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Avatar f tn That's a tough drug for someone so young -- it's not an easy one for adults. But if the depression has not been treated, it will still be there, and again, drugs don't treat it, they tamp down the symptoms. At that age I'm surprised therapy wasn't tried first, but so it goes.
Avatar n tn Im 17 now, will be 18 in december. Most of the symptoms I have noticed have spanned for the last year or so however. My mom told me she had hypothyroidism before. I'm always thirsty... sometimes ill just take a gallon of water to school with me instead of the normal bottled water. I've always had trouble remembering small things like what I had for breakfast in the morning, or what I had for dinner the night before. numbers.
Avatar f tn and it is not normal for all teenagers to feel depressed Hun, You seem like You are going through a really hard time and it might be best if You find someone to speak to about this in person; a school counselor, a local therapist or trusted adult. You do not have to go through this alone there is always someone wanting to listen and someone who cares, You just need to reach out and let people know You are need of it. It is really good that You took the time to post on this forum and reach out.
Avatar m tn I found that Abilify is also used in teenagers with an antidepressant to treat depression when symptoms cannot be controlled by the antidepressant alone. SSRIs are the most commonly given anti-depressants given to teenagers which include: Celexa, Lexapro, Luvox, Paxil, Prozac and Zoloft, but there may be a reason why his psychiatrist gave him Cymbalta. Don't be put off by the side effects.
Avatar f tn It took me several years to get the right one for me, but my depression has been under control for years now, and I have the tools to recognize and manage it if anything triggers a small relapse. If you aren't comfortable talking to one of your parents/trusted adult, you could talk to a school nurse or doctor, or ask your school counselor for information on local youth clinics.
Avatar f tn Yeah, so, I was wondering is it possible for teenagers to have depression... Because I know a few who have alot of the symptoms, and I want to help them but don't know what to do?
Avatar f tn You have all the classic symptoms of depression and it's important to get help so you can nip this in the bud and move on! Talk to your parents, they have to realize that everything has changed with you. If your parents don't take you seriously put it in a letter to them...often when we read something we truly hear what is being said.
1130576 tn?1260154370 This clearly states 5.3% of adults and 4% of adolescents. Sorry but that means teenagers are less commonly depressed than adults. And faces are certainly the first indicator of depression in any person. The other things you mention are useful too but sleeping in for one is a common trait of every teenager I have ever known and depression did not automatically follow as a result of that.
Avatar f tn This is the time where they usually want to be with peers instead of being with their family and are most of the time, hard headed because they usually seek for independence. I know for one thing that environmental influence is really a big thing on todays generation that's why its really hard for us parents to monitor our children most specially the group of friends they usually hang out with.
6726276 tn?1421130268 What's needed is more education about mental illness, for example, what depression is, possible symptoms or characteristics of depression. Some people are suffering from depression and because they don't know what the symptoms of depression are, they don't know they are depressed and yes, this happens. Take for example, suicides among young teenagers and young people who are suffering from depression.
Avatar f tn Recognizing teen depression for what it is no easy matter either.
581310 tn?1253033150 I just wanted to find out if this depression is going to pass once I have been on the medication for a while. I am no natur-throid and have been for almost two weeks but I was on Armour for 9 months before swtiching to the natur-throid. Any advice would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn My husband has had problems with depression and often times if you don't see an improvement in the symptoms after the alotted time for the drug to level out in your system it's not the right one for you.My husband had started off with zoloft then was switched to paxil then wellbutrin none of them worked for him.In the end his doctor put him on prozac and there was marked improvement in his mental state.Goodluck to you.Peace.
Avatar m tn or such, but I have never come into contact with any other person my age with these symptoms. Please help. I am absolutely terrified about what this could be. I understand it is rare for a teen of my age to have such symptoms. Please note that I was recently given azithromycin to help my breathing problems, but the pills are all gone, however the doctor noted that it could stay in my body for up to ten days. This is the tenth day, and also when the problem has been the worst.
Avatar f tn but to me it seems like these depression symptoms are seriously stemming from your relationship. Maybe talk to a therapist, they are great non judgemental people to talk to. good luck!
