Does anxiety and depression go away

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Avatar n tn Go on website for your symptoms and also for anxiety if that is what you think it is, but go see doc again and tell him this is serious.
Avatar n tn Will this ever go away? I used to be this go out and do kinda girl nevre really worried about anything except school and what not. I want to gain control of my life back and the people around me just keep telling me that i am fine and that there is nothing wrong with me but it is not helping. Not to mention fiance won't even try to understand what is going on here. Can i do it without the use of medication? Can anyone suggest anything that they have done that has helped.
5220368 tn?1367690445 Try getting out in the sun and going for a walk. Get done up and go out. Try to get up and moving and out of the house. Also force yourself to only focus on the positive not the negative. I'm 2 weeks out and these are some things that have helped me. Good luck and hang in there.
2065348 tn?1331078807 Get on and live your life like nothing is wrong and it'll go eventually. But if you have depression/anxiety you should make sure you go to your doctor. I'm 30 and never knew I was anxious until now.
Avatar f tn To: Dr. My son was murdered in Jan, 2005 and I've since been treated and diagnosed with PTSD - however, I was previously being treated for depression. When I was tested last year the psychologist stated that I had severe depression, with PTSD & severe anxiety and panic disease with possible OCD and maybe some personality disorder.
1763313 tn?1313882057 In my experience, it can be confusing, scary and overwhelming when we first start to go through this. Anxiety and panic definitely has its peaks and valleys and can be very frustrating. Initially, my wife was just as scared and confused as I was but that is a natural reaction to something we do not understand in my opinion. Therapy is expensive, but that was the route that helped me the most, however, have you looked into group therapy?
Avatar m tn I have taken 2 days sick to try and get perspective on the whole thing and decide whether I gamble it and go with the pt job or stick where I am and not cope or something else. I think that everything has just mounted up and the pt job option was the preverbal straw that broke the camels back as it where. If I take it, I have the concerns mentioned above.
3111729 tn?1341760424 The good news is, with treatment, you can get the anxiety to a manageable level, and live a normal life. We see anxiety triggered by pot and other drugs on the anxiety community all the time. It's a common occurence. The trigger, or cause of a person's anxiety becomes far less important than what he or she does about it. To reassure you, the weed did not harm you or "damage" you in any way, that's a common worry.
Avatar n tn My daughter has been without lortab for 2 plus weeks, the problem now is the depression/anxiety that wont seem to go away. She now has asked to go to a doctor but she wants me to call ahead and talk to the nurse about her symptoms. Her fear is that he will some serious questions that will make her cry and turn into mush...She does not want to tell him about her lortab problem she is a nurse.
Avatar f tn well i'm not a doctor and this is just my personal statement....please do not take that the wrong way.... you might have anxiety and depression but the problems you experience, and i can only go after what you have stated it sounds you like you have a problem with your step dad and not the noise only. his presents is what you don't like and everything he does and every sound that comes from him irritates you. medication can help you with anxiety but not if you like someone or not.
6389103 tn?1390502802 I am in the same boat.
Avatar n tn I have recently started taking Wellbutrin for depression and anxiety. One of the side effects I am having is agitation and irritability. As a teacher and a mother these side effects are not very tolerable. Will the agitation/irritability lessen or go away? Or will the side effects always be there? How long will it be before I can feel a change?
Avatar f tn Some side effects don't go away or get worse and you need to switch. This is again something your doctor should have taken the time to explain to you about this genre of medication. I suggest you call your doctor. Tell him that you felt lightheaded and have now stopped taking the meds. Nobody can force you to take them if you don't want to. Perhaps in your case, you should try therapy without meds for awhile and see if that works. It does for many people.
Avatar n tn i have tried a lot to help myself(seeing a psycologist,and medical doctors,and have taken serzone for a month then switched to amitrypleline, and have changed my lifestyle) and i still feel symptoms of anxiety and depression at times. will this ever go away? or do i need to do more? p.s.-i have a grandmother who has alzheimers and had a grandfather who had parkinsins diesease. i want to know if those are in any way hereditary?
