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Avatar f tn This usually has happened due to change in normal sleep-wake cycle. Disturbance of sleep cycle disorder can be due to stress, anxiety, depression. Even generalized disease or conditions can cause such symptoms; hence this needs to be ruled out. Generalize conditions needed to be ruled out are anemia, Diabetes, steroid use, thyroid disorder (hypothyroidism), blood disorder and dietary deficiencies.
Avatar n tn You describe symptoms that are sometimes associated with Restless Leg Syndrome and/or Periodic Limb Movement Disorder and also sleep apnea. Both of these could be assessed during a sleep study, as well as your oxygen levels, heart beat, and stages of sleep your brain achieves. Hopefully you are treating your acid reflux and sleeping with the head of the bead slightly elevated and on your left side.
Avatar n tn Much, if not all, you describe, could be on the basis of sleep apnea, resulting in chronic sleep deprivation. It is possible that you could have some type of recurrent abnormal heart rhythm as a primary event but the palpitation could just as easily be due to sleep apnea. Such sleep disturbances can also have a significant effect on one's emotional state, leading to anxiety, panic attacks, depression, confusion and even hallucinations.
Avatar m tn Anxiety Symptoms * Smothering sensations and Shortness of breath * Racing heart, slow heart beat, palpitations * Chest Pain * Lump in throat & Difficulty swallowing * Skin losing colour (blanching) * Sweating * Shaking or shivering (Visibly or internally) * Neck & shoulder pain & numbness in face or head * Rapid gastric emptying * Indigestion, heartburn, constipation and diarrhea * Symptoms of urinary tract infection * Skin rashes *
Avatar n tn got my heart checked out and doc said everything came back normal maybe just stress. Ive got alot of symptoms including sleep disturbances like i wake up suddenly in a panic i guess doesnt last too long and i go right back to bed easily but very scarey. I still worry about my health alot..just wondering if something is being overlooked etc. get tons of muscle twitches all over my the mornings when i wake up i feel shaky inside and out..
Avatar n tn I have been reading the archives about depression and while some of the symptoms of depression are like mine, I also have just the opposite. I have withdrawn from my family and friends and society and I have also lost interest in activities which used to give me pleasure. I don't like loud noise and I am quick to anger. But, where as most people lose their appetites and have problems sleeping, mine are just the opposite. I sleep all day until the kids gets home and then I am in bed by 9:00 p.m.
Avatar n tn Namaste, If you suffer from five or more of the following symptoms of depression and these symptoms are present for two weeks or longer without physical cause, you should contact a professional mental healthcare provider for further evaluation.
1780448 tn?1326252209 Eating right, getting adequate sleep (at least 8 hrs), and exercise is key to helping with depressive symptoms. Exercise will especially help as it increases endorphines which will reduce the depression in addition to helping you sleep better at night.
Avatar n tn a person with no depression symptoms will be elated and overwhelmed by something like this.. i would probably suggest a psychiatrist who can discuss the issues at hand and also prescribe something to help..
Avatar m tn Hello, The symptoms are suggestive of depression. Depression is a mental disorder characterized by a pervasive low mood, loss of interest in usual activities and diminished ability to experience pleasure. The three most commonly indicated treatments for depression are psychotherapy, medication (antidepressants), and electroconvulsive therapy. Talk to your family members and consult a psychiatrist because it is the beginning and psychotherapy may suffice.
Avatar m tn jus it seems like somthing is going to happen to me but my question is i really think i have depression disorder or somthing but i just would like to know will depression make me sick?? and if so how sick could it make me?
Avatar m tn I know it's attacking me when i am in my mixed state, then i know that although i can function with energy but i must have been depressed. Also my appetite changes and sleep with difficulty. I think what is called genuine depression or typical is that both your energy and mood are low, extremely low, then you can start thinking to hurt yourself. This is how i see it. for me it isn't sadness rather ANGER, i become violent and dangerous.
Avatar f tn She'll have all kinds of information for you about things like if SHE's ever felt that way or anyone else in your family, what she feels is normal and she would be the one to get further intervention if the two of you decide that you may have symptoms of depression. There are important things that go into being diagnosed as depressed. One of the criteria is that one must have the symptoms every day for at least two weeks straight.
Avatar f tn You are having classic symptoms of both depression and anxiety disorders. You are not unique as myself and others here can definitely relate to the stress, hopelessness, pain and frustration. You mentioned that you were seeking counseling. Is this with a psych specialist? Have you been given a formal diagnosis? There is help available through therapy and/or medication. You don't have to, nor were you meant to live this way.
