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200220 tn?1361955154 Your other issues might be related to depression, cramps, stress, in other wards, once your depression, cramps, stress are treated, the others may be alleviated. There is a lot more to all this, but as you can see I have already but too much here as it is. You can google graves disease and rai (you must join) to get more info plus meet and get support from great people. Regardless, Good luck!
2190999 tn?1504992491 I have read that one difference between general depression and bipolar depression is a persons energy level. It's a matter of feeling unable to perform even the simplest daily tasks because of overwhelming fatigue, instead of the general depressive sadness, hopelessness, ambivalence, etc. Does that make sense to anyone? Another difference is the depth of depression. The suicide rate for bipolar disorder is considerably higher than general depression rates.
Avatar n tn can make neurological symptoms worse. However, one has to be concerned that the symptoms are real and that anxiety is making them worse and not causings them. Our perception of reality can vary according to our mental state. This does not make the symptoms less real to the individual however. If a full work up was done, then your symptoms might be due to a conversion disorder, anxiety, etc. I would first make sure that the symptoms are not real.
1130576 tn?1260154370 Complicating the picture, however, is the fact that a large number of children and adolescents suffering from depression have other associated psychiatric illnesses such as anxiety, disruptive behaviour and drug abuse. The symptoms of depression among this group remain largely the same as in an adult group; however, most of the manifestations due to the illness pertain to adjustment with peers and friends, problems in school, and indifferent or deteriorating scholastic performance.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am a 37 year old mother of 2 boys (7 and 11) and happily married for 13 years. My problem started after 9/11. I began having reflux related esophagitis and many other symptoms. Visual problems/urinary retention and gastroparesis. I have been worked up for EVERYTHING. MS etc has been ruled out colonoscopy/endoscopy. Brain/spine/abdominal MRI's and CT scan of the brain/pelvis and abd. NOTHING is found to be wrong with me yet I feel terrible. My MD's are considering an antidepressant.
Avatar f tn Dr needs to know because you also are at risk for ppd if it is depression. Look up symptoms of prenatal or antenatal depression. Its rare but its real. I suggest go to counseling, it is super helpful. Its hard when other people don't understand and think its in your head or you caused it. Yes it may be hormones causing it but it sounds like its affecting the way you function. Keep exercising and eating healthy, get enough sleep.
Avatar n tn i currently have a throat infection and am feeling very depressed and irritabl, i am not sure what has bought this on as up until now i have been fine (besides normal symptoms). my dose of carbimazole has recently been increased to 30mg from 20 mg. i cannot stop crying, i have my twin boys to look after, i just wanted to know if this is something that will pass once the carbomazole actually kicks in properly, how long doe sit take for the carbimazole to actually work?
480331 tn?1310407129 Have any of you heard, that now part of your regular OB appts, Drs will be screening for signs of depression? SO SMART. So many women suffer from mild to severe cases of depression, and once they become pregnant, mixed with hormones, isn't a happy cocktail. Also, post partum is so easily fixed, yet so hidden from many new Moms...please talk to someone if you have the baby blues, or feel is only minutes away!
Avatar f tn Hello to all, Weeks ago I got a surgical abortion to end my pregnancy of my twins boys. It was a rather difficult decision to make and it hurts a lot to think about and to even post this. I was wondering if there is any place I can go and seek help in trying to recover from this emotionally? I can't sleep well at night, have been very aggressive towards my boyfriend, have been having suicidal thoughts and I regret my decision everyday.
Avatar n tn Your symptoms are a mixture of anxiety and depression, and this is the most common form. Underlying these symptoms is a feeling of being stuck, of an unhappiness about your personal future, and these are life issues for you to resolve through talking with those you trust, or talking to a therapist. It's not at all uncommon for a woman in your position to go through periods like this, and they can be resolved, but you have to be perfectly honest with yourself in order to resolve them.
Avatar m tn I am a 26 year old mother of two boys. I have battled depression since I was a teen and recently was told I have adult add. I find myself not really wanting to ever go any where or do anything and I am very irritable. I feel like a horrible mother and like I am not doing what other mothers whom seem to have it all do. I love my kids very much. I find myself constantly wondering what if this happens what if that happens. I seem to worry about everything actually.
Avatar f tn I am currently taking Wellbutrin (now for about 3 months) is not relieving my depression symptoms in the least. Talked to my doctor (psychiatrist) this afternoon and explained the situation to him. My symptoms read from the pages of a textbook....feeling depressed, feeling restless, difficulty concentrating, crying jags, unfounded feelings of worthlessness, feelings of sadness, loss of interest in normal daily things and things I used to enjoy, forgetfullness, easy mood changes etc.
Avatar n tn Spencer can concentrate on reading, can amuse himself for hours, and shows no sign of hyperactivity. According to the list of symptoms he must exhibit to have a diagnosis of ADHD, he doesn't have it. The child psychologist disagrees and thinks Spencer should start on some form of medication. His teacher, who spends all day with him and has a son with ADHD, said he absolutely does not have ADHD and should not be on medication for that. But his behavioral issues continue.
