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Avatar f tn I have a family history of bipolar disorder - and I've never known it to become 'full depression', and regardless of any hyper/down cycles in my past, I think this can be pretty much ruled out.
154927 tn?1205246451 Also before treatment had never had depression, at least not at all severe. Im sure i had a delayed severe depression brought on by the Meds and made worse by the Doctors trying to treat the depression with multiple Anti`s. ( i think the Paxel was the one that caused the slide or fall into Mania) Im still afraid to retreat even though i long to rid myself of the Virus. Hopeing for something less toxic to our mental health then the interferon.
Avatar n tn I have withdrawn from all contact with women/girlfriend for last 8/9 months. Last few months I have spiraled into a hopeless regret/depression about leaving my ex-wife. I guess I should get some "help" bt even that seems unintersting or pointless to me. To me my mistakes are seeming too serious to recover from, like derailing my marriage has cursed me or something. My life is characterized by apathy,regret,disinterestedness, guilt, shame. Do these feelings sound common?
Avatar n tn Hi All, I finished treatment 11 weeks ago. SVR since 1 month on treatment and SVR the whole time on meds. I month post treatment still SVR. At 10 weeks post treatment, virus back. I feel bad again. Is it the hep C virus, depression cause i just found out hep C or are the meds still in me and that is why I feel like ****? How long until you feel good again after stopping Pegasyss? I feel worse than before I started the meds. I was geno type 3 on for 6 months.
Avatar n tn Im told by my doc the chanch of another major depression is higher if i retreat. I think if i do decide to re tx now i need to be watched carefully FOR SIGNS im slipping into depression. I had been thinking of waiting for one of the new drugs the Bio`s are testing such as vertx~s vx950 but its only in phase 2 trials or one of intermunes new hep c drugs. Guess ive got some real soul searching to do, Thanks again.
Avatar n tn In some people it is, in some it isn't. That's why there is medication. If you do have a chemical imbalnce in your brain you should take meds. You should try without first, go to talk therapy (a counseler) and see if it helps first, and it does take time. Dont do like i did, my therapist told me to go on meds after only seeing and talking to me 3 times, and i was not suicidal or anything, just very sad and unhappy.
Avatar n tn I have consulted with a different gatro doctor for a second opinion and he has decided not to retreat me. Do I feel like the 48 week treatment helped me. You bet. I feel alot better now than I did in 2002 when I began treatment. I would have went another 24 or 48 weeks if they would have let me.
Avatar n tn I would recommend an anti-depressant if you react to treatment with depression based on my experience.
222011 tn?1265475648 I could write pages on all the problems but what I really wanted to suggest is as far as anxiety/deapression goes - has your Mum tried using a 'Sun light' lamp. It is for the treatment of S.A.
967045 tn?1378403273 Now - they are talking about treatment. What is the deciding factor for treatment? The liver biopsy? Your blood test? How you feel? I feel fine - in fact - I feel great!! My biopsy back in 2001 was a 1-1. My genotype is 1a. So what is the "ah ha" moment that told you it was time for treatment? Is there ever a too late for treatment? Many thanks!!
Avatar f tn Just wondering. I'm g1a, ILB28 cc, treatment naive. 3/4 last biopsy 11/09. Now possible stage 4 child cirrhosis. Good liver functions. Just low platelets. I assumed I would be doing the 24th month treatment if I become undetectable at weeks 4 and 12. My doctor didn't say anything when I told him I wanted to do the incivek because of the possible 6 month treatment. Was I assuming something that is not going to happen because of my liver damage and now looking at the 48 weeks?
Avatar f tn JOURNAL finally came out with a REAL definitive study yesterday. He said that it proved that extending treatment does NOT necessarily help the outcome - it is such a small subgroup of patients that is helped by it that it's not worth extending and oftentimes the additional months of Interferon can HURT more than help as people can develop autoimmune diseases (like I already have) and sides that never resolve. Also he said that there is nothing really factual about treating 36 weeks past clear.
Avatar f tn I am having a hard time dealing, as I am the only one that knows he is in treatment. He holds his cool for clients, friends and so on, but I get it full force. I was wondering if this will be for the entire treatment, or if I have hope of a ebb to this behavior. If no hope after 17 years of marriage, I don't think I can do it any longer.
Avatar m tn But winging it sans studies, one possibility is that those that exercise during treatment are probably the same ones who exercise pre-treatment. If this is the case than perhaps it's the pre-treatment exercise along with weight control and diet that influences treatment outcome. This is consistent with studies on low BMI, IR, etc and tx response. What we both have heard is that moderate exercise to tolerance can help with side effects during treatment.
Avatar n tn UPDATE: Lost my job after disclosure of treatment posting. My laywer says that the company broke local and federal laws. I guess this is because HIPPA. We are looking into it and more to come. We will file with the court soon. I just got approved for Unemployment after I had to prove that I am able and ready to work. (Hoop...Hoop...Hoop...) You know what I am tring to say. Tomorrow; I am heading back to McGuire VA Hospital to have the first of many shots in my treatment program.
