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Avatar f tn One or more major depressive episodes At least one hypomanic episode There has never been a manic or mixed episode Another disorder is not responsible for symptoms Symptoms cause distress or impair functioning Symptoms and characteristics of depression include: Decreased energy Weight loss or gain Despair Irritability Uncontrollable crying Symptoms and characteristics of hypomania include: Grandiosity Decreased need for sleep Pressured speech Racing thoughts Distractibilit
Avatar f tn Valerian and Magnesium is sometimes helpful remedies over the counter. The residual symptoms of insomnia and depression can last another few months. Thus, it is not easy, but it gets better and better over time and you can look forward to a drug free healthy energetic you in the future. When you take opiates for a long time like you have, your body's physiology has been altered.
Avatar f tn Do you have a history of onset of one or more symptoms followed by at least 30 days and then the onset of other symptoms in a different art of the body. That is, have your symptoms shown to be separated by time of onset and by location in your body? That is the determining question - not MRI lesions nor LP results.
Avatar m tn Hi all - I'm hoping somebody can help me make sense of the psychological symptoms I am currently having, I am really just hoping that I can chalk them up to my thyroid and not something more serious... I'm a 26 y/o female, a few months ago I began to feel really irritable, becoming irate and aggitated over trivial things, talking down to my boyfriend, etc., disinterested in everything, humorless and miserable...the whole time totally aware of the fact that this isn't how I would normally act.
2161407 tn?1337542302 Your physical symptoms should ease after about day 5. Typically one still has the lack of sleep and some anxiety. Again, we are all different so you may not go through it to that extent. Sounds like you're doing all the right things, just beware of "mental" cravings. Stay as active as you can. Eat or at least drink the shakes to build your strength. As hard as it may seem, keeping your mind occupied will help divert your thoughts and make the time go by faster. You're doing great!
1211508 tn?1343083205 I suffer from severe anxiety and have had an ongoing amount of the same ones as well as getting the awesome gift of continually receiving new symptoms even ones that I haven't heard of with all of my research. This has happened to me on several occasions so you are not alone. It is very scary. When it happens to me I have either been riding (passenger for others on the road's sake and my own sake) in the car and it happened during the day around 2-3 or 4 pm-ish.
393685 tn?1425816122 I woke this morning to the early morning news - The top story is Oprah talking about her weight again and (from how I am hearing it) she is speaking about her hypothyroidism as the situation. I know her last article she wrote about her "escape" to her retreat in Hawaii upset alot of us here - with her proclaiming "This HEALED her." But today it sounded she had another twist on things.
Avatar n tn lol. what kind of powerpoint presentation could have convinced a bunch of bureaucrats in committee to support such study? Chiropractors or meteorologists?
1981227 tn?1336332038 I then made a powerpoint, with my brain on copaxone vs before and then my brain on rebif vs copaxone (Know such a geeky scientist). Seems Rebif is working and when I visited the neuro he agreed but wanted me to have another MRI in 3 months to double check, he wants to be sure (I love my neuro for that :)). From most recent MRI no active lesions, two new in the brain and two in my thoratic cord. One of those cord ones, I know came when I was off copaxone before I was on rebif.
190559 tn?1280615967 does it make good medical sense for us to continue to strongly encourage our daughter to seek a second opinion with an endocrine physician who specializes in thyroid disorders (or better yet, a neuroendocrinologist if we can find one in our area), or should we just go along with the electroshock treatments our daughter's docs are recommending?
Avatar n tn of '03 (3 yr after tx) I drove myself to the hospital thinking I was having a heart attack...had all the symptoms etc. I was admitted overnight for tests and learned it was an anxieity attack. At the time I was taking Welburton, after taking Zoloft for my treatment years, body became tollerant to that & was put on Welbutron (8mo.)...My doctor advised me to stay on the anti-depressant and take adivan for the anxiety attacks.
Avatar f tn The first time around I didn't take anything else except tylenol when I needed it. I handled the depression and anxiety ok for the most part. Being a mom in the 48 hours after the shot was really hard cause at times I just couldn't do it - I couldn't take care of my kids. I always thought I could do certain things and wanted people to stop treating like I wasn't capable.
Avatar n tn He has been to see a psychologist in year 1 (he is currently in year 4 though this has been him his whole life) and a psychiatrist, but other then a case of anxiety and borderline depression they were both at a loss to give me a definite answer. He is not disrespectful towards me at all and when I sit down and talk to him he says that he can not control his temper and feels like a black cloud is descending upon him right before the incident happens.
Avatar n tn I have been doing some serching around the medical journals and such, but haven't seen anything that resembles your symptoms yet. I will post back if I do. I know this is a silly and personal question, but are you wearing cotton/breathable undergraments and looser fitting pants? Sometimes that really helps, keeps the air circulating.