peel away like a sunburn does, when the skin is peeled away it exposes numerous small, round white objects that can not be squeezed out or pulled with tweezers. You can not even pull them out by rubbing across them with a moist cloth. I have to use an instrument called a tweezerman from a pharmacy that has a tip on it that resembles the rounded end of a bobby pin.
Avatar n tn When I am exposed to the sun (with and without sunscreen) I develop breakouts on my back and shoulders. It looks like small pimples all over. They tend to disappear after a few weeks of non exposure to the sun. Could this be a heat rash...and is it preventable?
Avatar n tn Is anyone else suffering with horrible skin right now? Started happening around 5 weeks. I'm currently 9 weeks along and my face looks like a tragedy. I can't figure out a product(s) I can use to get back to normal. I've already doubled my water intake, and started using a milder face wash. Not seeing any improvement, and now I'm worried about scarring. Advice?
Avatar n tn A little curious pinch or poke to see what's going on turns into a scab. Sometimes, it just seems like dry skin, and when I try to flake it off, it all starts again. I'm concerned about scarring. I know I need to stop poking--but I'm also wondering if there's any effective spot treat for blackheads? I've tried some of the Clearsil washes and they seem to have no effect. If I use a daily wash for oily skin, the rest of my face dries out.
Avatar f tn hello, I am a female soldier whom is currently serving in Afghanistan, I normally have combination skin that would occasionally have eczema breakouts, but while deployed and having to bath in chemically treated water my face has took a turn for the worst. I have dry patches that have darken my skin in some places, Inching, redness, cracking, and even pain. I can’t find a moisturizer to stop the drying, and what can I use to heal the dark patches. How can I keep my skin healthy?
Avatar n tn If not, a dermatologist can spark them away with a tiny burst of electricity to each one. Maybe a visit to a skin doctor for diagnosis and/or treatment would be in order. Best. Dr.
Avatar n tn itching, sore knots under the skin associated with food allergy. It progressed to blister-type sores around the nostrils, inside and out, and then the eyelids around the lashes. Meantime I began breaking out in acne type sores in different areas of the face. The blisters on the nose seem to be loosely associated with certain foods, but the rest just seem to come and go as they please.
Avatar n tn Hi. Blackheads are difficult to get rid of. I'm not a fan of these adhesive strips. Instead use a good exfoliator like Perfectly Clean by Estee Lauder. I use this after their cleanser for normal/combination skin which gives a lovely soap-and-water clean feeling without over-drying. The exfoliating will also help with your dry skin. Moisturisers will be more effective if applied after exfoliating. Use one which is non-acnegenic to avoid breakouts.
Avatar m tn Hello, I cannot confirm anything without examination but it can be seborrheic dermatitis. Seborrheic dermatitis is a common skin condition that causes flaky,dry, white to yellowish scales to form on oily areas esp under the nose or anywhere on face. You can treat it with over-the-counter dandruff or medicated shampoos. Shampoo the hair vigorously and frequently (preferably daily). Active ingredients in these shampoos include salicylic acid, coal tar, zinc, resorcin, ketoconazole, or selenium.
8102917 tn?1402461514 I've been using a honey and brown sugar scrub on my face at night and in the morning and my skin is back beautiful and completely cleared up. Its just honey out of the glass jar with the little piece of honeycomb in it and great value brand brown sugar and I mix the two to create a scrub. Here's what I do: 1. Wet a clean washcloth with steamy hot water (as hot as you can handle wothout it burning) lay that over my face and press on it with my hands 2.
8102917 tn?1402461514 I've been using a honey and brown sugar scrub on my face at night and in the morning and my skin is back beautiful and completely cleared up. Its just honey out of the glass jar with the little piece of honeycomb in it and great value brand brown sugar and I mix the two to create a scrub. Here's what I do: 1. Wet a clean washcloth with steamy hot water (as hot as you can handle wothout it burning) lay that over my face and press on it with my hands 2.
