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984138 tn?1359816673 doxycycline is what they treat you with for lyme right? Odd thing but my gyno called me in that medicine for a common thing probaly yeast infection... i just talked to the recpetionist not the actual doctor because it was very minor she said. But anywho should i take it? Obviously i should but should i take it when im a positive for lyme but have no LLMD yet and my ID just got back to work today so shes catching up with everyhting and havent looked at my results yet.
Avatar n tn If your symptoms are not completely relieved, you need to go back to the doctor for further evaluation. Also, yeast infections in men are not very common, so it is possible something else is causing your symptoms.
Avatar m tn The doxycycline you took would cure most gonorrhea, all chlamydial infections, and NGU. If you had been exposed to syphilis, the doxycycline would have prevented that too. Finally, the pimple that you developed during therapy does not sound at all like an STI either. My advice is not worry further. There is no need for further testing or therapy.
Avatar f tn I agree that Vancomycin is an option instead of the metronidazole. Although Vancomycin also has it side effects. It is the next drug in line if you want to continue the drug route. It won't cause peripheral neuropathy. It is something to discuss. Yes a "friendly" yeast is a good addition to the probiotics. Since you are being treated right now with Nystatin. It may kill of the yeast for now but after the Nystatin is finished it will be a good addition. Some things to think about.
Avatar f tn They took a swab and looked at it under the microscope, came back with no yeast cells but a few white blood cells. She gave me a prescript for doxycycline 100mg 2 a day for 7 days for a bacterial infection. Finished them last Monday morning. The irritation had gotten better, but now there's a flat red rash that is peeling & sore. Is this a side effect of the medicine?
Avatar m tn If my girlfriend has been taking doxycycline for about two years, is it possible that she could have caught chlamydia and passed it on to me from a previous person she slept with. I recently got tested positive, but I am pretty sure the only person I could have gotten it from is here as that is when I started having symptoms. She also had an extremely bad yeast infection that felt different and more painful then previous infections.
Avatar n tn Ten days ago I tested positive for Chlamydia, negative for Gonorrhea. My doctor gave me a ten day treatment of doxycycline. I have taken the medication as instructed, however, ten days later I am finished with the medication, but my itching and burning still remains. It is not as bad as it was when I went to the doctor, but it still remains. This worries me. Is this normal? What should I do? I have an apt. scheduled for next week, but I am worried in the interim.
Avatar m tn My worry was he wasn't clear what it was she was being treated for. She was given Metranidazole which is for bacterial infections, I thought it was either BV or something similar. I know woman get thrush from time to time, so don't think it was that. Anyway since i've noticed a mild but dull pain in my testes, jelly like substance leaking from penis was passing stools, only once but odd. There is the odd mild stinging pain in my urethra that passes, mainly at the tip.
Avatar n tn it's not necessarily yeast, it could be Erythrasma (bacteria) Antibiotics do foster yeast infections, it's called Antibiotic candidiasis (also known as "Iatrogenic candidiasis") is a Candidal infection caused by antibiotic use.[1]:311 Antibiotic candidiasis can result from overuse or over-prescription of broad-spectrum antibiotics[2] (such as oxytetracycline commonly used for the control of acne).
Avatar n tn I said nothinga bout oral medications to prevent yeast infections. There is at least one that is effective for that purpose--not acidophilus, but fluconazole (Diflucan). Very effective.
Avatar m tn He ended up prescribing me 100mg of Doxycycline oral two times a day for two months and wants to see how I'm doing in a month. I've also had another doctor, kind of a Lyme literate doctor I guess, who I thought was really not ever going to treat me but it turns out he also wants me on 100mg of Doxycycline two times a day. So it seems that all the doctors I've seen who believe I have Lyme disease prefer to start off with Doxycycline. All my symptoms started in late September of 2012.
Avatar m tn Month later, prostatitis back. Urine to lab for analysis, urine culture, gono and Chlamydia; put me on 30 days of doxycycline. All tests clean. Near end of meds, got itchy; soon redness, pain, and itch focused in same spot as previous yeast. Used cream 2 weeks. Doc put me on lamisil. 10 days to heal. Started taking a probiotic (Syntol) when started the doxycycline. 5 months after affair, tested with HS ELISA HSV-1 and HSV-2 and also for HIV. All negative.
Avatar n tn Also, given the time that has elapsed (19 days), is it possible that I may still have a herpes outbreak? I have read that sometimes yeast infections are caused by an STD If I do not have one, is it possible for me to somehow diagnose that I do have it? I am asking this because I am concerned about inadvertently passing it on to a partner of mine in the future without ever knowing I had it, and I would hate to have that on my conscience when something could have been done about it.
Avatar n tn my doctor put me on doxycycline for a pelvic infection. The antibiotics gave me a yeast infection so I took a diflucan. A few days after finishing the Flagyl, the BV symptoms were back. Went to the doctor and was put on another round of Flagyl. Yeast infection came again. Took diflucan last night. Now, a few days after finishing the doxycycline, the pelvic infection is back. I WANT TO DIE!!! I am so sick of dealing with this! I just don't know where to go from here.
