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Avatar n tn Dear Doctor, I am a 48 year old Indian male, suffering type II DiabetesDiabetes Diabetes - resources Diabetes and exercise Diabetes and nerve damage Diabetes diet Diabetes foot care Diabetes insipidus Diabetes insipidus - central Diabetes insipidus - nephrogenic Diabetes risk factors Gestational diabetes since seven plus years. Doctor has advised 1.
Avatar m tn My dry mouth was even noticed by my dentist. Worried it might be diabetes insipidus (which can have many serious causes). I have trouble swallowing food. Single enlarged posterior cervical lymph node (right side of neck)--I found it on Oct 3--so it's been there a month (possibly longer--since it is non-tender. After 3 weeks, I saw an ENT, who seemed not too concerned.
Avatar n tn Well, since your daughter has a craving for salt (has increased salt in her diet) and is very thirsty (drinks a lot of water), you must think in lines of adrenal gland exhaustion or diabetes insipudus. This can cause fainting spells, abnormal EEG patterns at time and also may reflect heart involvement. Do discuss this with your doctor. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn May 25, 2000 Sept 1999 symptoms of neuropathy (burning, pins, numbness, heavy limbs, both feet, hands and arms) and back right localized head pain accompanied with cloudy vision began (symptoms continue to worsen). Occassionally I gets shakes all over my body, turn pale, difficulty concentrating & nauseau. In the first 3-4 mths of the sysmptoms I had great difficulty staying awake almost daily. Sleeping as much as 14 hrs a day.
7563823 tn?1392048168 Sore Joints from lower back/hip, knee, ankle and fingers. Headaches, sore eyes, vision gets blurry, Poor concentration span, foggy brained, cant think !!!, cant handle stress at all !!! Irritable. My Upper Abdomen has grown Sooooooo Much yet ive lost weight on the scales. Soon none of my clothes will fit me. My face has like an extra roundness to it, like extra wings on the sides lol ( sounds weird but i dont know how else to describe it.
Avatar m tn Just a guess - you might ask to be tested for a specific type of diabetes, named diabetes insipidus. People with that tend to need to drink more liquids and have frequent urination. Do you use unusual amounts of salt? If so, a test for hyponatremia may be appropriate. No idea on the rest..
Avatar f tn I re-read your post. Maybe the chronic thirst and bloating are due to diabetes insipidus (not like sugar diabetes) related to ischemic strokes. His system of water regulation is messed up. Vasopressin controls it from the brain. A synthetic drug that can help is desmopressin nasal spray. Once his dehydration is under control some of his other symptoms should improve. Desmopressin.
947382 tn?1262375348 She thinks I might have pots, cyclic vomiting syndrome, and diabetes insipidus. Does anyone have those or know a lot about them? The thing about cyclic vomitting syndrome is that its kind of episodic, like an on and off thing, but what I have is chronic and doesn't get significantly better or worse. Diabetes insipidus actually makes sense because I drink water constantly and I'm always thirsty. Anyone had experience with this?
Avatar f tn Anyway, that's what rumpled says on the pituitary group. She should know. Yes, she is right that there is diabetes insipidus (not diabetes mellitus). diabetes = polyuria mellitus = sweet, the urine actually attracts flies which is how it was discovered insipidus = tasteless, like a insipid meal DI is lack of Anti Diuretic Hormone (ADH). But again, there are the H4 receptors in the pituitary. 8) Have you had OGTT for blood glucose? 9) Do you have bad allergies? Bad reaction to bee stings?
Avatar n tn Could there possibly be a link to Diabetes Insipidus that causes this itching? Is there a doctor in the house? Could there be a link to diabetes since the left side of our circulatory system DESCENDS from the heart there will not be any itching, but since the right side of our blood circulatory system is ASCENDING to the heart? Your comments please!!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely, ---------elcalvito, hurting in Nashville.
Avatar m tn If the kidneys don't get enough, they don't process water and concentrate urine properly. An extreme form of this is called Diabetes Insipidus. On my first 24 hour creatinine test, I nearly filled up the huge jug they give you, and I'm not a large person. That got better with antibiotics. Are you feeling any better yet? I seem to recall you've had it a long time.
Avatar f tn burning sensation and blood vessel dilatation on feet left hand DDK poor, now improved after antibiotics, left hand slower for typing, left arm and neck often tired or with pain possible inflammation of left plexus brachialis in 1985 weak muscle reflexes deficient touch sensation in feet memory disorder 2006-2010 slight atrophy of left hippocampus flushing and hotness of face occasional insomnia and distress Inner medicine hypothyroidism, Erfa Thyroid in use, low thyroid hormone values low bod
Avatar n tn I've been to the reumotologist had an mri. I recently had orthoscopic surgery on my right knee. I feel a pain in both knees, and feel like the pain radiates up and down the back of the legs. Lately, probably 6months, when I am idle for brief periods of time, upon standing and trying to walk again, the muscles in both legs are STIFF. After walking for a little bit, they get a little better. If someone were to ask me how my legs feel, I'd say they are tired pretty much all the time.