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Avatar m tn You sure it's not just dry skin? Or did you recently have a yeast infection and itch yourself a lot? Try some vaseline. Also paps don't check for stds. They check for abnormalities in the vagina such as cancer.
Avatar f tn Hello Doctor, The skin on my labia majora has been dry, whitened, and itchy for the last year and a half. My gynecologist said it was just severely dry skin and to use vagisil for relief, but it only helps the itching. The area of whiteness has enlarged. I thought it was some form of dermatitis, maybe seborrheic, but nothing seems to help. I have tried applying lubriderm lotion, coconut oil, vitamin e preparations, selsun blue, and glycerin but they have not helped at all.
Avatar n tn For the last week, I have been contending with a very frustrating, very localized patch of extremely dry skin on the lowest outer right (only) labia. This skin, and at times the perineum, become very itchy - most often while sleeping. The 1/4 inch piece of my outer, extreme lower right labia has become very rough/dry, taught, and feels almost like a callous! The skin is not red or inflamed, there are no sores, no discharge.
Avatar m tn I've had a skin tag on my outer labia for a few years now. It's always bothered me a bit. I've opted to use a kit that uses natural ingredients to help the skin tag dry out and fall off. It's a bit large so I've used it twice, as per the instructions, spacing the applications a day apart. From what I understand it should be darker and smaller. However, it has swelled some and gotten paler. It is red and tender on the skin surrounding the tag but that is supposed to be normal.
Avatar f tn 17 years old, not sexually active. have dry skin patches on labia majora, that move outwards towards the inner thighs and down to the vagania and anus area. these dry patches are sometimes extremely itchy, and have flaky skin on the outside of the patch's shape, which are sometimes accompanied by itchy red bumps. sometimes these patches are get swollen and red. What is this?
Avatar f tn I occasionally would get a painful sore from ingrown hair or skin irritation on my labia majora. I had one recently (1 week ago)and decide to shave my vagina so I could treat and clean the sore. Unfortunately I think I used a dirty blunt razor. Now I have 10-12 PAINFUL sores (some with pus) erupting all over my vagina and severe skin irritation (partially due the regrowing hair) I have no health insurance and no money. I'm too embarrassed and scared to go to a free clinic.
Avatar f tn But anyways, now today I woke up and my left labia is very dry, so dry that it has crusted and some parts, like right by the clit and and top edge feel hard and crusted. I recently got a new boyfriend and we just had sex for the first time about 2 weeks ago. I really hope this is not an STD. He's only had 1 other sexual partner. Also, I am a college student, living on my own, and I don't have very much money to get a whole bunch of testing done. My bank account is literally at $0.
Avatar n tn I then shaved to see what was going on and oh my.......The lower part of my outer labia is red, swollen, and the skin is dry and flaky. I've never had a STD and the last time my boyfriend had sex was December 3, 2006. Here's where it get's weird. I saw my GNY on December 13 to get my birth control prescription and everything came back normal. Now just a month later I have a red, swollen, outer labia. Today is day 3 on the vagacil and it's only recommended that you use it 7 days in a row.
Avatar f tn I gave birth to a little boy early Dec 2007, all has been well until few weeks ago when i started itching on the lips of my vagina ( labia majora). After shaving i noticed the skin was inflammed and everytime i scrached it got worse. After few days the skin becomes so dry that when you pinch the lips the top skin starts peeling. This went on for like a week gets better and then it started all over again. I haven't used any medications yet.
Avatar n tn The other day I noticed my labia is peeling. I've been searching online but nothing seems to quite match what is going on with me. Because that's all it is. It's peeling. It's not dry, it's not irritated, it doesn't hurt when I pee. There's no sores, nothing. Just peeling. Is this something that could possibly be serious?? I'm only worried because I'm not sure why it's happening and of course I fear the unknown.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am 29 years old, have not had children and have had on and off issues with my labia feeling as though it is on fire, the skin itself is so sensitive to touch even the softest cotton underwear against my skin seems to get inflamed even more so. When I have gone to doctors for this they run test after test for yeast, bacteria, UTI, etc., and everything always comes back 'normal'. Sometimes I've been put on an antibiotic or sometimes not.
Avatar n tn I was doing an internet search for what could possibly be going on with me. I'm 22 years old and for the past 6 or so years, I have had dry ITCHY as all get out, flaky skin on my outer labia moreso on the left side than the right. I came across this website because of a thread (http://www.medhelp.org/forums/WomensHealth/messages/2890.html) but, unfortunately, the thread was closed for commenting. So, I have made this new one to hopefully get some answers.