Avatar m tn Doxycycline can predispose to yeast, but only after at least 1-2 weeks of treatment; and yeast doesn't cause epididymitis. And yeast skin infections are not likely to cause the symptoms you describe for your scrotum. As for sexual activity (masturbation or otherwise) during epididymitis, it's probably safe, but you really need to check with the doctor treating you.
Avatar f tn I believe I have a uti with fungal yeast or something of that nature. I've been doing my research online but I still do not know what medication I need to take in order to get rid of it. I am on a budget and have been to a few clinics but none of the antibiotics have worked. These are the medications I have been on so far: doxycycline, bactrim, netronizazol and ciprofloxacin; they also prescribed me diflucan to make sire it wasn't a yeast infection at first...
Avatar n tn Now my boyfriend has prostatitis—likely linked to the yeast. He informed me that he ex-wife used to get yeast infections all the time. I never had a yeast problem before, despite ejaculatory sex and b.c. pills with my ex-fiancé. Could my new boyfriend have been carrying yeast from his ex and passing to me? Or is his prostatitis all my fault? P.S. his diet is terrible, all sugar, carbs and meat—not a veggie or fruit in sight—and he has chronic diarrhea.
Avatar m tn A week went by, still having abdominal pains and burning, I returned to the urologist, who checked my urine again and said everything was fine. Told him that my doctor thought it might be yeast and he did a urine culture for yeast which came back negative. He sent me back to my doctor for abdominal pain. I returned to my doctor around the 3rd of September complaining of the burning at the tip (not during urination, afterward), crotch discomfort like skin bacteris, and sore throat.
Avatar f tn This didnt help and a week after I went for another follow up with the same doctor, This time while he was examining me, because I was still showing those symptoms, he told me that he sees like it was a Yeast infection(that is for the second time I was diagnosed with this but with first time, Fluconazole didnt help) I was again prescribed a Metronidazole (4 tablets at once) and a vaginal cream terconazole.
369623 tn?1204728451 I was put on Flagyl and Doxycycline and started to feel better, though I developed a yeast infection. So I went back to the Dr. and was found to still have some white blood cells present. She gave me 2 creams one antibiotic and one for yeast. During the treatment I began to have unusual vaginal bleeding which concerned me so my DR. told me to stop treatment. Went back again last week and knew for sure this time that I did indeed have an infection due to the yellow discharge I was experiencing.
Avatar n tn 1. People who take antibiotics can get yeast infections but your symptoms do not suggest this. 2. You do not have HIV. 3. The tests are VERY accurate 4. If you had an STD, which is improbable, the azithromycin would have cured it. You do not need repeat STD testing. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn So im thinking it might be a yeast infection so some questions i wanted to ask 1. In cases of yeast infections in the penis/urethra is white blood cells in urine a symptom 2.Also is burning sensation when peeing and tingling sensation in shaft a symptom also ? 3. Is the welt i described on the tip of the penis that eventually crusted over (without bursting) a sign also 4. The cracks in the skin < are these signs of yeast infection 4.
Avatar n tn you might want to talk to you DR about trying something for a bacterial infection like cleocin because sometimes bacterial infections are mistaken for yeast. Terazol used to work for me sometimes, but not aleays. Good luck and I hope you're feeling better.
Avatar n tn Otherwise, s/he probably will want to do a urine culture and perhaps check you out for less common infections, like yeast. But I don't have any other bright ideas.
Avatar m tn He took a swab test, urine sample and gave me 7 days of doxycycline 100mg x 2. I also went to a private clinic for an HSV blood test -- they said it was highly accurate and "would separate out any false positives/negatives". Both doctors said it did not look at all like herpes, but that if so it was most likely not the primary outbreak. The irritated feeling began to subside, but then I drank a beer and urinated.
Avatar f tn What tests are there for ballanitis, yeast, and fungal infections? Also, what are the cures for these things? Are there home remedies I could do preemptively? I won’t be able to go to the doc for another week or so.
Avatar n tn I have been with my current boyfriend now for over a year and have only experienced three yeast infections (one of which is happening now. I thought maybe it was due him shaving his lower regions but I also have looked at when these have occured and its when I have been extremely stressed at work and the seasons are changing so I'm taking allergy medicine.
Avatar n tn In late October I got a UTI, no burning or stinging but pain in my lower stomach/bladder, tickling, sensitive clitoris after urination, feeling like I have to pee often, and just an uncomfortable feeling at times mostly during and after urination, but I waited a few months to go to the doctor, I know bad idea, but I thought that whatever I had would go away on it's own anyway I went and my urine was tested, and I was told it had blood and white blood cells in it, indicating an infection, my urin
Avatar m tn Also I've read that cranberry is actually awful for infections. Bacteria such as e coli thrive in acidic environments and make their cell walls thicker, inhibiting the effectiveness of antibiotics. Drinking it/ taking the caps can provide temporary relief by killing off weak bacteria but can make things worse in many cases. Regardless of whether this is true, you don't really want acidic urine when your urethra is inflamed.
Avatar m tn so you were seen and they didn't test you for yeast or bacterial vaginal infections ? did she do an internal exam on you?