574118 tn?1305138884 As far as the sleep issue, there was a study done that made news headlines that teenagers who struggle with depression stayed up late versus teenagers without depression who had parents that enforced a bedtime. When I was in the hospital there was a room full of 30 patients who said they had sex to relieve their depression. There is some research that says people who have depression have more sex than people who don't have depression. I personally can't take Vitamin E.
Avatar f tn When my niece was a young teenager, she became anorexic and was hospitalized for 3 months. Sorry but I must mention this as well. Some young teenagers are sexually active or may have "tried" it because of peer pressure that could lead to pregnancy. So just keep an eye on things. Most importantly make sure that she has a healthy and well balanced diet with fresh fruit and vegetables and plenty to drink so that she does not become dehydrated and also has a good sleep pattern.
Avatar f tn As I read the profiles on this site, it does make me wonder, since I have been treated without a lot of success for many of the symptoms others are describing. My CM and the related symptoms might explain much more than just what got me diagnosed.
Avatar f tn I'm thinking I won't ever be myself again. The mental symptoms are the worse, depression, anxiety, brain fog,forgetfulness and etc. And I have physical symptmoms such as fatigue, thinning eyebrows,dry, brittle nails, IBS and so much more. I often feel like I'm going crazy and its in my head because every daughter says my levels are fine. But I just can''t function anymore. I'm only 22 and feel as if I'm going senile sometimes like I'm a zombie walking around.
Avatar f tn You can try breathing exercises, meditation, exercise (which releases our body's happy chemicals), books you can get online (they have anxiety work books and depression work books for teenagers on amazon and ebay or check your local library). STaying connected is one of the most helpful things as feelings of isolation compounds the problem. Anyway, let me know how you are doing!
Avatar n tn The detox place we took him to the second time he asked for help did have meds to help witht he withdrawal symptoms. We plan on all of us getting together this weekend and confronting him with what we feel and know. God willing he will admit to us all he is doing herion again and needs help and this time will stay longer in detox until he is truly clean.
1216899 tn?1288573925 It has not been a fun ride for me. I have been experiencing most of these symptoms for the last 6 years, and the painful ones for the last 3 years.I am certain I have left out some symptoms, but who could remember them all. I hope this helps someone with similar problems. Good luck, remember 85% of Americans are Deficient of Vitamin D, it's only a simple blood draw to discover the problem.
702147 tn?1289835970 I am interested for personal reasons as well because I feel like this generations teenagers and young adults are the first to have "grown up" on this medication and I'm very anxious to see what happens.
Avatar n tn Insurance companies follow and love the IDSA...heck, they only have to pay for 6 weeks of treatment. We can however give our teenagers antibioitcs for their pimples for YEARS; and Dermatologists doctors aren't called quacks. 2 yrs olds with ear infections are given LONGER than 6 wks of antibioitcs to resolve ear infections; and the pediatricians aren't called Quacks! It's only the Lyme doctors that deal with Neuro Lyme patients that are suffering that are called Quacks.
Avatar m tn I honestly have no idea what to do. I was thinking about calling a helpline for teenagers. Unfortunately, in my city to start any private therapy I need to go to the psychologist with my parents. Right now my mother is at work and I started to think about trying to talk to her and asking to take me to a psychologist but I am afraid of her reaction. Please tell me what you I should do.
1962244 tn?1329781690 I think depression is a bit different for everyone. If you suspect you may be depressed, it is very important to talk to your Dr. There is all kinds of help out there from therapy to medication depending on how severe it is, and what you are comfortable with. Some common signs are a lack of interest in things that used to make you happy. Some people find themselves wanting to sleep more, or taking less interest in things such as their appearance or personal hygiene.
Avatar f tn I have been taking vics for years for back pain. I don't take more than I am prescribed, nor do I take more than two at a time.,I am prescribed 6- 5 milligram tablets a day, but I was taking the maximum. I have cut back to 5 a day for two weeks and intend to go down a half a pill everyother week until I am done. By the last week in June, I am stopping, even if I cannot taper down as far as i would like. I have a vacation week then to deal with any potential withdrawals.
Avatar n tn causes me major depression... well, anyway, my AIM/AOL is PaulostheSpy for anyone who wishes to respond or something. Thanks.