Avatar f tn Try not wearing underwear or pants to bed and see if it helps. I found something online that says that helps to dry it out and stop the itching. It helped with me!
Avatar f tn So now my period is done but my skin is now the lips are red and irritated the skin is kinda lifted so you can see the little skin squares I have no bumps if I do it's from shaving or anything so I don't think it's herpes or anything like that but my skin gets really dry near my Anal where I can scratch off the skin.and is sometimes itchy ..
Avatar f tn The same advice applies though - if its under the skin, not an std. If its on the skin, it could be, but could also be staph, folliculitis, etc., and you need to see a doctor.
Avatar f tn 33 yrs. old, vaginal partial hysterectomy, still have the ovaries. new sexual partner for 6 weeks. I have sores on the inner labia near the clitoris that actually look like popped blisters with the skin rubbed off. Since having 3 kids my labia habe gotten "saggy" and the one side hangs low and protrudes out of the outer labia. I thought it was from rough sex, he does the Jack hammer thing once in a while. then thought it was from my undies or clothes rubbing on my skin there.
Avatar n tn the skin on the outer edges of my labia majora is very dry, even hard to the touch. the skin has been peeling as well. its not everywhere, just right next to my clitoris.
Avatar n tn my labia majora is red and shedding off skin. my labia minora is very itchy. i can't stop scratching when i wash it. do i have a disease or something? i had sexual intercourse over a week ago and ( i know this sounds eww but) borrowed underwear. i am 17, by the way. i shaved because i thought the itching of my labia minora was due to hair but just now, i noticed that my labia majora is red. i tried to put a baby lotion, thought it's just dry. but it hurts when i applied the lotion. please help.
Avatar n tn I have a sore (like the skin has been torn off) inside the labia majora. I applied vaseline for comfort when uriinating. It eventually healed. A week afterwards - it came back. Pink - as if you a scab had been removed on an arm) not hard pick - soft pink. Painful - why?
Avatar f tn My labia minora is dry and irritated to the point that skin is peeling off. The discomfort is external (it doesn't hurt to pee or whatnot) but continually rubbing against my panties is not making this easy. I haven't been to the doctor (gyno) in about 2 years but have been in a monogymus relationship for 3. What's up?
Avatar f tn How do i treat a cut on my labia? I got it last night during intercourse. I do think it was his teeth. it only stings when its dry or when i wipe after using the restroom. How do i prevent this as well.
Avatar m tn so i had sex last night and there wasnt a condom used and i was very dry, the sex was also very rough. i noticed this morning that my labia lips are extermly swollen an this is really freaking me out, they are about 3 times there size. it isnt sore but kind of numb at the top but near my openin is kind of sore when i walk. any ideas on what this would be?
Avatar f tn Hey, Recently, my (inner?) labia on one side is feeling uncomfortable. Uncomfortable, as in it feels albeit sore and maybe stiff- something like the equivalent of skin with a bad pimple? Only there are nothing visibly wrong with it, other than maybe a bit of swelling and a little redness, but I'm not sure if those are there, at all. (Before now I didn't really look so closely at my labia).
Avatar f tn Im sorry to hear about your story but since you said that he licked the hell outta you or sucked or whatever, maybe its just dry or a little bruised and needs some time to heal of let off the dead skin. OR I could be signs of a mild yeast infection.
Avatar f tn I was just sitting watching tv and I began to get really itchy out of nowhere on the left side of my vagina so I itched for a minute or too and then I got up to go to the bathroom to see if it might stop. The bottom part of the labia closer to the entrance was swelled up like a jellyfish. It pushed where the two sides come together all the way to my leg.
Avatar n tn I am 25 years old and for the past few years (6-7 years) I have been having problems with itching on my vulva (i think this is what it is called). The inner side of the labia where the lips folds. It gets very sore and I often break the skin from scratching and bleeds. As a result, I get this burning feeling when i urinate. I am not and have never been sexually active so i do not think it's STI. I have tried putting some moisturizing cream on when it gets sore and dry. But it hasn't work.
Avatar n tn I have a lump under the skin in my left labia majora. its a little pinkish and is painful when there is pressure put on it. i see a little white head thing and i do shave but its a little bit before where the hair grows. im really scared i have had it for about 3 days now. i've tryed to pop it but it hurts to much. im 19 and i am sexually active. i havent went to the doctors yet but i plan. any opinions on what it might be.