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Avatar f tn Make sure you read all labels on any processed foods. There are some wonderful sites on the web that have loads of recipies that will help you, and you can find lists of foods that are safe and not safe. It will seem difficult at first - sometimes impossible - but it just takes time to sort through things until eating gluten-free will seem like second nature.
Avatar n tn and because of the holidays, many foods and desserts are spiked with traces of alcohol...other than that, I'm stumped. When can they tell you what it is from?
290018 tn?1240369468 Finally, here's a list of products Casein is added to: http://www.casein.com/products.htm Utilization Properties: The Film-Coat Formation, Thickening, Stabilization, Gelling, Emulsification, Fat Blocking, Water Absorption, Adhesive Blocking, Dough Formation. Uses: Dietary Supplement Supplement proteins for use in pharmaceuticals , from infant to convalescent to geriatric foods and dietetic products.
Avatar n tn Cut back on high calorie snack foods and desserts like chips, cookies, cakes, and full-fat ice cream. Eating too much of even healthful foods can lead to weight gain. Watch your portion sizes.
872485 tn?1240607162 I had an A1C test and it came back at 6.4%. He said he wants me to follow a diabetic diet and exercise and have retest in 6 months. My fasting BS was 88, so that's good. I was told in college (I"m 34) that I had hypoglycemia and both my grandparents (one on each side) has diabetes. Does 6.4 mean I'm prediabetic? diabetic? Thanks!
Avatar m tn If you suspect you are at risk, for health, cut added sugars from your diet and reduce intake of processed foods. If you are diabetic, then low carb diet and meds, if necessary, is typically effective approach.
Avatar n tn It is not just sugar like in dessert and cholcolate that make you diabetic. It is the carbs in foods. I was not a real big dessert or candy bar person either. My down fall is I like pasta and white bread and potatoes. All kinda bad for you--they are processed crabs. Try to stay away from these foods, also because a food says it is sugarfree--you need to look at the carb content. The dietician will explain serving size and portions to you--along with really good foods to eat.
Avatar n tn It could be that he just went too long without food and his body needed those carbs in order to have enough energy to wake up. If, on the other hand, he ate lots of foods with a high glycemic index before he went to bed, such as sweet juices, pizza, fries, etc., then what may have happened was more of a reaction to those foods and he may be a child who needs a diet more focused on low-glycemic-index foods. Here is a website that might provide more info for you: www.hypoglycemia.
Avatar f tn My blood sugar is just fine, same as its always been. 60-90 fasting and 120 to 130 after a big meal. (On a diabetic glucose monitor.) Came back at 100 after the glucose test.
Avatar f tn Also remember it's not just sugary foods you need to avoid. There are certain foods that will turn into sugar after digesting. Eat small portions healthy and a lot of water. After you eat go for a walk. That's how I got though with my first pregnancy when I was told I had it. No medication just eating healthy and checking my blood. Had a healthy baby girl weighing 5lbs instead of the 9 lb estimate my dr gave me.. The estimate was given just by measuring my stomach.
Avatar n tn I am 22 years old and have been dating a 24 year old type 1 diabetic for the past year and a half. He's had diabetes from the age of 7. He eats alot of sugary foods, including ice cream and cookies and cake without discretion. He'll eat a big bowl of honey bunches of oats in the morning, have a sandwich or pizza for lunch, pasta for dinner and usually have a dessert, like a giant bowl of ice cream or popsicles, etc.
Avatar m tn In time, taking in too much sugar can lead to diabetes, which will lead to heart disease, renal disease, peripheral vascular disease, diabetic retinitis (blindness), diabetic peripheral neuropathy, and the list goes on and on. But again, let's look at the big picture. What we're talking about here is a "lesser of evils." The best possible thing you could do for your body would be to eliminate any and all sugar from your diet.
Avatar f tn - Coconut cream (ideal for cooking and desserts); it can be thickened with a little rice starch if need be. It is very high fat and this will help slow sugar absorption. Coconut oil: We cook everything in this. Ideally the unbleached form. Eggs, nuts (if she can have these). We use almond milk for drinking. it is low carb. Meats; as much as she likes. Let me know how you are going. I will do what I can to help support you.
483733 tn?1326802046 Truth be told, they were never NEEDED in the first place! Most of these children were being 'poisoned' on a daily basis with the very foods that were 'better for them than sugar.' It is also suspected that the Aspartame in thousands of pallets of diet Coke and diet Pepsi consumed by men and women fighting in the Gulf War, may be partially to blame for the well-known Gulf War Syndrome. Dr. Roberts warns that it can cause birth defects, i.e.
Avatar m tn I have been experiencing some symptoms of UC again from November until the present (rectal bleeding, mucousy and loose stools, diarrhea, sensitivity to certain foods); they are, however, much, much less extreme than they were even when I was on medicine for UC (which I am not now). The "lighter" symptoms of UC, such as a squeaky stomach and sensitivity to certain foods, have been nearly absent or occur very infrequently.
