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1431138 tn?1294566894 When you bath him use baby oil and let it sit for a few minutes and then use a soft tooth brush or dry clothes and rub away the flakes of skin. Be sure and really get the oil out of the hair or it will make it worse.
Avatar f tn Tea tree shampoo by paul mitchell works great, but you have to by it from a salon or a beauty supply store becuase they sell knock offs that dont have the same ingrediants that work at drugs store and convinent store! before you use try to sratch of as much dead skin as you can with a brush or something!
Avatar n tn In other words stick to a routine and use the method a few times a day. Like brushing your teeth religiously. You wake up brush you eat lunch brush before you go to bed brush.
2055843 tn?1332427915 Rant as long as you want, just PLEASE help me to find a system that has helped you, if you have similar dry, sensitive skin. I can buy a couple things (e.g. moisturizer), but don't overwhelm me!
Avatar n tn Hi Shamrock_I_am Showeritch getting back to you. Did you try working out then having a your morning shower? I'd be interested to see if this works for anyone else. If it doesn't, try combining it with dry body brushing. I don't know if you've done this before. You use a firm, natural bristle brush and brush you whole body starting at the feet and working towards the heart in long firm strokes. This should be done on dry skin.
Avatar n tn Everytime I brush the inside of my cheeks build up with skin that I can easily scrap off with my finger nail, I am also told that I have bad breath immediatly after i brush. This also happens when I drink pretty much anything or if I havn't drank anything at all for awhile, it comes back but much more difficult to peel off. I've tried pretty much every toothpaste. I thought I was dry mouth for awhile, but I tried some over the counter dry mouth liquid and it didn't help either.
Avatar f tn they said it was from coffee and letting toothpaste get on my chin while brushing. I brush with hot water and this was irritating my skin mixed with the toothpaste. I have to admit I am a messy brusher, I brush in the shower so this was making my problem worse. Something about the heat because they said lay off the coffee too. I got this cream called Metronidazole. Gone! Thank God! Not really sure what the coffee was doing. It's not like I was drinking it and letting it run down my chin???
4251679 tn?1370305531 Your scalp can be dry without having dandruff! But yes I have it to when I condition my hair I just rub it in my scalp.
Avatar f tn I use a loreal facial scrub comes in a orange bottle with the scrubbing brush attached and the Neutrogena facial toner they work great on my skin also ponds dry skin creme
5210171 tn?1365175788 Yep, w/drew from Lortabs, too. Yes....on the will pass... but if you are an obsessive "scratcher" like me, I had to put lotion on my skin areas that were itching like crazy and use a good brush on my scalp. Taking a shower and using a loofah and scalp scratcher, followed with a good lotion, helped me a TON! The old is passing away......
Avatar f tn You could have dry skin. Try drinking more water and using a lotion you know you aren't allergic to. If you still itch, ask your doctor.
Avatar f tn is Sammy on dry food???? kibble is very dehydrating thus contributing to the dry coat/skin....feed him wet food also give him some Omega3 fatty acids that will take care of any dandruff..
277836 tn?1359666174 Also I read that some cats maintain well on dry food only but being his skin is dry I feel I need to start the wet foods.. He is using the box 4 times a day for pee and once or somedays 2 times for the 2 lol... He seems to be on a great track fro my schdule..
Avatar f tn This helps is soaking the oil and helps in peeling away the blackheads. If benzoyl peroxide leaves your skin dry, apply an oil-free moisturizer after 10 mins of applying benzoyl peroxide. If the symptoms still persist then please consult a dermatologist and get cysts ruled out. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor.
Avatar m tn (Another thing, my cat had fleas and I have flea bites on my skin too, could that be a problem or would that not cause hair to thin? My parents say I'm being paranoid because I just dyed my hair and am noticing the shedding more).
Avatar n tn I can scrape it off with my fingernail and it is just white skin, almost transparent. It seems like if i dont brush my teeth everyday it gets more dry. It doesnt ever really hurt but it gets tender at times not a lot. I just have to idea what it is and i am concerned and scared.
Avatar f tn The baby oil and/or olive oil is used to moisturize the dead skin making it easier to brush away. This should help. You could work the oil into Riley's hair, brush, wash using a gentle head message, and rinse. That way the hair is clean and less oily.
Avatar f tn My 2 year old has super curly hair but when I brush it, it seems to damage her hair. Do any of you know how I can treat her hair (shampoo, conditioners, special brush) so I don't damage her absolutely gorgeous corkscrews?!
Avatar f tn So i would use a plastic facial washer (the kind that come with one of the brands) and massage scalp in bath while shampooing (with aveeno brand), and would also but the cocco butter oil in her hair and brush it with soft bristled brush, and the baby never got much cradle cap, just some dry skin flakes that initiatef the whole process.