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Avatar n tn my vet is closed today but my cat wears a hood due to skin allergies and has some how removed the hood and scratched the fur and skin off his face and can not open his eyes!
1608004 tn?1390774590 you are much better off getting some Omega 3 fatty acids in the form of KRILL OIL and adding them too her food, it could be that her skin is just really dry and on black cats the flakes show up so much more.. I also have a black kitty named Nemo..lol.
1560663 tn?1298050127 Also try and brush your cats, even if you think they have short hair and don't need it, it's not true, if you don't brush your cats they can develop hairballs that cannot be passed. In cats with megacolon or chronic constipation the last thing you need is something else to block your cat. Like you all know I have 7 cats and I manage to brush them all, even if its a little bit every few days.
6726276 tn?1421130268 What's the best way to groom your cat? I've several combs & brushes designed for cats, but in the end if I gently pull her coat I get more hair off. Plus she enjoys this method. Of course I've to shower after. I've always had as pets, short hair cats. Mommy Baby, I adopted,& she has long hair. Thanks.
544468 tn?1225200966 I stay away from things I am allergic to; cats, rabbits, nuts, etc. NOTHING will get rid of this dry skin. In the past 7 years I have not had one single day of hydrated, comfortable skin. I have spent hundereds of pounds on care for my skin and nothing will help it at all. I have already been advised to check that I am getting plenty Vit A; I am eating plenty of veg full of Vit A , I am also taking a Skin, Hair and Nails Formula tablet daily.
544468 tn?1225200966 I stay away from things I am allergic to; cats, rabbits, nuts, etc. NOTHING will get rid of this dry skin. In the past 7 years I have not had one single day of hydrated, comfortable skin. I have spent hundereds of pounds on care for my skin and nothing will help it at all. I have already been advised to check that I am getting plenty Vit A; I am eating plenty of veg full of Vit A , I am also taking a Skin, Hair and Nails Formula tablet daily.
Avatar n tn and about 2 years ago i started getting this dry areas on my body to the point where i have a lot covered now. but for some reason its only from my belly up. when i take showers i can not rub the dry skin parts hard because after the shower it would itch like crazy. so i just use soap over it but no cloths to rub it. i have not checked with a dermatologist, but i wanted to get an opinion since i got access to websites all day. im attaching a picture so you can see the problem.
3140169 tn?1342852021 2 vets have told me that the main part of their (I have 6 cats) diet should be wet food and to limit the amount of dry food! Mainly because of the high carbs in the dry food and that it will cause weight problems! My cats do have weight issues! So, what I do is feed them 1, 3oz can of wet food a day, usually around dinnertime for me! Then I give them about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of dry, usually around breakfast and that's it!
Avatar f tn Hi, I agree w/ both CML and Eve that it might be dry skin. But, another possibility is that, if she is a curvy girl(extra weight) and the flakes are only on her back, she may not be able to reach her back when she's washing herself. My mom's cat is 3 yrs old and is dealing with that problem where he can't reach his back. My mom will get a damp paper towel and wipe his back and brush him. That does seem to help a bit.
Avatar f tn I have experince with this. Older cats can develop dry skin, which is flaky. It is not dangerous tho the cat or the owners. I would say your kitty is okay with the flakes, unless you notice other symptoms like excessive scratching or hair loss.
Avatar m tn While excessive thirst can be indicative of a physical problem, if she shows no other symptoms, there may be no need for concern. But at least a call to your vet is probably a good idea just to be sure.
Avatar m tn With the popularity of the dry food for cats, Feline Kidney Disease has risen sharply, it is cheap, it can be put out in a bowl all day, and it is convenient for the homeowner and pet owner who might work 12 hour shifts. What it does do is "not " provide adequate water to the kidneys to flush out toxins and that is why the rise in this horrible disease.
Avatar n tn She did have a change in her dry cat food a few months back becuase one of my other cats has crystals and is on SO so all the cats are on that food now. But she eats her regular wet food-friskey's. Should I be concerned or if she is acting fine not worry about it? I have spend thousands this year on vet bills and if it is nothing to be concerned about I dont' want to drag her in there.
5347058 tn?1381192026 sensitive commonly to a preservative or ingredient in dry kibble type food. grain allergies are common in cats and most cat foods are full of unnecessary grains just b/c they are 'cheap' fillers for the manufacturer, they do absolutely nothing for the diet!!! there are some 'grain free' diets on the market that may be a worth a trial. EVO, Wellness and Natures Variety are a few. cats can also suffer from environmental allergies....such as what you decide with your kitty.....
Avatar f tn Sometimes there will be changes in the dynamics between cats due to a change in the household, an illness in one of the cats, or some outside event that upsets one of the cats (eg. a stray cat strolls by the window, one cat doesn't like it but can't reach the stray cat so attacks one of her housemates). You need to try to reduce all of your cats stress levels and try to get them to associate good things with each other.
Avatar f tn I am 37 years old, the patches are reddish in color with white dry/scaly skin and have been present for 2-3 years. Sometimes less irritated sometimes more, but never completely gone.
