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Avatar n tn In the last month to 6 weeks I have started having extremely dry skin mostly on my face. I've also had some breakouts. (I'm 41, female.) I usually lean more toward diarrhea, but now I am more constipated, very unusual for me. (I have ulcerative colitis also.) I take Remicade infusions every 8 weeks; 50 mg of 6MP daily; and toperal for high blood pressure. My thyroid test last week (TSH) was 2.941. They said the range is .350 to 5.5 so I am in the normal range.
Avatar f tn I have very bad night sweats (wake up damp), no hot flashes, hair loss, dry skin, anxiety which gets worse before period, dry hair, itchy skin, temp has been running at 97, headaches were bad until I started taking YAZ, allergies which I have never had, etc. Anyone thinking this sounds like peri-menopause? I am 38, my mom says hers started at 35.
648987 tn?1231201877 You don't say if you already have a thryoid disorder or if you are in the menopause. I have both and one of the strongest things that's happened if the state of my skin including my face, it's so dry and crackly. I look so haggard. So it could be either of these conditions if you have them, or think you might have them.
Avatar m tn s syndrome are dry eyes and dry mouth but other symptoms can include joint pain, swelling and stiffness, swollen salivary glands, skin rashes or dry skin, vaginal dryness, dry ears, dry nose, persistent dry cough, prolonged fatigue. "As the majority of people who develop Sjogren's syndrome are female, and because the menopause is the most common time for a diagnosis to be made, doctors believe that estrogen, a female hormone, plays an important role.
Avatar m tn With menopause, changes in hormones (estrogen) can also lead to dry, itchy skin. Keep the area clean and dry. Try to avoid scratching to prevent secondary bacterial infection. Also. try to stop using any product for two or three days to rule out irritation. If it persists, check with your doctor for proper management. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn This could also be due to hyperthyroidism and very dry skin. Please consult your PCP for primary examination followed by referral to a skin specialist. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
440728 tn?1234645302 Dr Dr. Lupo, You have been very helpful before and I just want to check something new. I am in a premature menopause right now. During the past year the symptoms have become much worse, & my thyroid has been swinging between borderline hypothyroid and normal. Recently, my doc made me stop my HRT to see where I was in the premature menopause, and my FSH came back at 40 and Oestrogen at 80. So she has said I am post menopausal.
Avatar m tn I can relate! Did you go through natural menopause or "induced" menopause? My skin aged horrifically fast after an unwarranted hysterectomy even though I have been on HRT. My naturally menopausal sisters' and cousins' skin does not look nearly as old as mine.
440728 tn?1234645302 m getting blood blisters on the inside of my lower lip when i eat. I also have dry eyes, dry cough, gastric reflux problems and dry skin. Now I know lack of oestrogen could cause dryness, but this seems extreme and my mouth is the worst. Could this be Sjogrens syndrome? I've heard it's dentists that can often identify with this before general physicians. Or is it still simply the menopause. Thank you.
8210549 tn?1397032061 I have gained almost six pounds in three weeks. Primary says thyroid isnt to blame. I do have painful joints,dry thinning hair and dry skin. On no new meds. Please help me,I am feeling really crappy with all this weight. Normal weight is about 130 I am five four. Thank you.
Avatar n tn My scalp burns and have dry skin
Avatar f tn Applying a moisturizer and using only soaps that are gentle on the skin is helpful in this case. Hypothyroidism too causes dry skin. Please get your thyroid function checked. It could also be due to overuse of AC and heaters. If you have blisters at tip of fingers and dry skin then you need to rule out certain conditions such as diabetes, psoriasis, hypothyroidism, contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis and malnutrition. Generalized itching can be due to allergy.
194251 tn?1208178244 but also have other issues like dry mouth, nite sweats that come and go with my period and chills too.....dry skin on face and teary times....my only diff in period is its brownish red now....some weight loss.... could this be menopause? i dont know but i also have ear issues so i can understand where your comming from.