Avatar n tn About 4 years ago I started getting symptoms of anxiety and loss of sleep. I had regrets about the past and a career choice I made and I kept regretting and thinking I made a wrong decision. This affected my self esteem and I had problems taking up jobs. I couldn't control my thoughts and couldn't concentrate and I was tired when I got up in the mornings. I saw a psychiatrist who put me on fluoxetine and paroxetine.
Avatar n tn About 4 years ago I started getting symptoms of anxiety and loss of sleep. I had regrets about the past and a career choice I made and I kept regretting and thinking I made a wrong decision. This affected my self esteem and I had problems taking up jobs. I couldn't control my thoughts and couldn't concentrate and I was tired when I got up in the mornings. I saw a psychiatrist who put me on fluoxetine and paroxetine.
Avatar n tn Stress related to home and work may affect sleep. Hormonal changes, depression, some medications and chronic pain disorders may disrupt sleep.Do you experience any of these? Take time to relax everyday.There is nothing wrong with taking short naps everyday. Sleeping at a regular time and avoiding unnecessary reading or watching tv while in bed can help you get a good sleep. A little rest and relaxation will help keep you young and vibrant.
Avatar f tn It sounds like a sleeping disorder, although it might not be. Have you told your parents? What you should do is see a doctor, a doctor can tell you what you have and what you can take for it. I hope you get help soon and not have to go through the anguish of sleep depreciation. Others should be on to help, if not, you can always "bump" your post for people.
Avatar m tn Sleep is a key factor to watch in learning to manage your bipolar disorder. I find when I'm headed towards depression, I sleep a lot, but when I'm headed towards mania, I sleep less and less until sometimes I reach no sleep for days. However, if you're sleeping a lot and you're not depressed and don't notice any other symptoms typical for when you swing into your depressive periods, you might bring it up to a doctor because it could be symptomatic of other things. Another thing to consider...
Avatar n tn In Borderline Personality Disorder the sufferer may present with mood swings, impulsive behavior (spending sprees, substance abuse), self mutilating or suicidal behavior, difficulty maintaining longterm relationships, alternating between extremes of idealization and devaluation, feelings of emptiness similar to depression. The symptoms are part of the patient's character or personality.
Avatar n tn I will call in Voluntary services next week to see if there is any other work I could do. I'm hoping to get new meds but they only mask symptoms of depression and anxiety.Life is hard at the moment. Clocks go forward next week, roll on summer!
Avatar m tn Hi, My wife has been experiencing severe sleep disorders, often screaming during sleep. She doesn't remember any of this when she wakes up. At one time, she would sleep walk in the house. She has been slowly losing her memory, forgetting even basic stuff like people's faces/names. Her left side is slowly becoming paralyzed (she has a family planning implant, Norplant, used for 10 years now on her left arm...could this be a contributory factor?
3082244 tn?1348003585 You also must have a psychiatrist research why you are having this problem. Are you mildly bipolar? Do you have panic disorder? Do you just have anxiety disorder but no panic disorder? The doctor must diagnose and treat. I can only tell you what I take that works for me. Propanolol controls heart beat from racing I think and klonopin is a milder form of something like valium and I believe less addictive. But the doctor must prescribe. This is what I take for your type problem.
Avatar m tn A complete diagnostic evaluation is conducted so as to find out the cause of depression. Many factors like family history, genetic disorder, symptoms, severity, any history of treatment etc. once diagnosed, the patient of depression can be treated with a number of ways. Medication and psychotherapy are the common ones. Antidepressants help the patients by acting and balancing the neurotransmitters in the brain. They can be taken by consulting a doctor.
Avatar m tn You could be in an early phase of mania where you would need little sleep and not feel affected by lack of sleep. I went for 3 years in a hypomanic state once and only slept about 3 hrs a night. But during the day I felt well and managed to make almost straight A's in my college courses. At the end of that 3 yrs, I crashed into deep depression. I hope that doesn't happen to you. Also, switching to a different antipsychotic might make you feel appropriately tired.
Avatar f tn At the top of the forum index page there are two buttons - Warning signs of Depression and Symptoms of depression. The symptoms page follows the DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Manual) which is what pdocs used to diagnose mental illness. The other one, warning signs, covers DSM symptoms and a few more related signs which may or may not be present, like anxiety, irritability and alcohol use.
Avatar f tn you may have some type of anixety disorder or depression this is treatable with medication but I can't say for sure only a phychtrist can dignose you with one of these conditions I would suggest telling your mother you need to see one to help you figure out what is causing all this and what medication can help.