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Avatar n tn can eny one break the rest of that down I am typ2 diabetic stag 4 liver so do I have extra liver problems because sugar level some times to high?????
269786 tn?1243797307 Read labels and watch the calorie content in foods when you go to the store and try to make some wiser choices when grocery shopping. If you have any particular foods giving you trouble, you may want to consider starting a post and asking for some help with some calorie conscious options to help you begin to make changes. My rule .. if carbs are calling and won't stop .. eat protein to stop the cycle. Best wishes ..
Avatar n tn I am not the parent of a type 1 diabetic, but am a type 1 diabetic myself. I was a child when diagnosed, and know the worry you are feeling, for I saw it in my own mother. I AM a mother, though, and know that getting a 4-year-old to eat an exact amount of food borders on impossible. I personally find that simple foods are the easiest to deal with when trying to balance food with insulin.
Avatar f tn There are a few of the MS or supporting meds that elevate blood sugar - I'm not remembering which one right now - but they don't bump your sugar that much. The diabetic diet requires you to understand the good and bad foods groups and shell's advice to see a dietician or nutrition specialist is a good idea. Insurance usually won't pay for this type of visit, though. There are doctors who specialize in treating diabetes and you might see is one of them in your area often counseling.
Avatar m tn what to do....eat less sugar, less calories, eat some fat with each meal to slow absorption, eat foods that have the right glycemic profile. Read "the Zone" by dr. Barry Sears... go to CoWriters journals in Medhelp and read them. The body craves sugar when the cells are starved, byt the cells can be starved in the midst of plenty. Get a HOMA done. PM me if you need more help.
Avatar n tn Hi amommy, read your post with great interest. I have been a reactive hypoglycemic since the early-eighties (I think I contracted hep c in the late 70;s as a point of interest.) I have been through the ringer with this diagnosis. Many doctors have told me it is all in my head because my blood sugar readings on the glucose tolerance tests are in the normal range mostly, and I don't have diabetes (well, at least not yet knock wood.
446335 tn?1223951956 This includes high carb foods containing lots of sugar and milk. Moderate exercise is walking daily for 1/3 mile or so. Walking does lower your glucose levels. Danners is incorrect to say "any good doctor would know that those r good glucose levels". Try posting on the "Ask a Doctor Forum". Bet Dr Ramsetty disagrees with Danners. If you're between 100 and 120 you're considered pre-diabetic. Above 126 diabetic. Only a whack doctor would say your 139 or 140 is good.
Avatar m tn Processed food not only have lots of additives and sugar but look at the salt content.
1050938 tn?1311557178 I remember my teenage know-it-all days when I looked at the caloric content of table sugar and thought that it was so negligible, I couldn't understand what all the hysteria was about and figured I knew better because I did the math. I was eating so little overall at the time, I was fooled into thinking that sugar didn't affect anything because I was still able to lose weight (though it took a lot of work that at the time I didn't realize was NOT necessary).
1050938 tn?1311557178 The delicate balance of what foods have what effects never struck home more than the fact that I had eaten quite a lot of stewed tomatoes during the week of my plateau, which I realized only recently has a lot of sugar content in it. Almost as much as cereal. I remember my teenage know-it-all days when I looked at the caloric content of table sugar and thought that it was so negligible, I couldn't understand what all the hysteria was about and figured I knew better because I did the math.
Avatar f tn Before 7 years she has blood sugar range from 250 to 375.But since from last 4 years Blood sugar remains in control (fasting varies from 72 to 111). As regular consumtion of diabetic medicines, she has been facing many problems regarding joints pain in legs, decreasing in haemoglobin content in blood( varies from 8.5 to 11).Legs swell. Please refer proper treatement and medicines, so that she will be healthy very soon. Currently she has been taking Ozomet PG drug for controlling blood sugar.
Avatar f tn (But he feels fairly certain after her tests, that she does not have a rare metabolic problem such as hyperinsulinism or tumor etc.) All he suggested was to lower simple sugar foods. My children do not get soda or candy or cake etc. on a regular basis. Cakes and the like are occasional treats for us but I do not know every food that might be a "simple sugar".
15748861 tn?1442736285 My mom is having less content of blood in her body and is also a diabetic. Can she have Black grapes, Beetroot juices to gain blood without any increase in sugar level. I have also heard that pomegranate helps a lot for gaining blood. Will these foods effect the sugar level in her body??.If so, please recommend us any food that helps in gaining blood percentage without increase in sugar level. Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn Figs are very rich (and sweet due to their high sugar content, so they're not a great choice for diabetics except sparingly, say, not more than 2 or 3 per day). They're tasty and have a good fiber content.
Avatar n tn So it is important for you to know that the liquids will start raising sugar levels quicker than carbs in solid foods, especially in foods with high fat content. Both will of course raise the sugar levels at some point, but the difference is in timing.