965737 tn?1250298055 As always this is only one opinion, but it's mine because these chemicals unnerved me rather severely, as they have others, and I've seen and witnessed and had personal phone conversations and letters with some of the more severe cases, and ergo now know that folks must be properly monitored to succeed with this treatment. Some folks do sail through treatment with only minor depression, exaustion or anxiety.
Avatar m tn I only recommend this article for those who CAN'T treat with traditional treatment,so don't shoot the messenger. It's just an FYI that I came across. I don't know how reputable this Dr is. I of course believe in traditional treatment 100% but it doesn't work for all & some can't take the side effects...and THEN alternatives ONLY as the last chance or option for hope... It's the Alpha Lipoic Regimen. Here is the link below. http://www.huffingtonpost.
151263 tn?1243377877 Initially I was somewhat underweight as I was during treatment. I started treatment at 185lbs, dropped to about 168lbs during treatment, and then finished off about 175lbs. During that time my body composition changed though, I lost muscle mass and gained body fat around my belly. They call it “intra-abdominal” fat. It’s where fat collects around your organs and trunk and it’s especially unhealthy for you. Well that’s what seemed to happen to me.
Avatar n tn Are you saying you're finished with treatment and don't need any more meds and are furious at the fact that if you WERE still in need of tx the insurance company won't pay? Is it the principal of the thing? Are you OK now? Please explain. I'm a little dense but nonetheless concerned.
585414 tn?1288944902 In fact a physician's assistant would not provide an unknown treatment. But new options do appear in studies from time to time and become approved as well. My neurologist can find out if they are appropriate for me. I will look up new options on my own and find out but my neurologist would be the one to decide whether I can start them. And he of course can search through clinical literature I can't access online. But in the meantime life goes on. I have someone to help.
1748829 tn?1338040641 It could cause you to stop treatment and then it will all be for nothing as you will need to retreat again in the future. You need mood stabilizer meds to prevent depression caused as a side affect of interferon. Meds in combination such as Lithium, Depakote and various antidepressants are commonly used to treat bipolar illness that is why they in combination are called mood stabilizers. They prevent mood swings. Both manic and depressive.
Avatar n tn and my biopsy showed stage 2, grade 3. I did 48 weeks pegasys and ribavirin; I finished treatment almost three months ago. My viral load before treatment was 1.9 million. I was undetectable at 12 weeks, again at 24 weeks, and also at one week post tx. My sides included low white blood count, depression, anemia, skin rash; I was treated for some of these during my hep c tx. I'm now off all hep c treatment drugs, and also off all side effect treatment drugs.
Avatar m tn ) Other than the bad news from the Doctor, I'm currently feeling in the best health of my entire life. I'm worried that treatment will drive me back into depression, and that Genotype 1 with a high viral load has a low percentage probability of successful treatment. Do I have my facts straight? Any feedback would be welcome, thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn Maybe I am missing something in your posts. If a geno 2 relapsed after stopping treatment at 16 weeks, if s/he were to retreat it would be for 24 weeks. The potential for the virus to be eradicated in this 24 week treatment would be because it is 8 weeks longer than the first treatment of 16 weeks. Of course, if someone relapses on the 24 week regimen, I would think they would need to extend the treatment beyond 24 weeks if they were to try again.
Avatar n tn vary few colds,never had flu, that kind of thing. Also mentally; I had never suffered from insomnia or depression/anxiety. And I was right; I found tx relatively easy to handle, worked every day, no ADs, no loss of appetite. So, even though I had quite a lot of fibrosis and high ALT/AST it wasn't too bad an experience.
Avatar f tn either he gets evaluated by a psychiatrist to see if there is something that needs treatment and then he submits to that treatment or he has to leave. That doesn't mean you have to withdraw all support. In case he develops some ambitions later on, you could assist him with school. After he has been in treatment for a while you can reevaluate the situation. Oh, and I know you're playing with fire here, but who says you are required to provide him with internet access?
Avatar f tn Maybe your husband suffered from and still is suffering from depression. Was he treated for depression while on treatment? Is he still being treated? Depression during treatment depression is not that uncommon. His main problem now is his state of mind which has caused you to have a breakdown and separate. His liver disease is not that advanced that it is live threatening. But physiologically the way he is handling it is ruining both your lives.
Avatar n tn As soon as you explain to them something that is a bit outside of their experience, they're gonna retreat to that position. In my personal opinion, you need to give up the idea you have depression wholesale and pursue somatic solutions. The more time you think it's psychosomatic, the more time you have wasted. And find a different doctor - they're not priests and they don't have any sacred knowledge to share - just arrogant nerds who think they know more about your pain than you do.
288609 tn?1240100356 Has anyone had these symptoms of RA factor? Did they go away or get better after treatment? How bad is the depression? Were you able to work? Did you tell your boss?(Hep C has such a bad stigma) What aerobic exercise works best? How on earth can you manage a family, work and still undergo RX? Don't feel you need to answer all of these questions. This is my first time on a forum and I have a lot on my mind. Thank you for your time and consideration in advance.