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Avatar n tn Thanks for the replys and advice guys. Do you think it could be possible that I could have diabetes insipidus caused by a pituitary tumour? What type of blood test would I need to look for a pituitary tumour as I am quite anxious about it now.
Avatar f tn The ventricle size may be normal in initial stage, but not a time when a diagnosis of NPH is made. To me, your symptoms appear to be due to diabetes insipidus. There is increased uncontrolled urination, dehydration (increased blood sodium) and potassium loss which could contribute to the brain fog and cognitive problems. Diagnosis is by fluid deprivation test, presence of high sodium and low potassium in blood and very dilute urine. Please discuss this possibility with your doctor. Take care!
Avatar f tn who just saw me for the first time last week and thinks I may have diabetes insipidus. Here are my most recent labs. Most are normal but the Cortisol (ACTH) stim test results and Urine Osmo. I have a brain MRI next week to r/o Pit. damage or tumor. I just want to know that there is a reason for all of this besides diabetes insipidus, which I know causes polyuria and polydipsia. But what about the back pain and other issues? Do the following lab results indicate another issue besides DI?
Avatar n tn The reasons could be stress, functionally small bladder, diabetes mellitus, diabetes insipidus, urinary bladder wall instability, UTI, stones and neurological problems. If it is stress related then yoga, meditation and counseling will help. In your case it started with a very painful loss at a very tender age. So chances are high it is due to stress. I think you should discuss this with your doctor. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage.
Avatar f tn I do not have a murmur or signs of congestive heart failure. I do have insane salt cravings, drink lots of fluids, and I do not have diabetes insipidus or any similiar problem. Today, after looking up fatigue and doing something I swore never to do- self diagnose- I came across POTS. Even with the provigil, I still have periods of extreme fatige. I tried an experiment- Resting heartrate lying down was 70. Sitting was 92. Standing was 110. After walking up the stairs, it shot up to 140.
947382 tn?1262375348 She thinks I might have pots, cyclic vomiting syndrome, and diabetes insipidus. Does anyone have those or know a lot about them? The thing about cyclic vomitting syndrome is that its kind of episodic, like an on and off thing, but what I have is chronic and doesn't get significantly better or worse. Diabetes insipidus actually makes sense because I drink water constantly and I'm always thirsty. Anyone had experience with this?
Avatar m tn We all have different reasons most likely for the deficiencies for me I think I may have something called diabetes insipidus which causes me not to absorb water properly it just flushes right through me and along with it my minerals. Man was it a bad idea to do the ****** Therapy if I have that condition!! lol. Anyway, some of you it may be digestive stuff, your just not absorbing your minerals properly.
Avatar n tn I used to be a RN, and I knew right away that it was Diabetes Insipidus. And I was just a nurse. This man had MD training, and further specialized training as a pediatrician. Why could I remember this disease from my training and this doctor could not?? I agree with some of those here who say if you are young you are dismissed, or else labeled as a drug seeker. I went through that, too. Now as a woman who is aging, I get told that my symptoms are related to aging.
Avatar n tn My husband can help the pain somewhat be massaging out the knots and massaging the deep tissue in my legs, but the pain comes right back. i have had some success with yoga. My doctor told me I have loose knee caps? and told me to take this Ibuprofen 2x a day. i haven't taken it that often, really just as needed. i just bought a bunch of vitamins, and I think i will go back and buy some magnesium and be diligent with taking calcium pills as an earlier writer recommends.
Avatar n tn Could there possibly be a link to Diabetes Insipidus that causes this itching? Is there a doctor in the house? Could there be a link to diabetes since the left side of our circulatory system DESCENDS from the heart there will not be any itching, but since the right side of our blood circulatory system is ASCENDING to the heart? Your comments please!!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely, ---------elcalvito, hurting in Nashville.
Avatar n tn lower back pain for years because they learned how to manipulate their brain to send painfree messages to the spine and relieve their backpains. I think yoga and other forms of things like acupuncture have been geared to reach the spiritual being and relieve alot of stress which in turns relieve pain! Has anyone tried these as a natural alternative instead of taking medications?