Avatar f tn If your cat develops a dry skin issue, it’s a big red flag that it’s time to assess their diet. A diet lacking in fat, for example, can lead to dry skin in cats. A balanced diet of proteins, fats, and essential vitamins and minerals is critical when it comes to skin health. If your cat is currently on a dry diet (regardless of how high-quality it is), it’s more than likely that your cat’s dehydrated.
Avatar f tn is she on dry food??? many chemicals and bad grains that cats can develop a reaction to even if they have been eating same food for years can also be an Inhaled or Environmental allergy. have you started using more or new chemicals in your home? anything with a scent??? I would discontinue anything...even scented candles/hairspray/room freshners, floor cleaners...USE VINEGAR AND WATER TO CLEAN ONLY. a new laundry detergent?? New rugs or furniture within the last 2-3 months?
596105 tn?1314583933 I hope this is solved now however it may need the collodial silver treatments as mentioned in future. Water.....oh that is a tough one, cats don't naturally drink much water..they get most of what they need in their diet...ie mice!! Now that we have domesticated them we need to be sure they are eating canned food which has 78% moisture compared to only 12% in dry...or they will develop urinary tract disease just to name one. Many cats love running water and will lap from a dripping tap.
587315 tn?1333556383 I can see him whenever I want to. Both cats pics are in my profile. Check them out! =) Janet-HMMMMM, wonder what was freaking Daisy out in the hall??? Let's see, do I want to freak you out and say that it could've been spirits that she saw. LOL I DO believe in spirits, and I know that animals see them. I've had a few freaky experiences over the years that I know for a fact involved spirits. No question!!!
Avatar n tn You aren't doing it frequently, so it probably isn't an issue, but shampoos dry out a cats skin and strip necessary oils and bacteria (yup, necessary bacteria). There's no need to wash kitty, just wipe his fur with a damp cloth if he gets into a mess, otherwise he'll be fine on his own! Good luck. Keep us posted.
Avatar f tn His was caused by an allergy to his diet, which was dry kibble and chicken based, or a reaction to the chemicals and preservatives in dry food. Put him on a canned food diet that's non chicken..
867582 tn?1311630997 I spoke to a lady with lupus in our town and she said that it helped her get her diagnosis to be out in the sun for about 30 minutes and then have a skin biopsy of her arm. The skin biopsy resulted in her lupus diagnosis. WAF Thanks!
Avatar f tn I'm seeing an increasing number of allergies, diarrhea, vomitting, skin dermatitis as well as cases of obesity, specially amid cats because of the excessively high energy content in industrially-produced cat foods," said Colliard. Pet owners tend to favour processed foods because of the difficulty of preparing nutritionally balanced meals, which in an ideal world should contain some 50 nutrients as well as meat, vegetables, rice and pasta.
Avatar f tn oh brother I d know any of this I thought when fixed they all stopped doing anything, so my Tweety could be leapt upon by any male cats in the area I live in, she is inside/outside but never out at night, in the house by 6pm , I have noticed sometimes when cats are around ,and there is a new one arrived at a new neighbors house , she races into the house ,I have seen that cat and it is a big male ,I assumed he is fixed as the neighbor has 2 others old cats .and its hers ..
Avatar n tn I try to put lotion on to help with dry skin and we use a water softener. I do not shower in real hot water so that can be ruled out as well. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs that live in the house, but my cats never made me itch in my previous home, and the dogs no longer sleep on the bed. However, I seem to itch only while I am in bed. We now use a hypo allergic detergent hoping that would help, but I still sometimes itch while trying to sleep.
Avatar n tn Since the pillow experiment, my eyes aren't swollen, red or covered in scaly, dry skin anymore. They do still itch though. I don't drink more than one night a wk and noticed this on other nights, I've never used any MAC product, I've had no allergies to date, non-smoker. I do have an indoor cat and we've had her for years. I originally noticed the problem after starting a treatment of Differin and Benzyclin. I used to think that the medicine got on my under eye skin and irritated it.
219241 tn?1413541365 Healesville water tainted with thyroid problems! How weird is that? Me and two cats with thyroid problems. (yes the cats are getting on in years, but I am not!) Just shows you that humans and animals have alot in common! My other cat seems to be fine right now........OR is he?????
Avatar m tn I note everything I eat and I don't see any connection. Interesting fact is that in 2010 I spent two weeks in Egipt and my hands were in a perfect shape almost from the day one. When I came back to Poland, the previous state returned. I live with two cats, but I don't think this is the cause. ONLY MY PALMS ARE ILL - ABSOLUTELLY NOTHING ELSE and I don't touch the cats at all. When I take some domestic vacation, my hands aren't getting better.
Avatar m tn My dog is a small sized sheltie, he is 12 years old, he is very active, has a good appetite and generally in good health, loves walks, food etc. The problem is his skin (see the photos in this link: http://imgur.com/a/vVsk0), its gotten scaly in lots of places, we have been to the vet several times, but it keep sgetting worse. The doc gave a steroid based cream, which inhibits the spread, but does not make it go away. He shampoos with a medicated shampoo as well - Sebazole.