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1608004 tn?1390770990 you are much better off getting some Omega 3 fatty acids in the form of KRILL OIL and adding them too her food, it could be that her skin is just really dry and on black cats the flakes show up so much more.. I also have a black kitty named Nemo..lol.
Avatar f tn If your cat develops a dry skin issue, it’s a big red flag that it’s time to assess their diet. A diet lacking in fat, for example, can lead to dry skin in cats. A balanced diet of proteins, fats, and essential vitamins and minerals is critical when it comes to skin health. If your cat is currently on a dry diet (regardless of how high-quality it is), it’s more than likely that your cat’s dehydrated.
Avatar f tn Eve is probably right with the dry skin flakes. Fashion dictates never wear black if you have dandruff !!! So if she is one of those sophisticated New Yorkers who love black, that is why you see it more. Is she Black?? Sometimes inside air with no humidity will cause these. It is usually just a seasonal thing. In addition to a good brushing every day, might want to try a little Vit E , better yet Fish oil mixed in with the wet food. I don't think that would hurt.
277836 tn?1359666174 s terrible for the kidneys(this is the number one organ that fails in cats) and it can help form urine crystals, which can cause a urinary blockage(life threatening in male cats). Seriously, all dry food is really bad for cats. There are many members on this forum that would back me up on this AND some have/or are now dealing w/ urinary blockages from the crystals-not fun for kitty and expensive. I know you said that soft food doesn't agree w/ your cat(boots?
Avatar f tn I have experince with this. Older cats can develop dry skin, which is flaky. It is not dangerous tho the cat or the owners. I would say your kitty is okay with the flakes, unless you notice other symptoms like excessive scratching or hair loss.
Avatar n tn often its the grain in their diet, do you feed dry food thats full of grains and carbs and preservatives?
436973 tn?1217947089 * Dry, flaky skin and dull coat. * Allergies, rashes, hot spots, flea dermatitis, and food sensitivities. * Intestinal gas, diarrhea, undigested food in the stool, stool-eating.
Avatar n tn ( bladder stones or crystals are very common esp. in cats fed a diet of dry food....I know you trust the Vets advice...however I know Hills C/D is dry food and I will tell you (from my OWN experience also reading) that feeding wet food is the absolute BEST you can do for you kitty NOT that expensive Veterinary dry food NOOOOOO....no matter what the Vet tells you. Crystals(stones) are formed because of the dehydrated water depleted diet of dry food.....
Avatar n tn I try to put lotion on to help with dry skin and we use a water softener. I do not shower in real hot water so that can be ruled out as well. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs that live in the house, but my cats never made me itch in my previous home, and the dogs no longer sleep on the bed. However, I seem to itch only while I am in bed. We now use a hypo allergic detergent hoping that would help, but I still sometimes itch while trying to sleep.
Avatar f tn I have a 7-year-old cat that I adopted when she was about 2. She is spayed and up-to-date on vaccinations, lives mostly indoors but usually goes out for a few hours every day, and is treated monthly with Advantage. About 2 years ago, she started developing a skin issue. She gets scabs around her eyes, under her chin, and sometimes on her back and sides. Sometimes the skin around her anus becomes red and scabby and loses hair.
Avatar n tn Could be dry skin or mites, like ear mites in your dogs ears. Cats get these mites too. Check the dogs ears and if not, maybe could be simple case of dry skin or possible allergy. Check with your vet of course.
634218 tn?1228151139 Fall and winter are the perfect time for dry skin.
Avatar f tn Most of it - unless it is the very best from specialty pet stores - is full of grains and nasty by-products that can cause all kinds of problems including allergies, obesity and diabetes. All dry food is - well - dry. Cats are desert animals and were meant to get their water from their prey. They do not have a strong urge to drink water and can be dehydrated easily. A good quality canned food is much better then any dry food.
1153085 tn?1341301893 That could be causing dry skin. Brushing could be causing hair loss as well, and obviously the scratching. Or it could be just a seasonal shed. Long hairs and pure breds are really better off as indoor cats. They are more prone to diseases, and infections of all sorts due to inbreeding and having them outside just adds to the chances of picking something up from toxins or the feces of other animals.
3140169 tn?1342848421 2 vets have told me that the main part of their (I have 6 cats) diet should be wet food and to limit the amount of dry food! Mainly because of the high carbs in the dry food and that it will cause weight problems! My cats do have weight issues! So, what I do is feed them 1, 3oz can of wet food a day, usually around dinnertime for me! Then I give them about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of dry, usually around breakfast and that's it!