Avatar n tn It is refreshing to read everyone's take on lifestyle. I decided to change my diet after recovering from the chemotherapy and avoid processed foods, sugar and the "white foods"; all this on the advice of a nutritionist. While I think her recommendations were essentially good, I found that I couldn't stick with her plan. I also wasn't able to gain back any of the 30lbs that I lost. Now I allow myself to eat the rich desserts and have that glass of wine with dinner.
Avatar n tn I understand your question, but I *think* the real question you are asking if whether or not you should be concerned about possibly having diabetes. If you had fasting blood glucose readings of 138 and 140, then the answer is "yes"... and yes, your diet and eating habits certainly can have an effect on your lab tests. But: the A1C is essentially an "average" of the amount of glucose loaded on your blood cells over the past 3 months.
Avatar m tn My husband starts to urinate more frequently and gets up in the middle of the night when he has drunk too much alcohol and too many surgary and refined foods. He is diabetic and also has an enlarged prostate. Sorry, but I can't imagine "the obvious reasons" why you can't see your doctor. Can you see a differnt doctor in the practice? If you have Cystitis (that can give your an urgent and frequent need to urinate) there are over the counter medications for that.
Avatar n tn - hotdog without bun (my son liked the cheese hotdogs - believe me, he ate many hotdogs. He would be high and I would say, "Want a hotdog?" I can still hear the, dreadful, "Okay...because he was so hungry he was settling for it.
2114467 tn?1358213856 I eat quite healthily but enjoy my sugary desserts at nite. I finally posted this question after reading a discussion on alcohol use. I don't drink but wonder if sugar is just as bad.
Avatar m tn yes, american charts are the same. I guess what I meant is that I would feel better if I was also out of the pre-diabetic range as well and by a decent amount too.
603046 tn?1279163013 Am I diabetic? I have a prescription for the glucose monitoring device which I take periodically. My concern is that I was told that as a person ages, the probability of having diabetes also increases.
Avatar f tn About 6 months ago I started a low carb diet for my overall health because heart disease is in my family. I cut out processed foods, bread, white potatoes, pasta, crackers, candy, cereal, desserts. My diet consists of salads with reduced fat dressings, salmon, chicken, tuna, occasional steak, green vegetables, occasional sweet potato, nuts, cottage cheese, greek yogurt and Atkins bars. I recently had a blood test and my fasting blood sugar went from 87 to 96, and my A1C rose from 5.8 to 5.
Avatar n tn Indulge in chocolate desserts and keep other foods in the moderate glycemic range. Choose protein dishes whenever possible, as this will help with your stomach's ability to empty properly. Get lots of sleep. When you don't sleep enough, you affect melatonin levels, which in turn bumps up your insulin levels, which stimulates fat storage. Eat a low fat, low carbohydrate, protein sufficient diet.
Avatar n tn i had the same problem. turns out it was due to my insulin resistance (borderline diabetic. In other words, the way my body was processing insulin wasn't efficient so it was always screaming for more food!! :o) There are medications that help with this (glucophage), but what I found most helpful for me was the South Beach Diet. I know everyone says it is a fad, but I really don't think it is.
Avatar f tn I mean he hides behind the entertainment center at night he has even fake slept while I checked on him at 3 am and I found that he had ice cream in bed with him and he was awake eating it just seconds before I get into his room. He is fed well, gets desserts and rewarded for good behavior etc. grounded loses his game cube game boy etc. for negative behavior. I have 4 children and the two younger are starting to try to get away with it.
Avatar m tn You can start with a rotation diet which starts you off on certain foods that you know are absolutely safe - like a diet when one comes out of GI surgery. You know just liquids and certain soft food, then slowly graduate to other things. Some of my allergies involved a certain amount of belching, but my other belching thing that happens regularly is something I cannot figure out.
Avatar f tn My health has improved significatnly. I also am diabetic, so that is a good thing for me to avoid anyways... I try to eat bread that is sprouted grain bread. I don't think it is entirely gluten free, but it is made out of the sprouted grains and is not processed (it's how they ate bread thousands of years ago). I did find out my daughter was allergic to eggs.
Avatar m tn It is caused by delayed gastric emptying and although the symptoms vary in individuals one common symptom is a feeling of nausea and sometimes vomiting after eating foods that are especially hard to digest. Broccoli is definitely one of the hardest foods to digest. Although you probably don't have Gastroparesis I can't imagine even a healthy stomach could handle that amount of broccoli in one sitting over a prolonged period.
Avatar f tn just about everything! Carbs, carbs, carbs. Rice, pasta, bread, fatty foods, sugar (soda, all bottled juices, desserts, candy), chips, potatoes, cereal and more. Solution: (I make the solution list because ultimately, this is what worked. Period. But it was HARD.) It was not as simple as it sounds just making a silly list. It was 2 years of trial and error. Eating primarily a very, very low carb, high vegetable and fruit diet that is slightly higher is protein than most.