Avatar f tn i really have gone thru all this and my best advice is you have to focus on your studies and not waste the mbbs education you are getting on infatuation and love and bla bla;;;;;;that too in all this depression etc; I might sound harsh but i really do not trust college boys when it come to all this; See if he is suffering from some disease, you can pray for him and go ahead with your life;everyday millions of die;do you sit and cry for everybody;that too you will be a doctor soon;;;;;; infatua
10537309 tn?1411404299 sounds like mania and not depression, but with bi polar you go through both and sometimes instantaneously, so it might feel like depression to you. depression is normal with detox and i imagine with bi polar it will be worse on you.
Avatar n tn some how the administrators messed up my acount so I have to go with the new nickname. I am currently 11 weeks prego, and am going through sever depression. It seems to e that my depression is getting worse and is not just a first trimester thing. I have seen a psycholigist, who ranked my depression and suggested that I take antidepressant and that it will probably get worse later in pregnancy. my OB thinks antidepressants' effect on baby is unknown.
Avatar m tn This is where my problem begins. We have two beautiful boys aged 10 and 5, we live in our third home which one would consider upper middle class in lifestyle. I tried for about 2 months my best to somehow rekindle "the love", we took a vacation with the kids to Cancun, Mexico, I bought her flowers, spoiled her, bough her gifts, took care of the kids, surprised, took her out, marriage counseling etc. but nothing changed.
901137 tn?1267629789 The neuropsychologist findings indicated I scored in the severe range of depression and that I had many signs of an endogenous depression correlated with a dysthymic disorder. My doctor did not agree with the “severe” designation in light of my ability to function on a day to day basis. The people in my life have no idea there is a problem. In fact, unless I mention it to my wife she thinks everything is fine. No one knows what a struggle it is to get through the day.
Avatar n tn I finally got to post!! I have been experiencing severe withdrawal/depression the last few days, so much that I have found myself crying on a few occasions, I have been feeling like there is no way out of this awful life style, and if I get close to being clean, I get scared when I think of leading a sober life..... I can't handle it anymore, I lie to everyone, I hurt everyone and I waste all my godamn money on drugs, what the hell is the point?
Avatar n tn I have read close to 100 posts if not more, and many of the withdrawal symptoms do NOT say anything about depression. Depression was my absolute worst symptom!! Is this not a normal withdrawal symptom? Most symptoms are the flu-like and diarrhea which I definitely did have!!!! The headaches are absolutely killing me. I need to look for something other than this narcotic junk to help me with the pain of fibromyalgia, although I didn't find it yet.
Avatar m tn a fever (I guess around 37.5C) for 2 days. Togetehr with the fever I had some muscle pain, pain in my eye balls when rotated and sore throat (pain when I swallow). After 2 days the fever has gone, but sore throat has not. Now it is 5th day. Sometimes (though not often) I cough with phlegm. No heavily running nose, but some nasal liquid which I swallow from time to time. Doctor, what is my risk? I have already asked a doctor on this forum but I would like to get a second opinion.
Avatar n tn When I was very stressed ( a really traumatic event was happening in my life and I tried to minimize it and so the stress was building up because I wasn't dealing with it) I got really sick with stress and anxiety and then depression followed.
Avatar n tn , who told me that i could have liver problems with no symptoms, but that because i have major depression,there is no treatment available so he won't bother with a liver biopsy. i wonder if this is common, i would kind of like to know if i have cirrosis but he said there is no treatment, so why bother with the biopsy, and to come back in a couple of years, maybe there will be. i feel like a time bomb now!
Avatar n tn Over a year later a stressful phase triggered the old symptoms. When I consulted my counsellor, the horror of my depression struck me. Since it was ‘severe and recurring’, it meant I was prone to it and it had re-occurred. Meaning, recourse to anti-depressants whenever it occurred since it was a life-long ailment. However, I was convinced that there had to be a permanent solution to this.
Avatar m tn this is my first post and i don't know if am doing right or not i am a school student and these days i am very Depressed because of the studies and family matters my mom keep on spying me. i told my mom that i am not like the other boys in school "a thousand times" but still she thinks that way i accept that i am not very good in studies.. but i love my mom very much and i don't know what to do? i was good in studies last year, but now i am not .
Avatar f tn I was wondering if there was anything I could possibly take thats all natural for depression. I am 13 weeks pregnant. I'm suffering really bad from hormones, and very depressed. I do have a history of depression, I usually take Celexa, but I cannot take that while pregnant, and I am really not comfortable taking a prescription antidepressant while pregnant.
Avatar m tn My son is now 24 years old. He was suffering from depression three years back. He did not go to college for two months continiously. He was just sitting in a corner and not going out any where. He was started with depression medicine. Doctor gave him Mirtaz tabs and one another tab. After six months he suddenly stopped medicine saying that I donot require this medicine. After eighth months he was to start the same again.
Avatar m tn It may help with some of his symptoms but I doubt that he would stay depression-free for very long. I think that the betrayal of trust could do way more damage than the benefit you think you are gaining from medicating him. You can't possibly be expected to give him his medication. Your son needs educating, etc about such matters. You need to first listen to what he is saying. I think that people tend to be more compliant when they feel heard.
Avatar f tn It's not fibromyalgia from what you describe, and don't go Googling symptoms as that's a recipe for trouble. Get your parents to take you to the nearest best health food store and buy the best probiotic they have in their refrigerated section to try to replenish the organisms any antibiotic or steroid might have killed off. Eating foods that are fermented or cultured, such as kim chi or sauerkraut, can also help with this.