Avatar f tn t the problem, as with people, cats too gain weight when they consume a diet high in carbs and dry food is loaded in carbs...grains even potatoes anything for FILLERS. they are getting more fillers than actual protien. Its not going to be easy but I do suggest you get all your cats not only Spencer on a canned food diet. feed 2-3x's day....cats in general do not consume more than what they need, and canned food cats are rarely overweight.
514349 tn?1272801633 Also, you could dry the fresh catnip either in the oven (low heat) or by hanging it upside down in a dry, dark place until it crumbles when touched. So you can try fresh catnip again someday if you want but be sneaky and act like it's no big deal, just to fool them. Blessings to you & your furry friends.
Avatar m tn Is the Hills diet dry or canned? dry foods no matter how good or not good of a brand can lead to crystal formation b/c cats do not drink enough water to compensate for the dehydrated food.....remember a cats natural diet are mice and birds....along with the body fluids. by eating a dry food diet and lack of moisture crystals soon form leading to a condition called FLUTD. MALE CATS ARE ESPECIALLY PRONE TO THIS....these crystals are sharp and scrape the urethra as they pass thru.
Avatar n tn ve seen this behavior. For my cats, it was artificial dye in their food. I changed their food and it quit. It could be that your cats have an allergy to something in their food or treats. Or could be something else entirely. I'd ask my vet if I were you.
Avatar n tn You are not over washing your cat, and chemicals such as in wipes and dry shampoos are not healthy for your cat. When cats lick each others heads they are 'socializing' sometimes showing subservience to the alpha or if good buddies just realish in being together. Pay attention and you see that many times your cat will try and reach up to lick your forhead - this is a place to show you're being accepted as an important person in his life. I groom my cats at least once a month.
Avatar n tn We have a lot of cats especially male cats with crystals and this is cause by dry cat food. We always recommend you go to completely nature foods ie raw meats and maybe some human tuna to add variety. If you continue to feed dry food the crystals will come back as it was the cause in the first place. You will find it impossible for your cat to drink enough water to counteract the biscuits so it is best to save the trouble and go for raw natural foods...sorry...bestest.
931246 tn?1297902651 my Nemo has been free of crystals for over a year now since stopping dry food...I also mix a small amount of extra water in with his wet food b/c he doesn't drink alot....need to keep these crystals flushed out of the bladder...good luck. keep us updated.. http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Cats/Crystals/show/1455676?
Avatar m tn But with the dandruff like description and the winter months where heaters run and humidity tends to be lower in the house, it seems as if dry skin is a possibility. You might try a humidifier in the area she spends most her time. A fun thing to do is to be sure and oil her up with your hands with lots of petting, and you might even see if some flaxseed oil rubbed in might help things at all if the vet says it's okay for your particular cat.
Avatar f tn Their eyes are clearer and our older cats are playing like kittens again. In the beginning we slowly added this to their Science Diet Dry food a little at a time. This is a dry food with moisture in it and gluton free (be sure to get the gluton free stuff)! It is much more expensive, so much worth it! One of our cats had dry fur that shed all the time and now he never sheds except during the season changes and his fur is soft and it's just amazing! Good luck!!!!
Avatar n tn I should also add that I do have dry skin at times and sensitive skin BUT I have not changed soaps, lotion, laundry detergent shampoo etc and for this very reason....
Avatar f tn t worry about the chewing on plastic, cats seem to have an attraction to some chemical used in certain plastics, nothing to be concerned about just be sure he doesn't eat/swallow any of it. the pooing outside the box is usually b/c they are trying to tell you something is wrong...ie pain. they associate pain with the litter box and this can be either during voiding or defecating.....b/c you are seeing blood it could possibly be the bowel thats a cause for concern. Has he been constipated?
675347 tn?1365460645 I thoroughly soak the dry food in water first and both my cats really like it and they lap up all the excess water, too - less calories (one is sort of fat and could eat all day long), yet they feel more filled up. I also them feed them canned cat food twice a day. They're not picky eaters so they eat anything, but I wonder if this helps the "dry food problem." I buy them good quality food, but the canned food seems to be a lot more expensive.
Avatar f tn He runs, jumps, and plays with my other cats and chases them all over the house. However, in his old age he has lost ALOT of weight. My veterinarian did some lab on him about a year ago and everything was great. He told me older cats tend to do that and whatever he wants to eat, give it to him. I also give him steroids almost 2 out of 4 weeks in a month for allergies as he sneezes constantly.