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2182727 tn?1337805238 If you are aware of the symptoms being your mom is bipolar you can read more about it and see if you have symptoms. If you are not having any symptoms and are just worried that you might be diagnosed in the future that isn't something you should spend a lot of time on being it's not a guarantee that you will be bipolar just because your mom is. I have two brothers and two sisters and they do not have bipolar disorder. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn Cheryl, Bipolar disorder has been discussed extensively in this forum and I recommend that you search its archives for a complete discussion. In brief, Bipolar disorder is a mood problem characterized by "mood swings" that are abnormally high(hypomanic, manic)and/or depressed. These moodswings lead to significant impairment in functioning(work, school, social etc).
Avatar f tn It wasn't until then that I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder while I was receiving treatment for my depression. Not only that but without treatment kids will most likely try to self medicate with drugs if not taken care of. My cousin is in rehab right now for her addictions and she didn't start treatment until she was 22. So again, with PROPER counseling it's better to catch the problem early on before it's too late.
Avatar f tn He has been diagnosed with clinical depression years ago, and just recently was given a medicine that treats the symptoms of bipolar disorder. he said the side effects were not good and he quit taking the medication. Two days ago he got angry over something trivial and again today slamming doors and yelling at me and our kids.
8899291 tn?1407199061 The best place to ask is your own psychiatrists, and I really mean a psychiatrist who you feel comforotable to talk with, and present your symptoms or why people think you have bipolar disorder. That is the best way you can tell. As a caveat, I've cross paths with people who are doctors in other fields of medicine who aren't psychiatrists, paramedics, police, nurses, and other helping or healtcare professinals who don't know bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia, etc..
Avatar f tn Possible Mania: Extremely irritable Arrogant/over-confident (at times I honestly believe that I'm better than a lot of the people that I know. I believe I am more intelligent than them and I am going to succeed where they're going to fail. I leave essays till last minute knowing that I'm intelligent enough to get a top grade while doing it last minute. I apply for jobs thinking that there's no way I can't get them because I am so intelligent).
Avatar n tn I did not understand mania, except the surface symptoms that we were taught in psychology. I had suffered depression for years, which is why I sought help with a psychiatrist. I was feeling depressed along with being manic. Hence my diagnoses... mixed state Bipolar I. I also rapid cycle due to the mixed state, which is where one experiences both mania and depression at the same time. It is not fun being bipolar, but I am finally getting it under control and finally on the right meds.
Avatar f tn He was lovely, he spoke to me and diagnosed me with Bipolar disorder and referred me to the recovery team, he gave me blood forms and ecg forms before any mood stabilisers were given.
Avatar n tn is it safe to marry someone with bipolar disorder even when the person is on medication? what are the risks? or is it safe? What Should I be doing?
2143567 tn?1342542631 Usually, not always though, episodes last 4 days minimum, and if you are rapid cycling (going up and down in a short period of time) those will be in discreet episodes as well. Too your downs are listed as a 5 and quite often bipolar depression rests closer to a 3, and has suicidal thoughts. Again is doesn't have to - you have to have thoughts of death which you have. It is a possibility in my mind based on the limited information I see in an post, not a slam dunk for sure you've got it.
1065872 tn?1265657330 I sometimes, have sleep problems - too much or not needing a lot. I don't know if i have clinical depression or a bit of bipolar dipression?? Any, advice our there? Please, talk.
Avatar n tn Depression is just being down and sometimes having a normal time between periods of depression. Bipolar disorder has depressive episodes but also hypomanic or manic episodes. I would suggest going to for more information. It is too complex of a disorder and varies from individual to individual in the experience of it (though it does have the same basic features) to describe in one post.
2190999 tn?1504992491 Does that make sense to anyone? Another difference is the depth of depression. The suicide rate for bipolar disorder is considerably higher than general depression rates. I'm not sure by how much and I'm no expert, just remembering a few things I've read. For me, these symptoms mean that having a strong support system is absolutely key. We can get through bipolar living on our own and in one piece... but it ain't always pretty.
4518471 tn?1355802457 What are some symptoms of being bipolar and how can you tell if you have it?
