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551343 tn?1506834118 If my doctor or specialist does not believe FMS exists, do I still have FMS and if I do how do I really know and what do I go about it? 3. If I suspect FMS, how does the diagnosis really help me? Can I not go to my family doctor and ask for some prescription for my symptoms instead? Is there a significant difference in meds for FMS, or is this marketing? Or are they the same ones? 4.
528396 tn?1217529613 and one in April where I ran fever of 103 for a week each, I am so weak, I don't want to do anything, I don't want to talk to anyone, I can sleep for days and then can't sleep at all, I get dizzy when I stand, I have gone from about 150 pounds to maybe 115 since Feb. I have had all blood work, urine, cat scans, mri, etc and once my hyperthroid tested slightly positive but no meds were given.
Avatar f tn I do have kidney disease and thought the headaches and memory issues where related to that, but the BP has been very good so I was confused by the headaches and the memory issues have been going on for awhile just thought it was a part of having a chronic illness, I've had numbness and tingling in my right leg and right arm, lots of pain in various areas of the body that was/is chopped up to Fibromyalgia. What do I need to know when I see the specialist?
4128244 tn?1350077211 I was told to follow up with an ultrasound and repeat bloodwork in 6 months. Since then, (even before then) I have become so tired I sleep 12 to 15 hours a day. I can't concentrate, my memory *****, I'm losing hair like crazy, I have terrible "eye headaches?", I don't eat hardly at all, I have dry skin (always have), my nails are weak and brittle, and I am consumed with pain, despite pain medication. My eyes are always puffy, yet I am dehydrated. I have terrible acne.
Avatar n tn I took the quiz for CIFD and don't have that or just Chronic fatigue, nor do I seem to have fibromyalgia. I will definitely have my doctor check on my adrenal gland. Thanks to both.
Avatar f tn Try not to worry--I tell myself that MS is not something I want to have, but if I do then there is nothing that I can do about it--If that's the diagnosis then I will treat and manage it as best as I can and will not be conquered! :) Feel better.
Avatar n tn i cannot tell a lie, sometimes i need an extra dose, and i DO NOT recomd. this for anyone else, and I AM NOT TELLING YOU TO DO THE LATTER PART OF WHAT I HAVE TO DO! Yes, your adventures sound very familiar, it's to bad that we at times are in the dark about our own illnesses. it's a good felling for me to have been preparing for a test, and then find out that today we're having a quiz. i would pull on what i've heard, saw, and read.
Avatar m tn There is alot of research papers I read that scares the living **** out of me about Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer being a possible outcome of Chronic EBV. I am sure I am wrong to do this, but when I here someone say they have Fibromyalgia or CFS I roll my eyes. It is tied to so many quakery sites.
Avatar f tn ” He also warned me that if I caught a cold right now I would become extremely sick so I need to be careful…I have been careful all along, so I just have to continue to do so. Hand wipes are my constant companion wherever I go. Does anyone have any input on EBV antiboies and bringing them down?
182493 tn?1348056515 i also just wanted to mention in case i didnt tell you, i have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and its not fun, so if you have any questions i might be able to help you in that area, although its a fairly new diagnoses to me also, but have done alot of online research on it...
Avatar f tn Also, my grandma had died, so i guess you could say it was sort of the perfect storm for a migraine, huh? I love drinking coffee so I drink that a lot. I don't smoke or do drugs of any sort. Now, moving on to present day, I've been running again (the first time since my last migraine) and dieting again (eating more than before, but not enough still), and I got my second migraine. This one started out on the left side this time.
Avatar f tn Standing in any line is something I dread, but if there is a wall or a fence to hold on to, I'm somewhat better off. The first thing I do if I have to go to an event is seek out a chair. I've just come in from walking my dog and because it is such a beautiful spring day, there were lots of people out there doing the same thing. Although I love walking my dog, I'm not comfortable in social situations and dog people love to socialize and talk about their dogs.
551343 tn?1506834118 So now a retrovirus isnt that a DNA thing (GENE).? I too have posted a comment, I liked yours go girl. So many people out there who are ignorant about M.E. SADLY EVEN doctors.
