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Avatar m tn You sure it's not just dry skin? Or did you recently have a yeast infection and itch yourself a lot? Try some vaseline. Also paps don't check for stds. They check for abnormalities in the vagina such as cancer.
3120796 tn?1342070053 Sometimes I may get bumps because of irritation and extremely dry skin, and when my skin gets dry, I may apply various lotions. Recently, my boyfriend and I had oral sex, (We have not had intercourse yet) and rub our genitals against each other ( he was tested months ago but tested negative). However, I have noticed more bumps than usual. But I am wondering if I never noticed them before because I rarely shave. The bumps don't look unusual, it looks like my skin, but raised.
Avatar n tn I had been observing how my labia grew larger and darker in color. And there are white uneven bumps surrounding it. These bumps are ‘3D’ like. And it sorta looks like rashes. I dont know how to explain this hut the bumps scared me so much and it gets worse if i stretched my labia. It seems like the whole labia is covered by this fungi like whitish bumps. Im so afraid. I cant go to the doctor as it will raises suspicion towards my parents because i had unprotected sex.
Avatar n tn the skin on the outer edges of my labia majora is very dry, even hard to the touch. the skin has been peeling as well. its not everywhere, just right next to my clitoris.
Avatar m tn Hi, not to worry, those with an established HSV infection in one area are basicly immune to contracting it in another, and when i say established, meaning had it for a few months. Do be careful with washing just as a precation but its not something to be overly concerned about happening.
1415174 tn?1453243103 I noticed the skin in the area of the (what I think is the labia minora) skin. It is the folds of skin on the opposite side of the clitoris towards the vagina but before you get that far. The two sides of the skin inside are rough in texture and before the skin was smooth. This seems to have changed within the last 3 weeks or so. I am peri-menopausal and haven't seen the skin as I don't have a mirror. But is this normal?
Avatar f tn But anyways, now today I woke up and my left labia is very dry, so dry that it has crusted and some parts, like right by the clit and and top edge feel hard and crusted. I recently got a new boyfriend and we just had sex for the first time about 2 weeks ago. I really hope this is not an STD. He's only had 1 other sexual partner. Also, I am a college student, living on my own, and I don't have very much money to get a whole bunch of testing done. My bank account is literally at $0.
Avatar f tn I have what looks like dry skin on my labia majoras just the top part of them I also have itching as well but that's all and it hasn't spread. Is it possible that it could be dandruff or an allergic reaction to sanitary napkins?
3147414 tn?1343146658 my symptoms are yellowish discharge, fishy odor, very dry skin on the labia majora, bump/pimple looking on the labia majora, and itchy. do you think it's due to unprotected or protected sex? or do you think it's due to my feminine pads? please comment back as soon as possible !
Avatar f tn Last week I noticed some itching and white discharge. Went and got monistat 7 and those symptoms went away in 2 days. I had one extremely small vaginal fissure up by my clitoral hood but it went away after 2 days. Now I have another one in a similar spot. It is in the folds of the skin and cannot even be seen unless I stretch the skin. It only stings to the touch. It is extremely shallow and dry, no oozing or fluid. No scabbing or blisters.
Avatar f tn I gave birth to a little boy early Dec 2007, all has been well until few weeks ago when i started itching on the lips of my vagina ( labia majora). After shaving i noticed the skin was inflammed and everytime i scrached it got worse. After few days the skin becomes so dry that when you pinch the lips the top skin starts peeling. This went on for like a week gets better and then it started all over again. I haven't used any medications yet.
Avatar m tn So, when I got checked out, I asked about these small white clusters on my labia, and my doctor said they were normal, something about normal lipid pockets? Something about the skin type that it was which is why they stopped in an exact line along the inside of my 'slit' [between the inner labia] because that's where it "changes from the labial skin to mucus membrane.
Avatar f tn recently i've noticed inner and outter labia swelling, i know its not an STD because i use condoms when i have sex, so that is out of the question. however my inner left labia has grown away from the clitorial area and my inner right labia is still attatch to the clitoris.Also around my clitoris is swollen well the whole area is swollen.And when i whipe i see alot of specks of skin on the tissue...
Avatar f tn Hello, I am 29 years old, have not had children and have had on and off issues with my labia feeling as though it is on fire, the skin itself is so sensitive to touch even the softest cotton underwear against my skin seems to get inflamed even more so. When I have gone to doctors for this they run test after test for yeast, bacteria, UTI, etc., and everything always comes back 'normal'. Sometimes I've been put on an antibiotic or sometimes not.
