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551343 tn?1506834118 // I was well chuffed as I did the quiz and got 100 per cent lol. I am wondering now if i should perhaps see my GP about fibromyalgia i dont suppose it can do any harm, but i am not sure if she knows what it is either lol.
Avatar n tn when they can't find obvious abnormalities on testing. I also got the fibromyalgia diagnosis. True fibromyalgia has specific diagnostic criteria. You must have 11 out of 18 tender points for diagnosis. A lot of doctors just throw this diagnosis at you because they can't find anything else. I was diagnosed by 3 doctors with this. Not one of them checked for the tender points. Anyway, another point to remember...
Avatar n tn the last couple of days I have started with twitching all over my body mostly in my feet and legs and a vibrating feeling in my legs Im freaking out about ALS but could this be fibromyalgia? my body is sore from all the twitching and pain twinges! Im a 26yr old female any advice!
Avatar m tn I was given the diagnosis of Ebstein Barr over 20 years ago. I also have Fibromyalgia and Polymyalgia. EBV and Fibromyalgia are very real. I had to learn to live differently. I was always looking at what I could no longer do and felt useless and depressed. A therapist suggested instead to look at what I could do each day, even if it was to get dressed and out of bed at first. It sounded crazy, but slowly I stopped trying to be who I once was and learned to love who I am now.
Avatar f tn I'm somewhat of a hypochondriac and care a lot about my health so I've been told by some doctors that I could have anxiety and may cause some of these problems myself. I'm going to the doctor on Monday, so if anyone knows of any good questions for me to ask, that'd be really great. Anyone else have any of these symptoms? Can anyone shed some light on their experiences with any of this?
Avatar f tn I found out that CFS and fibromyalgia are only symptoms from my doc., meaning its a list of symptoms that has been slapped with a name and not the cause of the problem.
1220571 tn?1274844795 Then you can call their offices and say that you need to make an appointment with a good thyroid doctor but would like to ask one of the nurses a few questions first. Then you can quiz them about insurance coverage, cost and time to get an appointment. Also, ask if the doctor is willing to treat a patient for symptoms, by testing and adjusting free T3 and free T4 levels as necessary to relieve symptoms. Also ask if the doctor is willing to prescribe natural, dessicated type thyroid meds.
Avatar n tn Twotells???? Mike????? anybody what do you think????? It also says in the letter if I have any questions before my next visit I can call. But it will be Tues. before, the office is open again. I do have a bx scheduled for Tues. June 8th. I know I am being impatient here, but it is my behavior to always be one to worry. Thanks you guys for being here to help. Always...
Avatar f tn You say they can't do MRI and won't do LP - what tests have they done to look for reasons for your symptoms? Sorry for all the questions - but there are some great people on this site who may be able to give you some advice with a bit more info. Take care and all the best to you. Happy Holidays!
Avatar n tn I have panic attacks every day about what it could be...I've thought Lyme, fibromyalgia,...and of course a brain tumor... I have seen a neurologist, an allergologist, an ENT, an ophthalmologist, an infectious disease specialist, and of course a one can tell me what is wrong with me. This is what I have: - tingling in limbs - shooting pains all over - macular edema in left eye (retinal swelling, blurry vision.
Avatar f tn I'm confused by her wanting me to stop as it was supposed to be helpping me improve my muscles which feel so weak and super tight like I can't relax them. She also said I can stop the neurontin as it's probably not improving anything and not helpping my feeling constantly fatigued. I asked her if this could be fibromyalgia...a long pause with..."I guess it could be". She asked what the rhumatologist thought. I told her a combo of myopothy and fibro.
Avatar n tn It certainly sounds like you could have CFIDS >> These are some of the symptoms listed on the CFIDS Association of America website... you may want to take their quiz, "Do I Have CFIDS" ?
Avatar m tn no matter how much meds he/she needs but are not willing to accept that person with fibromyalgia on Morphine pump taking huge amounts of opiates is not Walter
Avatar f tn I am being forced to cold turkey withdrawal from all meds I was taking for fibromyalgia and I don't know what to do. I was prescribed percocet 5/325 5x daily, ultram 50 4x day, and Valium 2x/day (final dosing). My pain management clinic kept upping my dosage because of tolerance and also because I take care of my adult son with a TBI as well as work a very stressful job full time.
Avatar f tn It may not mean anything, but then again it may be important. Any questions you think about, write down. That way, when you see the doctor, pull out the notebook and ask away. You don't have to rely on memory and realize you forgot to ask something important later. Also write down his answers and get him to spell things - doctors like using big words :) - so you can research on your own. FYI: 1 cm is 10 mm. Good luck and keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Yes, I have heard of twelve weeks double-dosing, but not in terms of previous rapid responders. But then again, I haven't had the opportunity to quiz your doctor on the "whys" of his treatment plan as perhaps you will assuming the spirit moves you.
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