Does tattoo laser removal work

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Avatar n tn Does the nd:yag tattoo removal machine, work in the same way to remove post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Will it be suitable for me.
Avatar f tn The doctor basically gave me the options of laser treatment to remove the tattoo or to cut the tattoo out which will leave a big scar. But I know this Dermatologist to be very conventional and mainstream his thinking so I am researching other options. Since someone mentioned a possible fungal infection as the cause of the rash I'm going to try colloidal silver spray for a few weeks starting tonight.
Avatar n tn I want to get it covered up with another tattoo. I tried laser removal, and it seriously hurts more than childbirth so i never went back. i have been reading articles whether or not it was safe to get a tattoo while pregnant and i'm confused. Although there is no medical proof that getting a tattoo while pregnant is dangerous to the fetus, some articles say yes, others say no. What do you guys think?
Avatar n tn Hey girl. I'm 18 and have had the same problems you have since I was 12 or so. Words of advice: Do not shave! I did when I was 13 and have regret it ever since. Its gotten so bad I'm looking at laser hair removal. As for the stretch marks I have then and so does my sister. I'm 5'7" and she's 5'11" (but she's only 16.) She had very dark deep red/pink scars on her sides and legs and mine were similar.
Avatar f tn By PAT GROSSMITH New Hampshire Union Leader Staff 12 hours, 26 minutes ago A Concord father whose 14-year-old son was tattooed with derogatory words and an image on his buttocks by bullies said the teen didn't tell him or his mother about the tattoo because he did not want to disappoint them.
233488 tn?1310696703 This does not refer to removal of sun damaged tissue that is growing over the cornea called pterygia (singular pterygium). It does refer to surgery to remove pinguecula, thick tenon fascia or fat from the eye surface just to improve cosmetic appearance. Technically this is called "regional conjunctivectomy with or without post operative injection of mitomycin and/or bevacizumab".
Avatar m tn I have hypopigmentation from laser hair removal on my legs it has been 3 months did the ginger work for you? I have been so stressed out also.
Avatar m tn Ari H, can you share the name of the clinic in Israel? Does the clinic use laser assisted surgery? Have they had much experience with the Symfony? Did you consider micro monovision for the non dominant eye to help with near vision?
Avatar f tn My physical activity has been reduced to a minimum compared to the level of physical activity previous to the surgery. I wonder if the implant does not show the typical symptoms of rejection because of nightly bronchial and nasal steroid inhalations. The implant looks good on scans and xrays. I am not so good. I am living a life of an inactive person because I have no tolerance for exercise. I love to exercise and my dogs need a walk!!!
Avatar n tn I am pretty sure a dermatologist can use a laser to help with the scarring it is expensive though. It is a little like tattoo removal which I know some drs will do free for former inmates. Maybe you could find a caring dr. to help you. It never hurts to ask you may get lucky. If the scars are fresh they make silicone sheets that you can put on the scars and leave them on as much as possible they really help. Also retin a or renova can greatly help fresh scars. That requires a prescription.
Avatar n tn I wonder if laser hair removal is an option. At this point, I'd go for that if it would stop these painful lumps.
Avatar n tn Nothing else seemed to work so I gave it a shot. It really does heal/close the cuts overnight. Like the above response noted, it may not cure the "condition", but it sure does help to lessen the uncomfortableness. There is a catch that I have been told about regarding medication with cortisone in it. It does thin the skin after very long periods of constant use, so this is not something that should be used every day.