Avatar f tn For the past couple days, the top of my vulva (clitoris side) has be very sensitive and red, and I’ve also been experiencing peeling on my labia and it’s been quite dry.
Avatar n tn Not all Herpes outbreaks are identical for everyone,yes it is possible for the blister to break and fill up again during it's most active time,and no it doesn't always scab over particularly if you're showering daily and keeping the area dry and clean once the blisters do break,the scabbing is generally just dried up fluid that sits there once the blister breaks after which the dead skin where the outbreak has been will fall off itself .....
Avatar f tn I have no discharge, in fact, just the opposite, I am extremely dry down there, my left labia is swollen and just raw. My clitoris is extremely sore too, it's just plain dried out. Please someone help!! I really don't want to have to go through a doctor's exam if I don't have to. I prefer to try home rememdies when at all possible.
Avatar n tn The other day I noticed my labia is peeling. I've been searching online but nothing seems to quite match what is going on with me. Because that's all it is. It's peeling. It's not dry, it's not irritated, it doesn't hurt when I pee. There's no sores, nothing. Just peeling. Is this something that could possibly be serious?? I'm only worried because I'm not sure why it's happening and of course I fear the unknown.
Avatar f tn Not sure if this is from a yeast infection/from it. I've had a yeast infection before, but I've never seen these symptoms... First, I think there was a bit of itching on the labia majora. But I did shave recently, so I thought that it was because of that, and I saw no discharge, and there wasn't a change in smell. I was sexual with someone a few days before I saw these symptoms. The person gave me oral, and rubbed themself on me a bit with their penis. That was it.
Avatar f tn A couple days later, I woke up scratching the area between my right labia majora/minora. It has been 13 days, and my right labia majora has been fluctuating between swollen/itchy/red to somewhat normal. There actually seems to be a LACK of discharge, which is abnormal for me. Now onto the worst symptom. 7 days after the initial swelling of the right labia, when the swelling went down, I decided to wax and have intercourse.
Avatar f tn I thoughtless brushed my hands over my stomach because I was wondering how my skin got so dry. The dry skin flakes we floating off. I had used shared keys in order to enter the restroom, and I had touched the keys prior to brushing the flakes off my stomach. Then I changed my pad. If: 1. the keys somehow were touched by semen or period blood (shared restroom keys- restroom used throughout the day) 2. I touched them before brushing off my stomach 3.
Avatar m tn Although I do not recall coming into contact with blood I am afraid that the item I was retrieving from the trash can had trace amounts of blood. Afterwards I immediately touched my labia minora. About 2 weeks later I developed a severe sore throat and chest cold. Also, at about week 6 I developed a white coating on the tongue and I believe that I now have thick vaginal discharge (possible yeast infection).
Avatar n tn Nothing even to worry from skin to skin (mucous membrane to skin)? I guess the burning sensation on the outside of my penis could be from dry type masturbation (multiple) and purelling after the "incident"?
Avatar n tn First... labia on 1 side swells and itches, then swelling goes and delicate skin starts peeling leaving open wounds that are hard to heal.. Sore to pee and wear clothes. Is absolute nightmare... I'm going 2 docs 2moz 2 get something 4 it and 2 add 2 my notes that I have an allergy with trimethoprim and will Never take again. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn I started using a new razor to shave my pubic hair about 2 months ago (though Im not sure if it is the razors fault). I am noticing, what looks like, small raised skin bumps on my labia. they dont hurt, and are skin colored, but after a shave over them a few times it looks like they have white heads, which I can pick off (almost like scabs) and they bleed, just like skin would.
Avatar f tn Much to my dismay I noticed a month later a tiny looking cut around my labia and then several around the crack below my anus. The skin around it looked dry and almost chapped (like irritated from something but not crusty). Again, I had a culture taken ( testing for both HSV-1 and HSV-2) and this time a blood test for HSV-2. Results came back negative. However, again I have seen this tiny cut after having sex near my labia and one on my anus.
Avatar m tn If I remember correctly after about a week or 2 it has slowly flattened and healing like as if it was an in-grown scab with like drying/healing skin on top of the bump. Does this lead to any possible diagnose of an STD? Now it is one small bump definitely flattening, with a layering of dryness-like healing skin like what you'd find from an ingrown. there is definitely a hair on the corner of the bump growing.