Avatar n tn It is thought that many of the world’s top scientific and philosophical thinkers may have suffered bipolar depression. Some sufferers of bipolar disorder may also suffer some psychotic features such as hallucinations or delusions that can be either mood-congruent or non-mood-congruent. However it is a lot more common for sufferers of bipolar disorder to have a delusional belief system rather than hallucinations.
Avatar n tn yes this is very true i have experienced this my self NOT FUN let me tell u
926067 tn?1245168545 I'm not sure what I am? I am going to a psychiatrist on a regular basis-almost a year now. I have been on several differnt depression meds & have had horrible withdrawal symptoms with some of the meds & such. I have also been diagnosed w/ADD. Currently I am taking Pristiq (50mg) and so far it is working now, after almost 4 weeks! i was almost ready to give up on it, too! I also take Adderall 20mg (2times a day) and feeling better.
Avatar f tn For bipolar depression suicidal thoughts are really common. Depression in bipolar disorder lasts days. There is an exception to the rule which is ultra rapid cycling bipolar in which you switch moods hourly or daily, but this has to happen consistenly over a period of weeks as well. Generally speaking it is not bad or good days, but bad or good weeks or months. Unless you really identify with the symptoms I mentioned I would start with a psychologist and see what they say.
Avatar m tn I was wondering if my bipolar disorder would get worse if i had a baby?
Avatar f tn What led you to your decision that you may be suffering from bipolar disorder? Have you had treatment for any types of depression before? What symptoms are affecting you, specifically ones you see as possible signs of bipolar?Do you mind if I also ask how old you are?
Avatar f tn Have your doctor test you for bipolar disorder! Anxiety and insomnia are two of the manic symptoms. Of course mood fluctuations are a red flag! I would get tested, especially if your medications are not helping at all. You might need a mood stabilizer along with your anti-depressent, to help with the manic symptoms. Bipolar II is a lower level of bipolar disorder where you have more depression and hypomania. Talk to your doctor! good luck.
1221705 tn?1297196669 Self harm is not by itself a reason to suspect bipolar disorder, neither is being 'lazy' or 'defiant'. Bipolar is an affective disorder, meaning that moods changes are the primary symptoms - you can look up the specifics if you type 'bipolar definition' in a search engine. This is why a mood tracker can help you to clarify whether you have this condition, and can giva an idea how your moods cycle.
Avatar f tn While this isn't a personalized answer, based on what you have written you wouldn't meet DSM criteria for bipolar disorder. If anything, you may have some level of depression/ depressive symptoms, maybe some anxiety/ oppositional defiant disorder type symptoms. But again, it's hard to tell from what you have written. If you are really concerned or feel like it is leading to a poor quality of life, go see a doctor. In my opinion (not a doctor), I don't think you have BD based on what you wrote.
Avatar f tn and the bipolar medication is not designed or tested on children, and many say it is unsafe with bad side effects.The symptoms of child bipolar are much different to adult bipolar. Child bipolar consists of a child having anger issues and chronic tantrums, for adults to be considered bipolar/manic they must have 3 or more of the following symptoms lasting for longer than one week. Criteria for Manic Episode (DSM-IV, p. 332) A.
Avatar m tn The getting paranoid about friends and accusing them and then pretending he never did and hiding away in his own world sounds just like my friend who has Asperger's, but I don't Asperger's people have problems with lying. It doesn't sound at all like depression either, or at least not normal depression. It does sound more to me like borderline personality disorder, but unlike the other disorders I've mentioned above, I don't know much about it. He needs to get checked out.
Avatar m tn for the last three years. This was originally prescribed for a bipolar disorder/mood swings/depression. She had a history of drug use for 5 years. Included meth,speed,cocaine,alchohol,xtacy and GHB. I am sure this caused some chemical imbalances in the brain. She was clean for 5 years before being diagnosed as bipolar and given Wellbutrin.
1980361 tn?1345257809 I am 15 (girl)and I think I have bipolar today I went from pretty happy,to depressed,to manic and I couldn't stop talking and moving,and then back to depressed...this happens on a daily basis...when I'm manic I'm so unfocused and hyper but when I'm depressed I have thoughts of suicide and I also cut myself...
Avatar f tn Stimulants such as methphenindate (Ritalin), which are the treatment of choice for ADHD, tend to worsen the symptoms of bipolar spectrum disorder.