Avatar f tn Its for 5 yrs, ive had mine in for 10 yrs (i dont have alot of to money to get it removed) and lately i have been experiencing some signs of menopause. Nite sweats, crazy mood swings, hot flashes, extremely dry skin (dryer than normal) major headaches, and bouts of depression.
Avatar n tn But I think that what you are asking is whether your ovaries will stop functioning and stop making estrogen and whatever else and you will begin to have menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes and dry skin. This will only happen if your ovaries are removed or simply stop functioning (possibly due to the loss of blood flow from the removal of the uterus).
15989774 tn?1444492695 Hi,I have been premenopausal for the past year(53 almost 54). My skin, eyes,vaginal areas have become very dry and sex is painful. Had a tiny tear or a little blood on to after sex due to not enough lube? Or not as elastic? Thinning skin down there? Ugh!!! Using reports external moisturizer...and there lube but I am still trying to figure this out. Doctor says this is normal and those plenty of moisturizer down below. Let me know if you have any answers..please.
Avatar f tn I just left my dermatologists office for skin and hair related issues and she told me that I am menopausal. She says she believes that my skin and hair problems may be due to menopause. Are these symptoms seen in menopause? I have very sticky skin. It started about eight months ago with just my hands and feet being sticky after washing, but has grown progressively worse. It has spread over my entire body and I am now sticky all of the time. My hands and feet are by far the worst.
973741 tn?1342342773 Hot flashes, weight gain=belly, forgetfulness, joints aching for no apparent reason, dry skin and hair, muscle mass decreasing, lack of sex drive, anxious....yep. :( I rather make a batch of cookies for my husband vs. having sex. Sad, but true. I used to have a nice round backside and a flat belly and now I have a tub of fat belly and a flat backside. Oh, to be 25 again. I just hired a personal trainer because I need to get this extra weight off.
Avatar n tn t know if dry mouth is related to menopause. I know it can be caused by certain medications and a lot of thirst can even be one of the signs of diabetes. I read that caffeinated beverages can cause dry mouth. Dry eyes I heard is something that comes with menopause and it certainly has come to me. I have to use eye drops.
Avatar f tn Hormonal changes with dry skin are responsible for generalized itchiness, sleep disturbances and dizziness. Consult a gynecologist regarding this. The other possibility is severe acidity with reflux with H pylori infection. H pylori can cause itch in the body. The acidity can wake a person in the middle of the night feeling cold and clammy. Generally eating something helps. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar f tn So my doctor keeps saying watch out for extra moisture which is normal in pregnancy but im actually doing the opposite. Im extremely dry like more then i was before pregnancy. O actually wish it was a little moist because it makes sex difficult i feel like a old couple that need lube im screaming the ehole time and hes frustrated.
Avatar f tn I'm in search of answers to..I am 25, married with two kids. Daughter 6, son 16m old and still nursing. I got the depo shot back in January or February. Before that my hormones were all jacked up and my periods we heavy and lasted 4 months. I had enough and went in to get checked out. Of course there number one solution is to try birth control. The gyno told me depo should help my dysfunctional uterine bleeding...
Avatar m tn HI, Fatigue is a common occurrence for me. It is related to neurological issues. But, you are having dry cough as well. Dry coughing and lungs can work together to cause fatigue. Breathing is interfered with when coughing and your lungs are working together to rid the lungs of whatever is ailing you.
Avatar f tn I have always had dry skin and have used moisturiser since I was a kid as myskin gets a bit flakey (like dust not flakes). Last year I noticed that it was getting uncomfortable wearing trousers. It has now resulted in me wearing bagy trousers or shorts most of the time. This isn't ideal as I can't always wear these clothes. I have noticed thaty hair follicles are quite red, but I think they've always been like that. Also, I have a few varicus veins on my legs.
Avatar f tn Itching can be due to various causes other than sweating and anxiety. Dry skin is the commonest cause of generalized itching. Applying a moisturizer and using only soaps that are gentle on the skin is helpful in this case. Generalized itching can be due to allergy. Common allergens are pollen, mold, dust, pet dander, synthetic fiber, food, cosmetics (powders, soaps, shampoos—see if anything was recently changed) or drugs.