1220571 tn?1274844795 You have no idea, then again, maybe you do, how much I would like to just go off of everything, and see what happens, I won't, but oh is it ever tempting. This must sound garbled...thank you, so very much for your time and caring.
Avatar m tn With the very little medical knowledge I have I can't really make any rhyme or reason as to the spread. Once again I'm not pretending to be a doctor, but I would think it might take an infection differing amounts of time to invade different parts of the body, depending on how it was spreading. I'm really going out on a limb here, but her neck was the first joint to experience this, and it's also close to a very large artery. Her knee would be close to a large artery as well.
Avatar n tn I have always had 20/20) - floaters in right eye - headaches (not as bad as a few months ago though) - stiff neck - pressure in sinuses/forehead, especially if I bend over (I do have a deviated septum) I had a brain and spine MRI (clear- but that was 1 year ago), CT scan of neck (clear), xray of neck (clear), xray of chest (clear)...My blood work shows no autoimmune disease and the only values that were elevated were lymphocytes, D. Bilirubin and slightly elevated ESR.
Avatar f tn I know that isn't spelled right but you get the idea. Yea, I tell people I have MS because I know I do, in my heart of hearts I do, and I told the last neuro that I probably would die before it was confirmed but I knew even if he wasn't willing to solve the puzzle. I have symptoms that would allow me assistance with equipment and supplies if diagnosed.
Avatar m tn Since I saw improvement in my thinking, I felt confident that I could do this and stick with it and have for over 5 years now. I will never go back to fentanyl again. That drug took too much away from me and the deception is that I did not even know it. When I began to think clearer, I noticed an overall feeling of better sleep, wanting to eat and clearly thinking now. It is a rough road as I mentioned but worth every second invested so PLEASE STICK WITH IT!!!!
Avatar f tn I hope they help. Sometimes, if I have lots of rest, I can feel almost normal, but symptoms return if I do a few hours of activity. So frustrating. Have good and bad days but, lately, more bad days. God Bless you All.
Avatar n tn It also says in the letter if I have any questions before my next visit I can call. But it will be Tues. before, the office is open again. I do have a bx scheduled for Tues. June 8th. I know I am being impatient here, but it is my behavior to always be one to worry. Thanks you guys for being here to help. Always...
Avatar f tn I am being forced to cold turkey withdrawal from all meds I was taking for fibromyalgia and I don't know what to do. I was prescribed percocet 5/325 5x daily, ultram 50 4x day, and Valium 2x/day (final dosing). My pain management clinic kept upping my dosage because of tolerance and also because I take care of my adult son with a TBI as well as work a very stressful job full time.
Avatar n tn Is this common that with the weather changing that the EBV gets worse! What other things do I have to look for? I have read that there is Chest Wall Pain, General Pain In The Chest And Back, Severe Headaches.....are these common?
Avatar m tn I have not had a severe w/d on my taper. I had to do the same amount of med for 2 days then step down one pill every other day. On the first day of the next step, I did feel a little punchy (agitated). But the 2nd day of the reduced dosage I felt great. Then the next day I would step down and felt that agitation again. And so on. Here's the thing that gets to me: I was expecting my pain to really flare up.
Avatar n tn Sometimes ( a lot of the time) the neuros don't know what is causing these symptoms and symptom management (Lyrica, Neurontin, anti-depressants) is all you can do as well as watch and wait for progression or regression. I hope I have helped. I have been so helped by so many posters on this site!
Avatar n tn I think I will use the saline rinse, Singulair and NasaCort and see how I do this summer. If I get really bad again I guess I'll have to try the shots. I do not sneeze or cough. Guess we just have to wait it out or cure ourselves. I hold down my couch most of the time, also. Just try to get to work and home. What a life.
Avatar f tn Yes, we don't want to kill the patient, but if they are going to do it anyway, I have to think what I would do? Know what I mean?
Avatar n tn I noticed that for me, the orange tongue correlated with how sick I felt (mind you I do/did have other complicating factors not necessarily relevant to the orange tongue theory so I'll spare you). Long story short- I found a doctor who finally treated me for Lymes with Doxycycline and I low and behold, I got better and consequently--no more orange tongue (it's been a year since treatment).