Avatar n tn Hi, for control of cholesterol, I can give the following suggestions. Reduce the total fat content of your diet to <30% of calories. Of which of saturated fat<10% of calories, polyunsaturated fat <10% of calories and mono unsaturated fat <10% of calories. Increased dietary intake of fiber rich foods like oat bran will help. Diet should be rich in antioxidant vitamins found primarily in fruits and vegetables. Reduce energy intake to achieve ideal body weight.
Avatar n tn Eating brown bread for example is a better option that having white bread. Cutting out cakes, biscuits and being aware of the sugar content of low fat foods. Although low fat foods may be low in fat, they can contain a lot of sugar.
Avatar f tn While exercise will help control blood sugar, the foods you eat will help the most. You should be eating a very low glycemic diet - those foods which don't spike the blood sugar - you can do a search for that list of foods, but it mainly consists of vegetables, meats, whole grains.
Avatar m tn The more you do this, your symptoms will go away. Stop thinking of being pre diabetic and think of health foods and balancing, and stay away of simple sugars, potatoes, honey or regular rice and pastas. Have whole grains or even pasta made from brown rice or beans. Beans is also a great protein. let me know if you have any more questions.
Avatar n tn all i really want is for her to have a list of the foods she can have without fearing her sugar will go up, snacks she can have or not have etc...at her age its hard for her to figure out calories, grams, exchange groups and all that...I will be speaking to her dr this week cos he may want her on orals, but for now, any help would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn start out early and eat only the right foods, stay away from alcohol (very high sugar content), but don't punish yourself, still have your morning coffee, just without donuts hehe It's great that you have no High chol & BP, but not so good that your blood sugar was 10. Aim to keep it between 5 on the lower end of the scale and no more than 8 on the high scale. If you get into the habit of keeping a regular record of your BSL you will be more in control with what you need to do.
Avatar n tn The best kind of food for dogs and puppies with low blood sugar will be high in protein, fat and carbohydrate content. Check your dog's temperature if you suspect an episode approaching; he should feel chilled. Try to warm him up, it will help. I'd consider avoiding any of the glucosamine supplements; there's been some controversy about sugar/diabetes/insulin with glucosamine; it can create problems with your dog's sugar production.
Avatar n tn Your more likely to receive problems with foods that have a high fat content.
Avatar n tn This is due to the loss of desire to eat or overeating the foods with high sugar/carb content becuase diabetics must eat small amounts more often. As well on Tx for Hep requires massive amounts of fluids and not, for us ,fruit juices. Even lemons have lots of fructose. If juices are used no more than 2 oz. every 4 hours supply the necessary carbs. So we are stuck with pure water . Not a bad thing , but very plain I found this to be the biggest reasons my sugars went ballistic hi or low.
Avatar m tn HL12 is known as an anti-diabetic supplement and it truly does work normally made available. For those who have tried many products before it you have to give you a make an effort to this and I am sure that you'll literally notice the difference. Actually, this supplement works so that you can sign up for the blood and cholesterol level. This sugar and cholesterol is beautifully changed into energy and therefore you obtain two benefits from one action.
Avatar n tn For example, most kids-type breakfast cereals make her shoot really high because of the sugar content. Foods that have good fiber content are more easy on her blood sugar. Have you heard of the glycemic index? It is a value that shows, essentially, the effect on your blood sugars. Foods with high glycemic index are generally ones that make blood sugars rise quickly, so they are generally ones you want to avoid.
Avatar n tn My blood sugar is fasting level =82 mgdl,Sometimes the sugar level is increasing and have headache and depression. I mean the sugar level is going little higher as above the specified rate it will affect to the Kidney /heart deseas?
Avatar n tn I am a long-time type 1 diabetic, and I find that if I eat foods with fairly high fat content mixed with carbs, such as pizza or french fries, my glucose pattern is identical to yours. In my case, those foods digest so slowly that they are digesting all night, long after my mealtime insulin has peaked and gone away. So my glucose levels rise while I sleep. I find that if I eat low-fat foods, I don't have this problem.
Avatar n tn I'm assuming you are relatively recently diagnosed though, so testing is also an opportunity to learn more about your own particular version of this disease. You can test to see how different foods affect your blood sugar (two hours after a meal). This gives you valuable information about what does and doesn't work well for you. You can also test if you think your blood sugar might be low.
Avatar f tn Unfortunately, in some people, it just causes elevated blood sugar levels, especially if you eat carbohydrate rich foods like fruit, bread, sugar and so on. The elevated blood sugar levels are not caused by the fruit sugar, but by the fact that the insulin is less effective due to fat that is still hanging around. How do you make yeast grow? Give it a high sugar environment to live in. If your body has lots of sugar spikes, caused by eating fat AND fruit then the candida will thrive.