Avatar f tn I have been having problems with my skin lately and I'm at a complete loss as to what to do. I was on the depo provera birth control shot and my acne was fine before I began birth control and after I stopped using it. I finally got my menstrual cycle back about July of 2009 and my skin started to break out - whiteheads. I started treating it using the Clean and Clear Acne Spot Treatment gel and a "vanishing cream". My skin has never had a problem being either oily or dry either.
Avatar n tn Just keep you face clean by washing with a mild soap atleast twice a day. Pat it dry and do not rub it. Avoid picking or pressing the acne. You can also use Benzoyl peroxide 5% lotion or gel once at bedtime. An amount of lotion the size of a pea should be enough to cover most of your face. If your skin becomes red or peels, you are using too much of the medicine or applying it too often. If the symptoms persist then topical antibiotics are needed.
Avatar f tn Apply a medicated cream or gel containing resorcinol, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. If benzoyl peroxide leaves your skin dry, apply an oil-free moisturizer after 10 mins of applying benzoyl peroxide. If the symptoms still persist then please consult a dermatologist and get cysts ruled out. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar f tn Also when I towel my body, i 'pat' my skin dry rather than rub it dry. This will help retain moisture in the skin. And also not spread dead skin cells across you which my plug a pore. 10. I clean my bed sheets, blankets, and pillow case once a week. In addition to that, I only wear clean clothes when it's bedtime, and I shower before bed, so I am clean before I go into my bed. 11. I have been drinking my 8 glasses of water a day. 12. I wear 3 shirts a day...
Avatar n tn In the past few months, I have had at least two or three MAJOR acne outbreaks on my face. I never had much acne as a teen, but this has gotten ridiculous. When I suffer from these breakouts, I mostly get VERY itchy red bumps on my forehead, my cheeks and whiteheads on the sides of my nose. I try not to touch them other than when I am cleansing (mild facial cleanser [Kiehls' brand]), or applying moisturizer (Nivea for men).
Avatar n tn In the last month to 6 weeks I have started having extremely dry skin mostly on my face. I've also had some breakouts. (I'm 41, female.) I usually lean more toward diarrhea, but now I am more constipated, very unusual for me. (I have ulcerative colitis also.) I take Remicade infusions every 8 weeks; 50 mg of 6MP daily; and toperal for high blood pressure. My thyroid test last week (TSH) was 2.941. They said the range is .350 to 5.5 so I am in the normal range. I am also somewhat tired.
Avatar f tn Hi. I am at my wits end with my face. For a few years now, I have suffered with dry flaky skin around my nose and onto my cheeks. It has never been bad like it looks when I look up seborrheic dermatitis (which one doctor told me I had). I have found the redness is worse in the mornings, redness and blotchy across my upper cheeks. I have had two prescription creams from the doctor, one for seborrheic dermatitis and one for rosacea, both made my skin feel tight and more dry.
1589586 tn?1297024833 i wear mineral makeup at the moment and it helps my skin. and i just dont know what to use anymore. i have DRY DRY DRY skin and its sooo sensitive, so i cant use acne washes with sailcylic acid, because it actually tends to break me out more. PLEASE HELP.
Avatar m tn The breakouts are restricted to my cheeks only--my forehead, chin, and the rest of my face is relatively normal. Also, I've found that certain products I used on my skin before just add to the breakouts. As of now, just mild soap has kept the breakouts to a minimum. I've tried different moisturizers and facial washes, but none seem to work. In any event, I was wondering if eating meat was the cause of such breakouts. I can't really think of any other reason that may have caused it.
Avatar n tn I typically have dry/combination skin and use products designed for this type by Dermalogica. In the last few months I have tried retinol treatments by PCA and a 20% Beta peel by DermaQuest. Nothing seems to be helping. If anything, the blemish is replaced witha scar and another blemish. WHAT is going on with my poor skin????!!!!