Avatar n tn Where does my doctor get the 30%? I'm sorry if I sound upset but I have 2 little ones aged 2 and 5 and I just lost a friend to Breast Cancer which, after a mastectomy, and chemo, metastasised to the meninges of the brain. She left behind a 3 year old daughter. I'm so scared. I'm feeling tingling and pain in my breasts but I don't know if it's just my anxiety. I have no oozing nipples, no red patches, no dimpling, and there is no history in my family and yet, the fear is burning me up.
398624 tn?1266273049 I just wonder if this sounds like it could be depression and anxiety combined that makes me so dizzy and all? It's just that feeling this sick makes me so unhappy. If I didn't feel so bad all the time, I could deal with things. Can depression or anxiety make you where you don't want anyone to touch you (not sexually) just the slightest touch or noise will adjetate you? Can it make your head and eyes feel really funny? When I look at things, they don't look real.
Avatar f tn ) so she was then able to absorb nutrients essential for serotonin production. Not only did GERD and LPR go away, so did her severe clinical depression and severe anxiety disorder! An excellent article is from Integrative Psychiatry on Serotonin. Excerpts from the article...
Avatar f tn I've been suffering from depression and anxiety, and i've had it for quite a while but only acted on it very recently. I see someone about once a week and it does help but i just want to be able to talk properly with someone. I cant talk to my friends because what am i meant to say?
Avatar n tn Haven't had a pill in 2 weeks used a small amount of sub for detox, worked fine, but I'm listless and sad and nervous. On top of that my Girl and I just bought a house and we close in 2 weeks. I'm not me.....anyone.....anyone........Bueller?
7527404 tn?1391638060 anyways a year passedand i finally went to the walk in clinic, he told me i had anxiety and depression and put me on flouxetine. it worked at first and ive been taking them for almost 3 months now and thought they were working good. but now for a couple days ive been feeling really down again, harming thoughts, cant sleep good at night and really hard to breath. cant stop yawning caus ethats the best way to get the most air. what is happening? will my mental issues EVER go away?
Avatar f tn If that doesn't work, ask your doctor about meds, depression can be dangerous, and doesn't necessarily go away after birth.
Avatar f tn I started with the symptoms last week and I thought they would go away. My therapist said that my anxiety and depression would get better and I would have peaks and troughs, I guess this is a trough. I don't think the doctors know what to do with me and they are just hoping I come round on my own but this is the hardest time. I think i'll ring my therapist cos I'm a bit stuck in it. What are you doing about your job? Are you on sick pay? Do you think the tablets made you worse?
Avatar f tn Back in sept 06 I started having bad anxiety and now I fell depression and I am on antidepressants for the anxiety. I have female problems as well that have gone worse. Does perimenapause or menapause cause anxiety ? Is there blood test so they can determine if I am near menapause?
Avatar f tn I was also very young like your daugher when my first symptoms of Severe Uni-polar Depression and Anxiety manifested, and head pressure (deep inside my head) dizziness and nausia were some of my most profound initial symptoms. I had also been convinced that I was sick or that I was suffering some undiagnosed physical condition. Unfortunatly after months of just about every test known to man, I was found to be physically healthy.
Avatar f tn There are too many young business men out there today without scientific flesh on their bones.... For me, Remeron (mirtazapine) took anxiety away and helped me cope very well with my dperession. The results were absolutely not immediate and it only dulled down the feeling of being overwhelmed, and really: That was enough. I leant a whole great deal on the AD's and trusted them with all I had. I had no other choice. After 10 days it's no idea to give up. Start looking for alternatives.
Avatar n tn I took Fluvoxamine (similar to Remeron) 50 mg and Clonazepam (similar to Ambian) 2mg and mianserin 60mg all at night for 10 years because of depression, anxiety and personality disorder.
Avatar f tn I feel like it’s the Sertraline but I don’t know because before I started it I had the week of thoughts but than they left but now 2 weeks in to meds there back. I feel it helped the anxiety but maybe caused some sort of weird depression and it’s making me constantly scared I’m gonna harm myself? I really don’t want to and argue with the thoughts every time I get them but they always come back and I don’t understand and I’m scared of them... any advice?