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Avatar f tn Hi, Is there are connection between diabetes and memory and concentration problems. My husband is 52 and was a juvenile onset of diabetes at age 11. He is on effexor because the doctor thought his concentration and memory problems could be due to depression. I was just wondering if this was a sympton of diabetes and is so, is there anything that helps with it?
Avatar m tn I've had memory loss due to vitamin B12 malabsorption, hypothyroidism, and severe stress. Alzheimer's is also called Diabetes Type 3. A book you might want to read is called Brain Grain by David Perlmutter M.D.
Avatar m tn some of the stars will be come really bright and then disappear. Short term memory is terrible,can't add up or subtract correctly. if i look at the sun, will see multible big bolloons of colour coming up from the horizen. have just come out of a private neurology clinic. Where all test and scans were clear, awaiting results of EEG. My sister has Behchets but doctors say that until they bioposy one of my mouth ulcers they won't treat me for same. Any ideas at this stage would be a life line.
Avatar f tn Can memory loss be caused by diabetes? Can memory loss be caused by mental health disorders? Can memory loss be caused by seizures? By doctor says I'm to young but young doesn't make it impossible. I'm a 20 year old just graduated last summer in high school and for years I have had this problem of losing or miss placing things that I know I ha put there but yet it's not there.
Avatar m tn Hi my name is Robin, and mmy concern is that my memory has become very weak in last 10 years. Now what I mean is that I am unable to remember any study material in college such as large paragraphs, even after revision. I can only remember one or tweo lines. This was not always the case because in chilhood my memory was preety good since I remembereed most of the reading that I did, but not the same in college. I am currently doing HR and it demands that you have a good memory.
Avatar n tn I stumbled upon this blog the same way as many did that found their way here. linking type 1 diabetes and memory loss. and as i can see it looks as though even though there aren't a lot of posts here, they are all common with the same issue. hopefully a cure will be found for this condition. May you all be blessed, and try not to let diabetes get the best of you.
Avatar m tn Recently he has been falling when getting out of a chair or bed and also has been having loss of memory as to not remembering how he ended up in bed when he got up to go to the bathroom. He had diabetes 2 and both his bp and his sugar levels are in normal range. His mother suffers from Alzeimer's disease. We are not sure what is causing these problems of his. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn I am a 46 yr old Asian man, who has a history of High Blood Pressure, abnormal EKG w/Left Ventricular Atrophy, Diabetes which has since been treated with weight loss, so no insulin and no pills, a thyroid condition, and depression/bi-polar disorder. A few years ago, I was working driving a bus and suddenly I could not remember a thing. I had no idea where I was or who I was, why I was driving a bus or where I was going and why.
Avatar f tn My goodness, I wish I could give you a hug right now. Your Mom sounds like one hell of an incredible woman. My God, to have gone through SO much! What a fighter she was! I can understand her finally deciding enough is enough, and God love her, despite probaby feeling terrible, for her to make her final days with you and your kids the best she could. That's just something else! That was such a touching story, thanks so much for sharing that with us.
Avatar m tn There have been some reports of memory loss and disturbance of other cognitive functions including alertness following Carbamazepine (Tegretol) use. The effect of the seizure focus in the frontal lobe can't be denied. The two combined together may be responsible for the memory loss.
1339419 tn?1275969642 My short term memory is not 100% as it is, although it is not as bad as my long term memory, and when my blood pressure is really high ( 160/100+ ) I seem to have short term memory loss that increases with the increasing blood pressure numbers. Is this a direct side effect of high blood pressure, others with hypertension having suggested it effects their short term memory, or is it confined only to myself because of my memory problems?
Avatar f tn Have cut back on sugar dramatically about 20 years now. Have not noticed a difference. Also read that menopause can cause memory loss and foggy memory. I am at that age. Can doing brain exercises such as memory games help me regain short term memory or is my condition something else?
Avatar n tn I'm not sure how this can affect younger persons however it often affects older persons in this manner (quick onset of dementia like symptoms) with no other signs of infection. I'm also curious to know if they have tested her for diabetes? Memory loss and irritation are some symptoms of sugar problems. I wanted to add that doing only a 3hr eeg is sometimes not enough to show seizure activity. sometimes a 3day eeg is better.
Avatar n tn Also many of the issues described by the poster occur in some people when they hit a certain age. Thyroid, Diabetes, Fybromiallgia, memory loss etc. etc. occur in the middle ages. The age when many of the Hep C folks are also treating. Did one cause the other, would you have had one without the other? There is no real way to know with any certainty.
Avatar f tn reasons for visit were the lump that came up previous week on underarm, memory loss concerning me, head(scalp)itching so bad and hair falling out, the hair thing is nothing new just thought id mention it....at the office found out I had lost forty lbs in past week...doc not concerned and said i should lose more weight...we have chosen to disagree and he is no longer treating me...after leaving office i was very upset...stayed with my mother that night...
Avatar m tn I would get your dr to give you another full exam including all your blood work, vitamin deficiency (B12 should be at optimal level of about 600-800, you can check out the evidence of this yourself), get diabetes tested, thyroid, and more than just the TSH, get the free T3 and T4 even if you fall within the reference range...
Avatar f tn What would be my husband's prognosis if he does not have the surgery and what are the chances of further memory loss if he does? I might add that he is not overweight and does not have other health problems such as diabetes, etc.
Avatar n tn I have been having strange "black-out" episodes, where my vision becomes blurry and or black, sometimes mild hallucinations (objects become different, once a mailbox looked like a stop sign etc) or i just don't comprehend anything i see, i can't be sure because my memory is temporarily disrupted, (i.e. i forget where i am or what i am doing, or what the time and date is, etc.) It is accompanied by various degrees of nausea sometimes culminating in vomiting.
Avatar m tn 5 stone (although, un-typically for a diabetic, I was not overweight to begin with) and eventually stopped (October 2009) because I began to suffer short-term memory loss and general tiredness. Although I'm consuming carbs again (about 120gms/day) my condition has become so bad that it is affecting my life, both work and personal quite badly. Sometimes I even forget family members names.
Avatar n tn I believe it is a setteled issue regarding long term memory loss due to a by-pass. There has been a study and over the next four years, there were no significant differences in memory or other mental functions between the heart patients who had bypass, those who took medications, and those who had off-pump surgery. At four years, however, all three groups of heart patients scored significantly worse on tests of memory, decision-making, and visuospatial relations than the heart-healthy people.
926553 tn?1244051038 m 46 had 3 strokes in early april, very blessed I was left with Horners syndrome and short term memory loss. After 2 1/2 months my memory loss is getting worst instead of better. I also have Diabetes-controlled, had a gastric bypass and lost 80 lbs my weight is ideal now. Still smoking a few cigarettes a day. I don't understand why I am have more memory loss now?
Avatar n tn We saw a dr on wednesday his blood pressure is borderline (they tried all different positions) but generally is, his bloodwork came back fine, vision came back fine, screened for diabetes and it was 95 said cut off is 100. Week before he had alot of bad headaches...Also he is drinking more water which is somthing he normally won't drink. he is epileptic and on medication but no recent seizures or medication changes. He is somwhat overweight, and has a family history of heart problems.
Avatar f tn Anyway i was just wondering if anyone has experienced a significant loss of memory, focus and just general day to day thinking ability with their autoimmune disease. I've never had the best memory, but lately i can't even hold on to stuff for 20 minutes. This is probably connected to how I feel like I am becoming progressively more "ditzy" and unable to concentrate. the other day i tried to put ice cream away...i put it in the toaster oven.